Welcome to the Turkey Run!

How many turkeys can you catch?

The rules of the game are simple: catch as many turkeys as you can as you go through the three stages: the yard, the barn and the boss.

Stage 1: The Yard

You can only attempt this once. The number of turkeys you catch in 3 minutes is the final number for this stage. Set a timer and give it your all! Press "start" to begin and stop when the music stops. To catch a turkey perform: 20 high knees + 2 burpees in one go. 



Stage 2: The Barn

You have to try and catch turkeys with a box in a barn in the dark (whose turn was it to change the lightbulbs?). You may or may not catch the turkey (you think) you are currently pursuing. Once you complete the chase, check the box. To attempt to catch a turkey perform: 10 high knees + 1 burpee. There are no turn or time limits for this stage - you can do it until the event is over. 


Stage 3: The Boss

He may not be the biggest turkey on this farm, but he is the meanest. He is fast and he knows karate. Give it your best shot. If you complete the required task and catch The Boss, 10 turkeys will go with you willingly. To catch the boss perform 10 burpees in one go. This stage can only be done once.

Count the Turkeys


Disclaimer: no turkeys were harmed during this exercise.