Every year in December we decorate a virtual tree here at DAREBEE. During the event, anyone can claim an ornament that will then go up the tree. You can pick any ornament from the list, do the required reps to earn it and see it appear with your name on it in the next 24 hours.

This year’s ornaments and prices

How long do you have?

The event is officially over..
Official window: Closed.
The tree is up!

Previous Years
DAREBEE Tree 2020
DAREBEE Tree 2019
DAREBEE Tree 2018
DAREBEE Tree 2017
DAREBEE Tree 2016
DAREBEE Tree 2015

How to participate

The Ornaments is a community event so you have to be a member of the DAREBEE community, the Hive. The registration is free, just like everything else at DAREBEE, it’s quick and it’s easy. You have to register in order to claim a nickname that will be placed on the ornament.

Completed all the reps?

Claim your ornament here.

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The rules

Pick an ornament from the list, do all the reps required for it and report in the forum thread that you have completed the requirement for the X ornament. The ornament with your name will then go up on the tree. It usually takes ~ 24 hours for it to appear.

Reps for all the ornaments are given in total - however long it takes you (provided it's still within the cut off date.)

You can only have one ornament so pick wisely.

You can count reps from your workouts and challenges provided they are done during the event’s window.

Important! Please clearly state that you have completed all the required reps in your comment so we know you've fulfilled the requirement for your chosen ornament. If the moderators are not sure whether you finished the challenge, whether you are in the process of finishing it or you just express a fondness for a particular ornament, it will not be added. Only once you complete the challenge and state so in your comment in The Hive, your ornament will shine away on the tree. Thank you for participating!

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