Boxing training is an awesome way to get in shape and this themed week is designed to give us a little of the boxer’s training experience. It requires speed, endurance, power, upper body flexibility, great leg strength, good hand-eye coordination and total body control. The Boxing Week routines help you recreate a little of the training boxers do.

Boxers also do a lot of running. They run every day and they run both distance and sprints at top speed. As a matter of fact, professional boxers are semi-professional runners in the distance and speeds they do. If you want to make the Boxer Training week even more authentic for you, you should add running to each day. Run 5km on at least three of the seven days. Choose a Sprint Training routine for at least two of the seven days. And then do Sprinter Workout or Sprint & Halt Workout for the remaining two. Or you can mix and match to suit your taste and ability.

Add these to your Boxer Training Week and you will be amazed at the difference you will see at the other end of the seven days.

Boxer Speed Workout
Boxer Endurance Workout
Boxer Agility Workout
Boxer Power Workout
Boxer Flexibility Workout
Boxer Abs Workout
Fight Night Workout