The DAREBEE community is a place where everyone fits in. Once you join you are one of us, you are part of the family. We will welcome you in, encourage you, show you around and help you in any way we can. We are all united by the same goal – we all want a better quality of life and a straightforward approach to fitness. We don’t compete with each other and we don’t judge – we celebrate your achievements and cheer you on no matter what you do and how you choose to train. 

We are all equal here, no one is above anyone else and everyone’s opinion matters. We look for new ways to train, stay accountable and motivated. It’s a safe place for anyone looking for a friendly environment to bounce ideas around and stay on track. 

The community is truly global and it has no borders – it doesn’t matter where you are from, whether English is your first language or how well you can express yourself. If we can understand you it’s good enough for us. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first time training or whether you have 20 years of training experience either - we all learn from each other and see where we can improve, together.

Here is a quick road map to get you started with the DAREBEE community:

Joining. The registration process is fairly quick and straightforward but we do require email verification so you need to use a valid email address. We will never send you any unwanted emails or pass on your details to anyone (we don’t even look at those ourselves), this is done to prevent spam – and only for that reason. Once you are registered and verified you are one of us. You can fill-in your profile at any time later on, you can now join any discussions or start your own.

Introduction, the ultimate ice-breaker. You can start a new topic in the Chat Room right away and introduce yourself.  Tell us a little bit about yourself – where you are from, what training you are doing, your hobbies and interests – whatever you feel comfortable sharing, along with any questions you might have. It’ll give you the opportunity to meet some of the members and also get a feel of the community. It gives us a chance to welcome you as an official initiation of sorts. 

Checking in section is for check-ins. Every topic there is a micro-blog and a training log, you can use it to track your progress, stay accountable and motivated. Just start a new one, give it a cool name and keep logging. Whenever you start a new program or a new type of training you can begin a new one. Eventually, you can even agree to do a program together with someone and share a topic. It’s always a lot of fun. It’s also a great section to see how others are doing with programs you are thinking of trying if you haven’t made your decision yet and would like some feedback. 

Questions & Help Our community is also our official support line. All training and “instructions unclear” questions are addressed there. You don’t need to worry about saying the wrong thing or making a mistake – there are no silly questions here. And someone will always come to your aid when you have any or when you just need someone to point you in the right direction. All questions are welcome whether it’s further explanation of materials published on the DAREBEE resource or a specific problem. If you tell us a little bit about yourself, your goals and your circumstances we will help you pick the right program or a training plan. Make sure you create a new topic and give us as much detail as possible and someone will help, DAREBEE team or experienced members of our community.

Feedback & SuggestionsDAREBEE is a people’s project. We vote and discuss any major (and sometimes minor) changes to the resource. We are all responsible for this resource in many ways and everyone’s opinion matters here. That’s why we keep suggestions and feedback public. Something important will be easily picked up on if it comes up repeatedly or if other DAREBEES boost it up or vote for the idea. If something requires further discussion, we bring it up again. 

This is also where you can report bugs and typos or any other inconsistencies on the website. Report when something isn’t working or there is a feature you would like us to implement or the type of topic you would like us to cover next. If you see a “like” from a DAREBEE team member on your proposal it means we have seen it and we will take it on board even if we didn’t respond to the thread (we are not always able to, due to pressure of time). 

News and Announcements. We don’t have comments on the resource because we want to keep it clean and light, and as accessible as possible on all devices. So all the comments and discussions, in case you would like to be more informed and more involved with what’s going on with DAREBEE, are happening in the community. We post any news, future releases announcements and just important notices in the News section. 

Should I join? If you are using DAREBEE workouts on a regular basis it is generally a good idea to join the community simply because you can then ask questions whenever you have any and get help from people who have already been through the programs and workouts you are doing. You don’t need to be part of the community unless you want to – we keep the help desk and support public like this so we can all learn from questions and answers – and also provide support faster.  

The DAREBEE community is not just about fitness, it is also a place where like-minded people meet and have fun. There are no conditions or strings attached to any of this, it’s just a safe place where you can login and be surrounded by people on the same path. We all come from different cultures, we all have different backgrounds and yet we all come together in the forums and hang out. 

You are more than welcome to join our merry band and buzz along.