30 sec
60 sec
2 min

As the difficulty of the challenge increases throughout the 30 days you are guaranteed to feel every second of it. During the final five seconds of each set is when you will be gaining the most. Try to keep it up! It’ll be worth it.

Instructions: Add this challenge to your everyday training at the end of your session. It’ll make an ideal finisher. After the boat pose hold, slowly transition to knee hug and hold it for the same amount of time. Transition like this 3 times in total (3 sets) to complete the challenge for the day. Don’t forget to tighten your core, if you can. If you can’t, it’s not quite there yet but that’s why you are working on it! With consistency and determination you will feel and see your abs in no time. Use the custom timer above to set the time. 

Tip: To make the challenge harder change the boat hold to hollow hold. It’ll increase the difficulty and subsequently improve the end result.