Push-ups are the perfect exercise. They help develop strong arms and shoulders. They work out the chest and abs. They challenge the core; strengthen neck muscles, recruit the tendons of the hips and lower back and even work the quads and glutes. Yet not everyone can do them and you can't do them the question is, how do you even start? The Knee Push-Ups Challenge helps you get where you want to by allowing you to develop all the same muscle groups at a gradual pace with a lighter load. If you can't yet do outright push-ups and want to get to that exulted state then this is the Challenge to start with. It will change how you feel about yourself. More than that, it will change what you can physically do.

What it works: chest, tricep and shoulders.

The challenge is suitable for both men and women. It'll help you tighten up your chest muscles, shaping and lifting your pecs (breasts).