The 100 Office Workouts book is a collection of no-equipment illustrated easy-to-follow routines specifically designed for workplace conditions allowing you to exercise during work regardless of the time and space available and regardless of the office attire. 

Everything you need to stay active at work in one collection! It includes:

  • Chair-Bound routines
  • 60 Seconds HIIT circuits
  • Lunch Break workouts
  • No-Sweat Cardio
  • Soreness & Tensions Relief
  • Step-Away microcircuits
  • Stress Reduction
  • Upper Body Only workouts
  • Stretching for Desk Job Fix
  • Office Yoga 

Download | Google DriveHigh Resolution .PDF | 17Mb

This collection is complete and it is absolutely free - no strings attached. The project is supported exclusively via donations, we have no sponsors or ads on this website. If you like this collection, please consider donating a dollar to help us support and maintain this resource. All of the workouts from this collection can be found in our workout database.

A paperback option is available from any local bookstore or from Amazon. Paperbacks always contain the same information already available for free on this resource. It is also an easy way to introduce someone else to bodyweight training offline. When you buy a paperback you pay for printing and store fees, DAREBEE only makes $1 from each sale. That money goes directly into our development and maintenance fund.

This collection also has an Android App you can download from the Play Store