Terms of Use

When you share our content elsewhere on the web or IRL, please, remember that we rely on donations in order for this resource to stay up and develop further. So if you post our workouts somewhere else, please, do it consciously. Whoever comes across our posters elsewhere should be able to trace them back here. Thank you for your understanding and help.

Sharing DAREBEE materials on the web or IRL:

  •   None of our materials can ever be modified in any way - you cannot add, remove or crop elements.
  •   None of our materials, completely or partially, can ever be sold.
  •   None of our materials, completely or partially, can ever be used in mobile applications (premium or free).
  •   None of our materials, completely or partially, can ever be used in PDFs, books or ebooks we did not authorize.
  •   None of our materials, completely or partially, can ever be translated without our written permission. 
  •   Our articles can never be taken from this resource and re-posted elsewhere on the web in English or any other language. 
  •   If you are posting on Instagram make sure the posters are not cropped and our credits are intact. 
  •   If you are sharing more than a couple of workouts, or a whole program you have to link back.

If you are not sure whether it's ok to post our workouts or programs on your website or blog you can ask us here.

You cannot share DAREBEE materials under the DAREBEE name as a representative if you are not one. Duplicating this website or using a large quantity of materials from DAREBEE elsewhere on the web (other websites or social media accounts) is prohibited. The only authorized social media accounts for DAREBEE are listed at the bottom of the darebee.com website.   

Cropping, adding and/or removing elements
We take modification of our materials very seriously. No part of our posters can ever be changed or removed. Our posters can only be shared as they are and in their entirety. Report copyright violation here.

Individual Exercise illustrations
All of our exercise illustrations are hand-drawn, unique and copyrighted. They cannot be taken from here and used elsewhere on the web or IRL for any purposes. If our illustrations ever appear anywhere but in DAREBEE or Neila Rey workout posters, that use is most likely illegal. All of our images are created at DAREBEE and all of them are exclusive to us, we do not sell or give them to anyone to use outside DAREBEE resource. If you come across someone else using our exercise illustrations for their purposes we would really appreciate it if you let us know.


All of the materials on this resource are released under Creative Commons Attribution - Non Commercial - No Derivatives International license.