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Great Site - Outstanding Information. Very easy to follow and it has everything you need to change your life. Top Notch....

Philip Forzaglia
16 October 2014

thank you ms.rey
after reading your interview I understand about the exercise and fitness. I have done couple of it like street fighter,boxer,batmen and spartacus. It was the life changing exprience.thank a lot.

muzammil fakih
16 October 2014

This is a highly-recommended work! Ms. Rey had a job well-done by presenting a reader-friendly, scientific, and very comprehensive article which makes it very useful to any Physical Educators and Fitness Professional at any level, anywhere around the world!

Special Science Teacher III
Philippine Science High School

16 October 2014

Why do I like Neila Rey workouts? Cause they're fun! The circuits are just hard enough for me to feel the burn but short enough that I don't give up. I am on level 1 right now, because I have to be realistic with my workouts and what my body can handle. Another great thing about this site is it gives you modifications that you can use if needed. Sometimes, I need those. Thanks to bad knees and scoliosis, I cant do moves that I see on a lot of workouts, but these workouts I can! I love the variety! Thank you, you guys are great!

11 October 2014

I LOVE THIS WEBSITE!!! My biggest challenge to working out realy is trying to decide what the best workout is. There are so many people trying to convince you that their way is the right way and if you workout in a different way, you won't see results. simplifies my exercises so I can stop worrying and just workout! Just find a program that appeals to you and do it! My only complaint is that the exercise library needs to get finished! There are exercises in some of the programs that not everyone knows how to do, and the videos are perfect. But there's only a few uploaded. Besides that, this site is AWESOME! Thank you! XOXO

11 October 2014

In my opinion this is the perfect exercise website... Period. It tells you everything you need to know from beginner level to master. From how to increase your consecutive pushups to how to train and run a 5k and lets you know to switch up the routine to keep from hitting a plateau. It goes through just about any question you could ever have and tells you what you need to do to get the body you want! It's a freaking Godsend man! This is the zenith of all fitness websites.

My favorite workouts/ challenges are the Ronin, boxing and 30 day long run and no matter what you pick you see results with the uttermost expedience.

Seriously amazing!

10 October 2014

Wow wow wow ! This is exactly the kind of site i have been looking for ! Trust me i am going to be visiting this site EVERY day now. Thank you so much for making this, i'll donate soon

10 October 2014

I love the HIIT workouts but the new timer is driving me CRAZYYYYYY!!!!!! It beeps at the wrong times and stops after a set. I'm half way through the next set before I realize that the timer has stopped. I much preferred the old timer that didn't beep and didn't stop.
Thank you very much for the workouts! It's working for me and is exactly what I need as I have 2 young kids and don't have much time for exercise. These are so much fun that my son actually does some of it with me!

10 October 2014

When I first started using this website, I could barely do the beginner, usually 3, sets of the workouts. It was really hard for me to keep up. Then after a while I stopped using this website, just had other workout plans and became busy etc. now that I've returned, just today actually, I was able to blitz the level III Viking workout, and that was after a hard day of climbing ladders and doing physical labour. I remember why I started doing the workouts, and I think this time I'll keep doing them xD

09 October 2014

I love your Batman inspired workouts and have done all of them, my favorite being the Nightwing one. You're truly inspiring in what you've put together. I was hoping if it isn't too much trouble to make a request. It would be amazing if you could put together a Red Hood workout. That might even replace Nightwing in my top spot. I'd love you forever if you could create one (not that I don't already)!!! So...the Red Hood, maybe, possibly, please...? Thanks for all your effort. :)


07 October 2014

Great site. One addition I would suggest is a reference library of short video clips of the right way to do each other the routines, alternative forms of each (like pushups from knees vs full body)

Looking forward to trying this out

07 October 2014

omg this website ist too damn good, I think I`m going to spend the rest of my Life with these amazing workouts! This is so exciting, thank you very much!!!! This means a lot to me, since i want to get physically and mentally stronger :) Goddamn this is too good.

07 October 2014

Thank you Neila and the whole team for the awesome site, before I stumbled upon this site I never really worked out and always had problems on where to start and a lack of motivation. I've been doing the workouts for about 4 months now and I've noticed the change. I will try to donate as much as I can from what little I have.
Also, if it would be possible for you to take my request in to consideration and make a workout about Devil May Cry 3 Dante.
Thank you, that goes for the whole crew :)

06 October 2014

This site is awesome, madam. I am a 13 year old boy. I like doing workouts of Wolverine and Deathstroke. Thank you so much

Could you add a workout on Tony Jaa ( Ong Bak )?

06 October 2014

I found this great site almost 3 months ago, but still I keep on searching for the work out I need. I'm a male on 42 years old age. I went to the gym a very long time ago (almost 20 years ago!!) and I realized that I need to find an exercise which is suitable for my aging fat body.

I've been on my own calorie counting diet program from May 2014 and was able to loose from 125 kgs to 113 kgs on August 2014. And then I got into a dead zone up to now. I can't loose another kgs for 2 months. So I decided to make a small change. I want to add some exercises.

Yesterday I've just decided to try Neila's 90 days of Action program. And it hurts like hell! Yes, it hurts me very much, even with the beginner level. But hey... I don't want to give up yet. I hope Neila can work out a "friendly" program for oldies like me.

Keep up this great work.

06 October 2014

This site,the workouts,the nutrition info AND the motivation are great,Neila!

05 October 2014

Hi neila i totaly love your website. Last year i was the weak kid but when i found your website and i folowed a program and meal plan after it i gained muscles and now i'm a muscular guy and not a skinny guy.

03 October 2014

I love this project! I have been looking for no-equipment-ab routines to perform at home for quite a while. I like everything here; the quotes, the recipes & meal plans..everything! I'm sure this will help me change my daily routine and make me more active

Cheers :D

Mishi Khatri
01 October 2014

I love this site. I finally get to workout and still be the geek inside of me. Thank you for this awesome site!

Keegan S
01 October 2014

I love this site!!!

Giovanni Val
30 September 2014

Love this site. The workouts are easy to figure out so you really have no excuse not to do them. And...I just bought the book=) Thank you

27 September 2014

I just started a blog and the information you provide on this website has helped me greatly. Thank you for all of your time & work.

matt crorkz
24 September 2014

sis your effort is great and we are thankful for providing this much plenty body weight workouts continue this and you can add one file download for everything too

bharath bruce
24 September 2014

This is such a great project. I first came here through those amazing visual workouts, as many others have, and I tried some of them out. They actually give you a really good workout and they are very effective. I checked out the recipes and meal plans as well, and they are excellent.
I'm too young and don't have enough money for a PayPal account, but if I could donate, I would. As a nerd, I really love the workouts :P !

23 September 2014