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I found this site three months ago after searching for "exercises for fat people." I am 63, overweight, type 2 diabetic, mostly sedentary. I started the Foundation Light program, and am now within about a week of finishing level 3. I can hardly believe that I have exercised nearly every day for almost three full months. I feel better, a variety of minor aches and pains have gone away, and I've gained a lot of confidence. This is a great site.

Bob Waldrop
23 October 2015

I stumbled upon this site either from a friend or a random Google Search, but I have to say this is one of the great things I have found. Not only does it combine two of my favorite things: nerd culture and working out, but everything is so accessible, easy to understand, and dedicated to the users. I really can get behind Darebee and everything they stand for.

David Inglish
19 October 2015

I just finished the Power workout with you using the video at the bottom of the workout page. I really enjoyed it. I found it more challenging to follow and workout at your speed/rate. Great to be able to see how you do the side lunges, the push ups ect.. I've been using your workouts for a year and have recommended it to several people. The workouts are fun, challenging and can be as long or short as needed. At work, I've used the challenges to get me up and moving. Luckily, I'm in a little closet by myself and can do sit ups, pushup and jumping jacks to my heart's content without disturbing anyone. Thank you and your team. I greatly appreciate the work you've done.

Karen Pagnotta
14 October 2015

Over 2 months ago, I google searched "jedi workout" out of random curiosity, and I discovered your site. I am so glad I did. I was immediately hooked. I've completed 2 programs (foundation and spartan trials) and it's been absolutely transformative. You've helped me start and maintain what was previously a non-existent fitness plan and it's completely changed my life. I'm not kidding. My life will never be the same again. The routines are fun, awesome, varied, accessible . . . I can't rave enough about how much I love your site. It's a perfect fit for me. I'm looking for more great things to say, but all I can do is smile. I can't express my gratitude enough. If you are able, I strongly urge everyone to support DAREBEE. We want them to be around for a very long time!

14 October 2015

Just found this place and I love it. I am semi-motivated on most days and looking for decent workouts that won't kill my 51 year old body but get me in the condition I was in at 21. This is perfect. I will definitely be contributing to keep this project going.

08 October 2015

For many years i hadn't enough motivation to work out. I did practise sports, but i never actually had a workout for myself, instead of my normal team-training. I even joined the gym with a friend last week, and even though i always completed my sessions, i never felt particulary motivated.
I already knew this page, but i never actually managed to do any of the training sheets. That was until i visited this page again some days ago. And i found Pandora. And it's amazing. To whoever created this workout, i just simply have to say: you're a genius. It's the first time i've seen my passion (videogames) combining perfectly with some rather exhausting exercises i never really wanted to do. I would recommend this 10/10. It's fun, and if you follow the dietplan you already feel better after the first session. Thank you for creating this awesomeness.

01 October 2015

When I first stumbled upon this site, I was lazy and unfit. It was the Super Saiyan workout that had gotten me interested in getting fit, but I was very much the procrastinator. Now, after logging into theHive with the rest of my Bees, who are helpful and encouraging at every step each of us take, you can say that I may still be unfit, but I'm working on that. At first, I was blown away at how much time, effort and details was placed onto the site, with the goal of helping change ordinary people into heroes, warriors or even combat medics, but now it's a norm for me to find the latter three, since I'm one of people who helps out as well. Darebee. Dare to become more.

Mohamed Ali
27 September 2015

The day I found your site (last week), I went and cancelled my membership at the gym. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this site!!! Also, got the book. I am donating to this site because the workouts are so fun. If I have 10 minutes, that's what I do and I still get a killer workout. I found this place as a result from an Amazon review of your book. That too got top marks. Thank you!

26 September 2015

I have used this site over an year now and I must say this place is amazing! It keeps you motivated and provides you a way of improving yourself. There are great changes in my body as well as in my mind. I have tried other workout routines and programs to reach a level of fitness to be happy with, but none of them worked. Thus this is definitely the best (for me at least).

So I warmly recommend this to anyone who wants to stay fit without too much of a fuss.

23 September 2015

This is a great site and I love this site. The only thing that could make this better would be if there was a page to make your own workouts. I don't know if anyone is reading this but if miss rey is reading this I would like to praise her and thank her for an amazing site that makes exercising more fun.

Nicholas Watts
22 September 2015

I heard this site recommended a few months ago by Bill Doran (Punished Props) on The Morning Stream podcast "Fitness Tuesdays" segment. This was back when it was still "neilarey". This is the first site/program that has EVER held my interest and kept me motivated. I just dial up my "superhero" channel on Pandora and go nuts. This site is pure gold. I have a hard time motivating myself to walk every day, but I can almost always do one of your workouts. Thanks for all you do!

Nancy Frye
16 September 2015

I love this site, it's making me so motivated to work out! Can I suggest a Scarlet Witch workout, though?

05 September 2015

I am a runner but started kickboxing to increase my stamina and strength. I wanted to find something comparable at home and let me tell you, your workouts are incredible. My upper body strength is increasing and I LOVE YOUR WEBSITE. I've posted your info on my page and will make a donation. Just wanted you to know that I appreciate what you are doing!

Amber Miller
02 September 2015

I've always been fairly fit for most of my adult life with a background in the military and law enforcement. Most of my training has been based around combat sports, kettlebells and high stress/impact routines. Since developing a hereditary medical condition in middle age (I'm 49) as well as feeling the results of 30 odd years in my chosen profession, starting to manifest in my joints, I have had to rethink my training. This site has proved to be invaluable with well rounded and thought out routines which even an old fart like me can follow! This, along with regular biking, is allowing me to continue functioning in good health. Started Heros Journey today. I still chuck the 'bells around and hit the heavy bag once in a while but the focus is now on health as well as fitness.
Thanks to all involved in this project. Your time is very much appreciated.

30 August 2015

I'd like to suggest Hero's Journey. So intense, so epic, so motivation. Each and every day is a challenge. You challenge yourself, reshape it, and after 60 days, after the journey, you take a look at yourself, and you will say: A hero/ine is born.

Or a survivor is born, I don't mind, I love Lara too xD

29 August 2015

I have been using these workouts for the past 8 months, and they are doing wonders supplementing them with 5K runs, i am reaching my body shape, the cut look ;).

28 August 2015

Very hard to find anything for free these days! But this is the best site ever. You guys are super generous giving us this amazing site. Happy to chip in my $1 here and there to keep it going.

28 August 2015

Fantastic site with really clear instructional cards, together with videos and advice. Imaginative with fun themes as well as a great community in the hive. The best thing is that you are interacting with other people who want to increase their fitness levels too, which is much more interesting than social media for me personally, as conversations are heading toward a common goal. The 'Daily Dare' and the challenges are fun to do as they push you just that bit farther. The site is simple to navigate and the black, grey, red & white colour scheme makes the site feel really tidy.

26 August 2015

Best website for newbies. Thanks a lot. I hope this website is on the Internet forever.

17 August 2015

I found this site on 9GAG, when someone posted the "Squat challenge". Since then, I have shared the workouts with my jiu-jitsu partners and we can already feel the difference in our conditioning, specially in our stamina. Great job, keep it up!

Ed Rodrigues
07 August 2015

You want to get fit, lose weight, gain muscles and need motivations and guidelines, and you don't know where to start?
Start here, right now!
This website is the best that happened to me! It's so amazing. Everything is nice, easy to understand and well though. There is no product to sell or crap they try to push.
Everything comes from research and tests. And it's all FREE! Of course, i'm going to donate money :)
Some workout are even rpg-videogame like, adding to the fun.
You have a wonderful community where everyone thelps you. And even Neila Rey and other members of Darebee team answers to all your questions.
You have everything you need here: programs, challenges, recipe, exercise library, fitness articles, etc. You name it, it's here!
What are you waiting for?

David G
07 August 2015

I love this site and the youtube channel that comes with it. I wanted to ask and didn't know how. Why aren't there more workout videos?

Nicholas Watts
06 August 2015


Thomas Landolfi
06 August 2015

A friend of mine referred me to this site after I told hr that I needed to quickly build up my cardio for an agility test to be an EMT at a fire department. I've only just started using this site and I already feel like I am becoming stronger! And I think I will be able to stick with it too! Before this website I was worried, thinking that this agility test I'm preparing for is going to be impossible for me. But now I'm hopeful and gaining more confidence!

Thank you!

02 August 2015