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You guys ROCK!!
The time, effort and expertise you have put into making this happen free of charge in nothing short of miraculous, especially in this day and age.
I stumbled across the site, have made a small contribution and will share it with like minded people.
keep it up guys!!

24 December 2015

Awsm site...but for anime lovers (otaku) who r following anime exercises in the toughest mode...u shod not hv a in dragon Ball z goku eats anything in front of him nd in fairy tail natsu does the no need to diet if u hv an intense training...

Priyanshu sharma
22 December 2015

Thank you.

21 December 2015

I just wanted to say that this concept and execution is amazing and I'm so excited and thankful that it exists. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Joshua Torrez
19 December 2015

This is an amazing site. I stumbled upon this site via a post on Google + , and I am very pleased with the information that I have found. This site is a game changer for my fitness routines and meal planning. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

18 December 2015

Thank you for this site. It is everything I've been looking for and couldn't find anywhere! I got really out of shape during the last years, but recently decided to pick myself up and started running again. It's been a while. The last time I became stuck in the same training routines (that I had to come up with myself) and lost motivation. I hate gyms, so I started researching workouts on the Internet. I couldn't find anything that came even close to the stuff you guys put forward through this site. I loved the fact that you guys are doing things your way, cutting the crap that spoils most sports related material. I loved your proposal and I'm sure to chip in. Thank you again, and keep it up!

Davi Mattos
17 December 2015

Hola a toda la comunidad!! Me gustaria que se incluyeran los PDF en español tambien y agredeceria que sumen aportes de entrenamientos con mancuernas y pelota suiza o bosu y demas elementos funcionales como el TRX!!

Entreno a diario gracias a esta pagina y estoy muy feliz!! Baje como 8Kg!!

15 December 2015

This website is simply amazing , it too good Helps me a lott :D

Jaskaran Singh
15 December 2015

I have found Darebee very useful so I have chosen to donate monthly! I gave up my gym membership a year ago due to financial constraints, and Darebee plus the purchase of a couple kettlebells has allowed me to keep in quite decent shape at home for a truly affordable price. I love that all the workouts can easily be modified to make easier or harder, and they can be whatever length I have time/energy for. Thank you!

09 December 2015

This site is absolutely incredible. The effort and planning that goes into all of the programs blows me away. It has given me the motivation I need to get back in shape and keep my health on track. I'll be using this site for as long as I can workout! It's nice to know there are people out there who don't just see fitness as a source of revenue.

09 December 2015

Honestly, this is such a good site. My arms hurt like hell, but I feel alive! And it's so genius to get nerds like me into exercise via nerd themed exercise, because in a lot of cases it is the actual exercise that they say that they do! It's so smart, and everything is so well researched and well done, and it all looks so professional. Best website.

06 December 2015

Love love love this! Thankful this site exists.

05 December 2015

I'm a 15 (almost 16) year old teen, who needs to lose a lot of weight according to my doctor. My family has a history of diabetes and in any case i DO NOT want that. My doctor recommended me to walk at least 15 minutes. but i never have motivation to walk or go outside. I have school for 7 hours of my time, and then homework which depending can take about 2 or 3 hours. On weekends i never want to do anything besides watch anime and play video games. I would be comfortable to have a dog to do it with me but mother says no.

I've recently found this site of the workouts ive seen on Google+ 24/7. i never thought much about it. Until recently I've wanted to get series on exercising and health so i wanted to find something suitable for lazy teens who don't have access to gyms or equipment plus something online. I've discovered Darebee. I looked over the reviews which all were positive in the last 2 years. The diets are simple and suitable for my Weight-Watcher's diet. I've decided to join and everyone my age and older are very kind and helpful. I've started off with the Assassin's Creed 30 day challenge to get a start this December. I have 2016 planned out with the 30 day/90 day programs January and February being the Hero's Journey.

This isn't some New Years Resolution bull. I'm wanting to help my health and these workouts suit my favorite things like anime, superheros and video games. Plus the diet isn't hard and most of the workouts are quick before and after school. I'm looking forward to seeing a change in myself physically and mentally. thank you for this site.

03 December 2015

i think is the best website for workouts i see it
thank you alot

30 November 2015

Great website! I'd love more training plans!

29 November 2015

This site has changed my life. It made me strong, fast, fit, got me abs, took me down to 13% body fat(from around I am guessing 17). I am 15, and intend to use this for the rest of my life. I have shared it with friends and we love doing the workouts as competition :):):) this site is awesome, highly recommended, and free! I love it :):):):):)

Ali kazmi
29 November 2015

Awesome website.

29 November 2015

I`ve got in contact with this site when I was searching for some ABS workouts. Since then I`m a big fan of all the workouts and programs that they have. The results on me were very good, and i will continue using all of them forever. I want to Thanks to all the support and to all the complete material

Felipe Fernandes
28 November 2015

I love this site so much. I first discovered it back in 2014 and started one of their hiit series and the result was amazing. What I love about their exercises is they required no equipments and easy to do.

24 November 2015

What a great resource!

I've been using the 'Darebee" site for a year or so and think it is a great resource.

The information and demonstrations of exercises are excellent, making it easy to get into fitness.

The video exercise library is an excellent resource in its own right and gives one not only the movement but also the tempo to aim for. Once I started matching the tempo properly things got challenging!

I also had a couple of injuries and, combined with treatment from my physiotherapist, I have been able to tailor routines to aid rehabilitation. With these routines entered into iMuscle-2 (app by 3D 4 Medical) or similar app it is easy to track progress follow the routine.

Thanks to all those involved in putting this together.

23 November 2015

Would like to echo what other reviewers have also said. I too stumbled across this website. Excellent source of info, providing a good range of accurate & FREE resources. I too made a donation to keep the project going.
If possible, I'd like more motivational images & phrases please.
As Henry Ford once said : ''if you think you can or if you think you can't you're probably right" .
Self motivation can not be bought, this website helps generate it !
Please keep up the excellent work.
Many thanks :-)

05 November 2015

I believe good fitness is essential to a happy and healthy lifestyle. Darebee is a tool I use almost daily now to stay fit. Providing information (with sources to boot) on how to exercise safely and eat well for people new to workout programs to offering unique and new challenges to veterans and those interested, I cannot recommend this site enough. I have tried the paid-for programs, but honestly I love this more. For one it's free, which fitness should always be. Two, most of these workouts require no extra equipment and can be done in a reasonable amount of time even for the busiest of us. As a bonus, the nerd/ geek in me LOVES these themed programs and workouts. Working out is tough but having something fun to look forward too makes it easier to stay motivated. Finally the community on this site is one of the most helpful and positive I have ever seen. Darebee seems to be always innovating and I hope more people discover it.

Cheryl S
28 October 2015

This site makes workouts FUN! And that's what keeps me motivated. I will support this site because it makes the workouts interesting. You can choose your level and challenge yourself as you get stronger. And the options are plentiful. Keep up the good work!

26 October 2015

You rock \m/ I'm a passionate Italian trainer and pilates teacher, a geek and I'am in love with wellbeing: and you've had a great idea making training possibile for all!
Really, I love you all and you can count on me, your new Italian ambassador!
Thanks for all your great work.

25 October 2015