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You have my support! I love your creativity. I am a fitness trainer, and prior military. I love body weight training, and your site has so many workouts to choose from. I with you much success, and hope that your work will go on forever!

03 March 2016

I started 1 year ago in japan when the page was still called neila rey. i needed alternative to running on my nike app (which has a very good running coach installed). neila rey kept me going for a month until i started travelling again which put me off for all the hard labouring work i was doing (so basically i was keeping myself fit otherwise^^). i started using darebee 2 months ago again because I needed something to equalise my running experience. so i started with the AoP workouts which have changed my entire self, and am continuing with the HIIT workouts to get up heaps of cardio.
keep up the good work!!!

27 February 2016

Thank you! Just finished my first 30 day program. I love that it has something for everyone from couch potatoes to stunt doubles. Wake up excited to start the day with Darebee! My husband found this site and we have been working out together. Can't wait to do the next 30 days. Great project. Keep up the good work and we will continue to keep spreading the word!

25 February 2016

Thank you for such a great site, its the best fitness site I have ever seen. Thank you for making it so accessible and fun to use.

22 February 2016

Love the posters.You all are doing great work by sharing these useful posters which helps in maintaining regularity.Thanks a lot.

15 February 2016

I love you guys. I have saved all the workouts that you have and when i get new people to come and look you guys over to get back i to working out i show them all that you have to offer. I do your workouts 3 times a day. And i follow one of you plans. I do them when i wake up on lunch break and before bed. 6 days a week i love it and you keep it up. I also am about to start the weapons modules as i have just now seen them

10 February 2016

I have been using your site for a few days now and started working with the Avatar Upgrade sets. It is challenging and exciting to find a site with this much content and no ads to filter through. I shot you a donation and I hope others will consider it as well, I would hate to see such a fantastic resource vanish for lack of appreciation. Thanks for your efforts on our part guys/gals.

Billy Brown
09 February 2016

I myself am a gamer who hates getting off the couch for a run, but with darebee's unique workouts I can workout like Master Chief and Lara Croft. I don't know how to motivate anyone more than saying this will make you as strong as a futuristic spartan. Thank you.

Ryan Mielcarek
09 February 2016

This is literally the best fitness website I've ever seen! I especially love the themed superhero/villain workouts because they make exercising fun. It's easy to stay motivated when you're focusing on training to be the next Wonder Woman or Batman! I love this site!

31 January 2016

This site is just amazing. The information in the articles is really accurate, and I tested every single thing that's here - I'm not close to the "perfect body", but I know I'm on the right track, I have a lot of energy going on and I totally feel the change. The workouts are spot on, I finished 30 Days of Gravity and now I'm doing 30 Days of HIIT, Total Abs and 30 Days of Strenght aditionally to my gym workout. It's really demanding even being so short time consuming. I have been struggling with hormonal problems that made me go from 53kg to 47, and then to 58kg, I went to a lot of doctors and they can't still find what's wrong with me. Luckily, those weight changes are not totally unsightly, but I feel them in my energy and of course on how I look. Thanks to working really hard with the aid of the mealplans and the workouts, I am finally going back to balance, I lost 1.5kg in one month and I plan to keep fighting for my body. This page made for me what a lot of doctors and nutritionists couldn't before, even when I did my best to achieve a better health; and, of course, it's more than obvious that the motivation it brings to have such a supportive community helped me stay strong through this journey.
Thank you, thank you very much for this project, I will donate as soon and as many as I can, here in my country the dollar is really expensive and it's hard to collaborate even with little things. But you have my total support and I talk to everyone I know about how this website improved my life. You rock!

29 January 2016

Like many people here I came across this site by accident while looking for something else fitness related. The material that this site provides is great. I run a small martial arts dojo ( and was always looking for creative ways to incorporate fitness into our training. This site provides all I need. The kids absolutely love the variety.

I have students now that can hold a plank for over a minutes and can do well formed pushups. They are excited and I am happy for them.

Great job to everyone who is Darebee!!!

Sensei Chuck Emary

Chuck Emary
26 January 2016

I've been a fitness member for more than 5 years and yet hvn't seen much progress on my body. Maybe because I'm not determined enough. However, I accidentially came across ur website since one of my friends in Facebook posted ur exercise's program. I started to check out ur page and find so much useful information regarding the exercise and most important thing is u guys do it for free, no hidden link or long form that I need to fill in my personal information.

Now, I'm doing total abs program and I'm on day 16 and it really works!! My stomach starts to flat and some people even noticed that. I love that u guys separate the level from I II to III because I can manage each day of the program to match my strength level for that day. Thank to u guys, now exercise can be done anywhere just simply put on good shoes and invest in the good mat.

Please keep up the good work, I'm pretty sure u guys help transform many people both mental and physical :)

24 January 2016

This site is AWESOME! I usually never write reviews for anything so you know your work has had an impact on me. Neila and your gang you are so talented and it's so nice of you to provide this website for the mases. I was so impressed I had to show some love...a double serving at that! First I donated to your cause to keep the site running, then I purchased your book as well. If I do these workouts maybe I'll look as good as you do one day lol! Keep shining!

16 January 2016

Respect guys! This is one amazing website for being fit! I appreciate every piece of effort you put it. Keep going!

15 January 2016

This website and its team are amazing.
The programs, challenges and mealplans suit everybody and it is really easy to do.
And the needed motivation and support to begin will be found in the Hive with a very supporting community.

I managed to lose about 25 pounds within 3 months and didn't have to starve myself, but only eat healthier and work out a few minutes every day. It's as easy as that.

10 January 2016

I like your site. Its easy to use with a good and simple interface. I think its a good example for a well put together website, ill share it ! I also love your recipes and how easy it is to follow with the provided pictures and instructions :)

07 January 2016

this is awesome! Thank you!

05 January 2016

So much resources when you take some time to go through the site.
I love to have some variety when it come to workout, and do something different everytime, and this site is perfect for it!
I keep on telling my friends and family about it.

Thank you for your time and passion!

04 January 2016

I've just found your site and I have to say that's it's really spot on! I've always wanted visual no-nonsense A4 exercise charts to follow and that's exactly what your site provides. I will be downloading and using the programs, and I am more than happy to support you with donations to keep the site afloat.

02 January 2016

Thank you so much for this site. I stumbled on it today while trying to find a workout plan that would interest my 15 year old son, (that we could do together). That was about 5 hours ago and I am still wandering around the site in amazement at the sheer volume of content. The time and effort that you have put into it is shining through. We cannot wait to get started.

I may have 'lost' 5 hours to the internet, but in this instance it is so very worth it, we are ready to get started tomorrow and we know how to move forward with health and fitness techniques, motivation and most of all FUN!

Health and fitness to all for 2016 and beyond! :)
Thank you!

01 January 2016

Thank you for creating such an amazing site. It has completely changed the way I think about exercise and being fit and has helped me develop my strength and core in particular. It is immediately obvious from the site that the people behind it are passionate as well as knowledgable and I love the fact there are no ads. I really hope you are able to sustain this through continued crowd funding.

01 January 2016

Love this site. Used it this summer and got some great results. We use some workouts with our high school volleyball team as well. I even donated because it's such a great site and I will continue to use it. Right now I am pregnant and wish there were some maternity style workouts. I found a few that will work ok anyway. Thanks for such a great site! I hate going to a gym!

Kari M
31 December 2015

Wow! Guys this is an amazing Site, probably one of the best I have come across for bodyweight exercising. Keep up the good work and spread the word. More Advertising needed Guys...

Joey Howard
29 December 2015

Came across this site about a year ago, I was suffering with pretty bad anxiety and depression and my therapist suggested exercising. However I couldn't afford any equipment and the last thing I wanted to do was go outside running or go to the gym where people could see me so I looked online for solutions and came across this website.

I loved the variety of workouts and the names given to the workouts it made it a bit more interesting for me to do and motivated me further, I also love the recipe pages.

A year on I feel a lot more confident in myself and I have a stomach I'm very proud
of! I still don't enjoy going to the gym but I go running a few times a week , thank you Darebee I feel like I'm myself again, and I really like it.

27 December 2015