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I don't really have a story, but I just wanted to say, the nutrition section is awesome! I'm going to be leaving home soon and the tips on how to eat healthy on a budget is really helpful. ^_^ Thank You!

26 May 2014

Hi i just want to say neila's workouts are the best i am targeting my abs and chest and with her workouts they really developed it's just amazing love it i hope this community really grows big

26 May 2014

I am 27 years old and have been working out with body weight exercises since i turned 15. I was morbidly obese at 5ft 8in and a quite soft and round 255 lbs (1.73m and 116kg). I started running and adding jumping jacks, pushups, situps, and working on pullups and chinups as i revamped my entire diet. I lost a great deal of weight with my methods, but ended up badly damaging my knees.

Now, I have a goal of bulking up some and am just shy of 6ft 2in and currently a modestly lean 224lbs (1.87m and 102kg). I have been focusing on performing body weight exercises because I find them more enjoyable than lifting weights as well as being far more convenient.

I really felt as though I had hit a wall with body weight this past october and went back to hitting the iron. I only found Neila's site by chance, but the variety of exercises has reinvigorated my body weight methods and I have gained about 8lbs (3.6kg) of muscle since using her routines.

To be honest, I do alter them slightly (I own a pull up bar and do many different exercises with it, often increase reps of some exercises, add one or two exercises, and/or alter or substitute some exercises due to jumping when I work out at home, as I live in an apartment above another tennant) and always perform 7 sets.

The routines fit perfectly with my timing. I work 8-5 and have the morning to workout. By finding Neila's site, my workout routine has been rejuvinated and far more varied than it was before. I love that the variety keeps coming. Never be afraid to try one Neila's workouts. They are a blast and even if you have a handicap, there's probably one that fits your needs. When my knees aren't feeling the best, the Guardsman workout is just what I need.

Thanks, Neila!

26 May 2014

I am 32 years old. I was heavy into weight-lifting but I always found myself struggling to push past a certain threshold. I was never able to get ripped or get my body fat % low enough to not have a gut. To make a long story short, my commitments kept building up and making it to the gym was getting harder and harder. The time commitment was becoming too unrealistic to fit into my schedule without great sacrifice. I was under the impression I had to twist myself into a pretzel to get the results I wanted. I was given the Batman workout on a printed card for me to try and I loved it!! I looked up Neila Rey's website and have been hooked ever since.

Not only was I able to fit her workouts into my schedule with ease, but I got amazing results. Following her diet and workout advice, I have toned and defined my muscles in such a way that would normally take countless hours of labor at the gym for days on end. Not only that, but I am closer to my six pack abs then I have ever been in my life!!! I thought it was not possible as I am getting older, but they are within kissing distance now!! I have never been in such good shape. I would stand behind Neila Rey and help for her success any day. She gives so much freely to her readers without asking for anything in return. This information is gold. It is just up to you the reader to put it all into practice.

If I could give one bit of advice, just keep going, especially when you don't feel like it. Just remember, MOTION CREATES EMOTION. Start doing push ups, sprints, jumping jacks, anything to get your engine started that day. You will be glad you did. If we only did things when we felt like it, very little would get accomplished. Thank you Neila!!

Eric Hansen
25 May 2014

I'm 25, and working as an electronics technician in Sydney, Australia. I spend long hours sitting at work, and commuting.

In the last 5 months I have been practising the Neila Rey batman workout. The exercise takes around 20 minutes per night, and I have only slightly altered my diet.

I have lost 12kg, achieved my goal of correct body mass index, and have significantly less back pain than before I started.

25 May 2014

I'm British, working in Saudi Arabia. For security we are not allowed to leave the Hotel or Work site without an escort, and we have no gym to use. All food is provided from local restaurants, we cant cook ourselves, and everyone here is putting on weight.

4 of us banded together and started to do Neila Rey's workouts every evening.
No equipment, no excuses, you have no option but to just get it done.
We have been working through the High Burn workouts and after a couple of weeks we can already see the difference.
I think I love everything about this site, the range of workouts, the great hints and tips, the 30 day challenges.

Before I moved here I used to be so bored at the Gym, lifting weights with my headphones in. These workouts give me a buzz i haven't felt before.

Thank you for saving us!

Chris Lomas
25 May 2014

I am deployed in Afghanistan and had a goal to lose weight for my R&R to the beach. I incorporated a cardio regime with Neila's Batman and Bane's workouts for 3 months. While monitoring my calorie intake and alternating the workouts 6 days a week, I was able to loose 30lbs before I went on my trip. Her awesome site and workouts are easily understood and motivational.

Just get started, you will be hooked.

25 May 2014

Hello everyone, my name is Sebastian and I'm Italian.
My story begins three years ago, when life decided to give me a hard lesson to learn. I decided then it was time to take my responsibilities and really do something if I wanted to break through and reach the top of my ability. I began to cultivate my passions and train my body, day after day, with the sole objective, the consegueimento of something big that would allow me to get what I wanted.

What I learned is that you should always be true to yourself, never give up, because sooner or later the good will come.

Good workout at all and NEVER SURRENDER - NEVER GIVE UP!
P.S Sorry for my bad english

24 May 2014

Wow, imma try the Abs Workouts, try 'em all! Good job, well done, Neila. Best story ever.

Alejandro Nava
24 May 2014

I've tried Insanity, weight training, and parts of P90x. I believe Neila Rey's workouts have gave me the best results for fat loss. Now it's bulking season....

24 May 2014

Hiii!! I'm portuguese and i've been dealing with my weight for some time. This year I decided to change. I've lost 10 pounds. I still have some work to do to be as I want but slow and steady wins the race right? I love your blog. I follow the modern hero diet and use lots of workouts. The recipes are pretty cool too. So I want to thank you for creating this blog, it helped me a lot :)

Inês Leal
24 May 2014