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I have found Neila's website a couple of months ago but only recently started working out following the 30 days of Power Up. I must say that I am thoroughly enjoying every workout. The workout are very easy to follow, they are effective, and they don't t require a lot of time to do them (15-20 min).

I have always had an interest in body weight training, and although I knew a lot of body weight exercises, I was never able to come up with a program for myself. My workout were wither too difficult (I was over-achieving) or not provided enough variation. But the workouts here have overcome this two shortcomings and now I am happily back to training.

I would encourage anyone browsing this website to also check the recipes section. I am a man, and found the recipes here extremely easy to follow, fast to make, and very healthy.

To keep reminding myself to workout, I have printed out the workouts and spiral bound them on the short edge, so it looks like a calendar, and hanged it on the wall. Thus, whenever I do a workout, I just flip the page to the next day, and I have the workout in front of my eyes to remind myself to do it. As the old saying goes, "out of sight, out of mind". This is exactly what I wanted to prevent.

As an end note, this is for Neila. I like that you have the spirit of generosity, and you see the visitors of your website as people with whom you want to share something instead of seeing them as customers. I also greatly appreciate that you are humble enough to not "brand" all of this, and create a new "fitness system", as there are already too many of them. I had problems (of ethical nature) in past paying gym memberships as I saw them just an incentive and a poor substitute for motivation, but I have no problem in supporting this project. I am sure that my contribution will help others get access and get the same benefits of this site. Neila, thank you for your generosity and keep up the good work.

23 June 2014

I'm quite young (only 16yo) and I started working out to get rid of some bad habits I took some years ago. I discovered your site by accident after I started exercice again and I was absolutely shocked. Well off course your site is amazing but that is not the most important point to me. What really matters to me is that you really gave me faith in humanity. You really devoted your life to make other's life way better, without expecting to gain anything in exchange. You work hard and we can all assure you that what you do really changes life. You're an amazing person Neila, keep it that way.

Since the day I went across your site, I practice on a daily basis, I'm really getting in shape and by living in a better body, I'm leaving a better life. I remember before when I felt restrained by my own body, I don't have this feeling anymore, thanks to you.

Ps: I'm french so I might have made some mistakes, sorry for that

15 June 2014

I've been working 3 sets of "300" workout every morning after a 30minutes of running on treadmill, I eat normal but "Try to have at least one meatless day a week". The best part is I've lost 8kg within a month!

15 June 2014

Did 2 days of power abs. My belly hurts like hell now. I'm loving it ;)

15 June 2014

The Super Saiyan Workout brought me here and I thank you so much for making this side, it´s incredibly awesome. I went through all categories, workouts, meal plans, nutritions etc. and I just can say that this is exactly what I was looking for the whole time. The best of it all is that it is free of cost, which is like the most rarest thing to find on the internet or anywhere when you are looking for any help to get you through your weightloss. This is so helping me to finally reach my goals I can barely find the words to actually explain how thankful I am for this. THANK YOU SO MUCH! ^_^

Sienna Ward
13 June 2014

I discovered this site a couple of months ago, when a workout appeared on the front page of Imgur. Being the huge nerd that I am, I immediately freaked out over all of the geeky workout choices, and was inspired to try a couple. I have been hooked ever since. This site has really turned my life around, I've slimmed down and toned up after experimenting with some of the challenges and meal plans. Thank you so much for making so many workouts and health tips available FOR FREE (I'm poor) for everyone, this site is honestly the best!! :)

13 June 2014

I just happened to run across this website - totally by accident - but, totally NOT by accident. I have been pretty depressed about my daily routine. I had a baby 10 months ago and have had no desire and no will power to workout or change my eating habits. Thus, I've gained a tremendous amount of weight. I'm SO ready and was looking for the answer. I need a workout and menu plan that will not interfere with the time I spend with my son - he's my whole world. But, I want to be a healthy, happy momma for him! So, here I go with your help... Your website is my new OBSESSION. Thank you for making it accessible for plain folk like me! :)

12 June 2014

I found this website about one and a half months ago and it really motivated me with a these workouts. I love to find workouts dedicated to game characters or movies I like and I feel so much better now that I have started to work out. Please add some more Yoga workouts, I want to do something else than crunches etc. on some days and I love 'Inner Warrior'!

09 June 2014

best site ever ever seen, never stop this site it must reach to ultimate height that day all people should follow you,

09 June 2014

It was about half a year ago that I found this website, and I am glad that I did. I have friends that spend a tone load of money paying for gym memberships, something that I can't afford. So I decided to try out some of the workouts on here and saw results. Obviously not straight away, but over time I saw that my body was getting defined at its own pace of course.

skinny lad
08 June 2014

I discovered Neila’site by accident, a bit more than a month ago. I was immediately hooked on the superhero workouts and the quality of the work behind the site. So, I added two (2) superhero workouts per week to my usual routine. Last week, an old buddy called me to shoot some hoops (he’s 47 I’m 53). We’re both pretty banged up from years of basketball, tennis and boxing but we get together to shoot hoops once or twice per year and talk about the good old days. I’m not tall (5’11’’) and I’m heavy (230 lbs on a skinny day) but I started laying the ball in without effort, my hand clearly above the rim. I haven’t been able to jump like that in 13 years or so. So I look the same, weight the same, but those workouts seem to have restored a lot of mobility (and leaping – despite knee surgeries). These “at home” workouts meet all needs; there’s always a workout you can do. I’m extremely grateful to Neila.

08 June 2014

Your Moon Base workout appeared on my dash on Tumblr; I tried it out a bunch of times, liked it, and decided to have a look at your site. As a poor uni student who didn't want to have to pay gym membership fees to be able to work out, I have to offer you my thanks. I love how the exercises are easy to follow and in picture format (meaning I don't have to worry about exceeding my monthly data limit like I would w/ YouTube videos). Also, there are 'silent' full-body workouts, which I'm sure my housemates appreciate! Thankyou so much!

Uni student
07 June 2014

I happened to stumble across this website about a month ago and was instantly drawn in by all of the superhero workouts (which are awesome by the way) I decided that on the first of June I would start the 30 Day's of HIIT, i'm on day 5 now and let me tell you I feel Great! no noticeable results but I really feel amazing even with being sore. Also with my new diet (Modern Superhero) eating healthy has never been so good and my cooking skills are getting up there ;-). all in all Neila Rey is awesome for what she does.

05 June 2014

This stuff is amazing i just found this and im applying it for sure, it would be awesome to have one or two more female superheroes for us girls xoxoxoxo

05 June 2014

Shit! This website is awesome. Thanks for all your hard work Neila! It really helps! :)

04 June 2014

So I found this website a bit earlier this year from an awesome facebook page and have been checking for new work outs every day since then. I love it! I decided to do 6 30-day challenges at the same time (crazy but not impossible) and finished them all 3 days ago. Really proud of myself. I built up a lot of my muscles and now it's time to tone them. Not to brag but I'm 14 lol. Keep 'em coming!

02 June 2014

First of all I must say: finding your website was a blessing! I discovered this site a few months back when the Batman workout went viral and I have been completely inspired and motivated since.

I'm 26 years old and had been pretty overweight most of my life. Almost two years ago I decided to change all that. I dramatically changed my dietary habits. I started attending Zumba classes quite reguarly as well. I managed to lose almost 30 pounds but hit quite a plateau by the beginning of the year. I've been using many of your workouts since April and already lost 8 pounds! I'm excited to see that I'm melting away tremendous amounts of stubborn fat and toning up quite nicely. I've also found a new found love for fitness and found how easy it is to maintain a healthy lifestyle (even with a busy schedule).

Most importantly, I have a new-found confidence in myself as a person. I had such low self-esteem and was completely embarrassed by my body. I don't feel that way anymore and it's beautiful!

Thank you so much!

30 May 2014

I'm a martial arts and fitness instructor. I am constantly looking for something new for my students so they won't get bored and be on a constant strength, stamina development. And believe me, this have been the greatest discovery, for I chose the Superheroes Workouts and combined them with their soundtracks. I also have posters of each one of them and place them every week at the practice area according to that weeks superhero, so the students will know who will be that day's hero. This have been a great motivation for all of us. It's great! :=). I also loooooove the great recipes and will continuously keep supporting Neyla. She's the best.
Thank You.

Mayra Enid
28 May 2014

Well, I used to spend a lot of time on physical training in the past. Judo, marathons, swimming etc. I never cared what I was eating and when... However, when I stoped the intensive training I quickly gain weight from 80kg to 116kg. It was hard to return to normal weight. In fact I was always losing with myself. Now I have found thing I was looking. Awesome training + great diet. Now I have motivation for staring jog around 5 AM before I am going to the office. I lost around 8kg in 20 days. Of course I am going to continue physical workout. Thank you very much!

28 May 2014

This is really great!
I started with some HIIt workouts and lost nearly 30 Ibs in a really quick time.

Plus I trained for some exams and started doing the push-up challange and the Lannister workout. I strated from 5 push-ups and now I'm doing 50 in one go without any problems.

So after all I lost a lot of weight and gained muscles and look and feel really great now since I can clearly see my Abs.


28 May 2014

These works are incredible!

I did the one month HIIT training, and seen incredible results. I have been practicing body weight exercises for three years now and my whole health/strength has improved significantly. This mode has kept my physique presentable as I train to prolong my health and execute my duties in working with law enforcement and potentially, military.

27 May 2014

After quitting smoking earlier this year, I decided to get the rest of my health under control. However, all of my workouts were leaving me exhausted for the rest of the day and it really started to get discouraging. So I decided to try some of the workout on this site since I've been hearing so much about HIIT. I've suddenly got so much more energy- I don't think I've felt this alert since early in college. Just a couple weeks and what a difference. That alone is enough to motivate me to continue- who wants to crawl through life feeling sluggish? I'm so glad this site is so accessible and so many of the workouts are entirely equipment free- if they hadn't been, I would have been scared off immediately. Instead, I get to be excited every day about working out, feeling better, and down the line, looking better.

27 May 2014

I was 100kg and 1m82, according to my BMI overweight. I used some of the exercises of your site (Found them on google and didnt know they were yours) together with trail running. Now I weigh 72kg. I lost 28kg in 2 months.

Thanks the site is awesome and will be using the exercises to refine the core.

27 May 2014

Hey I'm 15 years old and overweight and while I was on my computer I saw these photos floating on the internet and so after searching I finally found this website and I'm beginning to do this everyday starting today and I was wondering if you could make a workout for Moon Knight my favorite hero but if not it is fine!

Anonymous (Rather remain)
27 May 2014