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I want to say thank you for your workouts and for your motivation. I'm wating to see your videos on Youtube and to try all your wokouts. Thank you again Fabio :D

Pereira Fabio
11 August 2014

I've been doing 30 days of HIIT for a little over a week now, and I'm already noticing results! My body is back to aching after working out; I knew I'd been doing something wrong after hitting a plateau that had lasted months.

I cannot wait to try your other programs and dive into the "themed" workouts!

Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication!

Dave Fairbanks
10 August 2014

I was getting curious and wanted to know who was behind this perfect website, so I googled Neila Rey and I was like “wow, that woman is gorgeous.” What is the point of saying that, you ask? Well, it’s simply to say that I particularly enjoy the fact that despite your looks and your obvious competence you choose not to talk about yourself.
I’m confident enough with my own body but I know some people aren’t and may be discouraged by fitness trainers who look like something utterly unattainable unless you dedicate your entire life to working out. Besides, I think you greatly encourage your followers’ capacity to identify with your work by not showcasing yourself and use (cool) drawings instead, which is both smart and unpretentious. Your website is a tribute to excellence, dedication and humility and I admire that.
I am sure you are a very noble person, keep up the good work!

Mathieu from France
10 August 2014

I am doing your 30 Days HIIT program for the last 2 months, From the third month I have added the 6 pack abs program, which I got from your Pininterest PIN, also following your meal plan. My waist line has reduced to 32 inches from 35 inches, I seriously want to sport a six pack abs, what else I can do????

Sudip Roy
10 August 2014

Have to say, I am impressed with this site and the overall product. The more I spend getting to know the programs and meal plans, the more I feel like i wanna come back for more.
Good job really, thanx for your efforts - I appreciate it!

Stephan Klingler
09 August 2014

today I finished day 7 of 30 days of HIIT and i this program is absolutely the best thing I've done in fitness. thank you so much

06 August 2014

This is a wonderful resource....Thank you

Stuart Davenport
06 August 2014

I love this site, i'm in the selection of the Dutch national triathlon team and this site will definitely help me with it. One thing, I wish there was a way to download all the poster in high resolution at once.

01 August 2014

I just discovered this website today. I like the way it's simple and it's easy to find information. If you had filled it with lots of self-promotion and marketing content, I wouldn't even have stayed, let alone donated.

Ravi Pillalamarri
27 July 2014

Thank you for the site and the CHALLENGES. 9 months ago the challenge was prostate cancer. Since then it has been recovery. A few minutes ago I finished the 1400 Burpee challenge. Every day of the challenge I could feel the soreness ass weakness gave way to renewed strength. The last day there was no soreness only strength. 63 years old and going for the Core challenge next.
Thank you for the CHALLENGES to become better every day.
I would like to add an additional challenge to all your younger fans.

26 July 2014

LOVE the site! I really enjoy the clean straight forward set up, super user friendly with everything you need and more, no advertising or mandatory sign in and fill your inbox with spam B.S. I emailed a question the other day and was overly impressed with the fast response time.

Also, decided to give the 90 days of action a shot. ... Day 1, Level III, complete! :)

25 July 2014

Loving the workouts and themed on awesome stuff. I'm currently on the Bruce Lee 30 day challenge on day 6 and also either do the fight club or vikings workout. Thank you for getting my butt off the computer to do exercise I have never felt better.

23 July 2014

Thank you for this website. It made me move half an hour every day. Yesterday I finished 31-day long program when I exercised every day. I did 1530 kicks, 4000 sit-ups (and similar), 2400 punches, 780 push-ups, 1645 lunges and others. More than 12 thousand together. Thank you for them!

People recognize me to be thinner, I recognize myself to be more strong.

23 July 2014

Hello Neila, I'm here to support your cause of promoting free exercises that anyone can do even at home without needing a gym pass, keep it up and don't let the haters put you down. Ever.
I like your workout all of them, no excuse now to do workout

" first say to yourself what you would be; and then do what you have to do "
thank's a lot!!!!!!!!

21 July 2014

Hello Neila, I'm here to support your cause of promoting free exercises that anyone can do even at home without needing a gym pass, keep it up and don't let the haters put you down. Ever.

Working out is a life style, and those who share they're knowledge should be praised for that, thanks to people like you well-being and fitness is spread around.


19 July 2014

Thank you about these motivational workouts, I first spotted these from imgur, and these were the jumpstart for me to start taking care of my health. I was in really bad shape after a surgery, and I've been able to recover from that with training 2-3 times a week.

Due to different factors, my abs are very untrained, and I would like to train them hard to see whether they still even can be grown after so many surgeries. However, scoliosis kinda prevents me from doing sit-ups / crunches, so I would love to see your suggestions for a total ab-workout that trains those muscles involved in some different manner. (I am aware that it would probably be best to see a physiotherapist, but I would still like to hear your suggestions.)

I will keep working to get my strength back and to keep in shape.

19 July 2014

I would like to take this opportunity to thank for ONE of the best set of workouts I have evercome across. I am excited at the number of various rutines and plans available and look forward to not only using these workouts but to see what else you have in store. With so many to choose from I am spoilt for choice. 10 out of 10 and highly recommended.

Mehmet Kani
17 July 2014

Hello Neila :D I just want to leave a feedback because i'm so thankful for all your workouts! I've been doing one or two daily and i'm seeing a lot of change :)

Jónatan Leó
15 July 2014

After going on vacation to the beach for a week and hating the way I looked in a swimsuit each time I saw myself in a mirror, I made a commitment to get in shape when I got back. I found this site and absolutely love it. Right now I'm working on the "From walking to running" challenge and the "Black Widow" workout and they're great. I also really love the ideas for meals and snacks. It makes eating healthy so much easier when you don't have to guess what you should be eating. So glad I found this site!

11 July 2014

This is amazing, I can feel the burn, the process and everying above. But i have one thing in my mind can you maybe make a Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan Workout plan that would be awesome

11 July 2014

I had a personal trainer for 6 months and had amazing results. Then I took a 2 month break to save some money before purchasing another 4 month package. Again, my results physically were wonderful. When my training package ended I found; this helped give me circuit workouts much like I had been doing with my trainer. The greatest thing is that I can do these at home if I can't get all the way to the gym. These workouts have challenged me in new ways and given me guidance when I go to kick my own butt. My trainer sees me and she's so proud that I have continued in my fitness journey and have not tapered off like most people. I LOVE that the workouts have themes.... for some reason it empowers me and entertains my mind. Because of this website I feel like I can keep pushing towards my goals and find ideas, motivation, and support. I won't get "burned out" on fitness on my own, and I owe that in large part to!!

01 July 2014

I found your site a few months ago but procrastinated in doing the workouts. I spend 45+ hours a week stationary, in front of a computer. Today was the first day I did the Office Workout. I feel better than I have in months! I plan to keep it up everyday. Your site is so helpful and is a huge motivator. Thank you so much!

30 June 2014

GREAT stuff!

Lost 10 pounds in 3 weeks!
My favorite is the wonder woman workout!

Greetings from Guadalajara, Mexico!!!

29 June 2014

What a beautiful website! Wonderfully laid out with an amazing wealth of information. Thank you for sharing this, Neila!!

29 June 2014