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Love this site. The workouts are easy to figure out so you really have no excuse not to do them. And...I just bought the book=) Thank you

27 September 2014

I just started a blog and the information you provide on this website has helped me greatly. Thank you for all of your time & work.

matt crorkz
24 September 2014

sis your effort is great and we are thankful for providing this much plenty body weight workouts continue this and you can add one file download for everything too

bharath bruce
24 September 2014

This is such a great project. I first came here through those amazing visual workouts, as many others have, and I tried some of them out. They actually give you a really good workout and they are very effective. I checked out the recipes and meal plans as well, and they are excellent.
I'm too young and don't have enough money for a PayPal account, but if I could donate, I would. As a nerd, I really love the workouts :P !

23 September 2014

I originally stumbled onto this website through seeing a picture of those epic workouts with the awesome movie titles and such. I'm a competitive runner and need to keep my core and upper body in shape in addition to putting in the miles, and sometimes the same old workout gets BORING. This website is so much fun and keep working out fun! I love that pictures are included with every workout to make learning easy, eating healthy fun, the graphics are nice modern and simple (which makes things easier to read when you're tired!) and the motivational posters are the cherry on top!

Love this website. Love the story. I've got the site bookmarked for easy access and for that extra push when I'm hitting a training rut.

Jessica Gallardo
19 September 2014

NEILA! Really , why aren't you more famous than .."other"Workout programs.
I stumbled by coincident on your website and i thought why didn't i see you before all my " other"workout programs.

I did workout before, but then i left it and gained so much fat , because i didnt do anything for 2 years. i was only sitting and eating -.- ... i wanted to do the same "other"workouts again , but found it so hard to press the play button.

THEN i saw your workouts and all thouse visuals ..and i want to begin the 90 day action program because its so FUN! thats what motivated me thats what i needed .. i thank you from the bottom of my heart and i hope that you gain more fans!

12 September 2014

Died and gone to exercise heaven. There's a Sonic the Hedgehog workout now... It's cool how having a nigh-addictive habit with certain games/movies/tropes are made into playing/watching less and exercising more by this website.

I think NR is actually conquering the internet with a fight fire with fire style approach.

11 September 2014

I want to thank you for the change you have made in me, I started working out as a kid because i wanted to get a six-pack, I was young and dumb, so i just gave up. This year I decided to go through with my wish, i found one of your workouts, "Total abs", in 9gag on December of last year, and for this whole year I have been doing it daily, now I finally have abs (an 8-pack instead of 6) and the dedication I put on it helped me start eating right and focusing more on how to do the workout right. I'm 19 and thanks to you I'm no longer worried about taking my shirt off on a pool, which to me means the world.

09 September 2014

Thank you so much for all the work you've put in this website which is a fantastic tool for those who want to transform into fitter version of themselves.

I've been doing the 90days of action and am now on day 22. Never thought I would stick with it but I did and I saw changes in my body. Also in my mind. Sometimes it hurts but in a good way ! Hope I can maintain this lifestyle !

A thousand "thank you" from Paris, France.

08 September 2014

I've been doing the 90 Days of Change workout (currently just finished day 24) and making dietary adjustments after reading your super helpful and easy to understand guides. I wasn't unfit before, but I used to follow the same exercise regimen (Tabata daily) and didn't notice a lot of change. I also didn't really know any nutrition/exercise theory before. I'm really happy at the moment though -- even though it's been less than a month I've lost around 2-3kg (I'm female, 17 and used to be 57kg) and noticed a more tighter and defined muscles, especially my abs. I'm really surprised about seeing results so fast. Thankyou so much for making this possible for me Neila! I'm grateful for all this free yet really helpful information. :D

03 September 2014

You have so many awesome workouts, such amazing posts on motivation and fitness tips, and a website that has an overall super cool feel to it. Love coming back again and again.

You have turned into a role model for this young man.

01 September 2014

This site is getting better all the time. It's an incredible project, very well presented and so helpful! You have my sincerest thanks and respect for doing this. In the hopes that you keep doing your amazing work, I will keep donating as often as I can, and hopefully get other people around me to use this tool and donate as well.
Again, thank you so much!

01 September 2014

Neila, you're amazing! You show such incredible skill and devotion in everything! I hope our deepest respect and little donations help you keep going.

Arto Pihlaja
30 August 2014

I searched on google on how to "make your own protein bars" and little did I know I could stumble upon something this good.

Not often do you see a website that is so well organized and clutter free and it does exactly what it is supose to do! I am here mainly for the nutrition / meal plans and recipes.

I recommended this website to my friends!

Keep up the good work and I will keep visiting :)

29 August 2014

I'm usually into CrossFit WODs, but I struggle to keep training whenever I go on holiday.

I had kept an eye on this website for a while as it the workouts seemed well balanced, very adaptable to one's fitness condition and most importantly most don't require any kind of equipment.

I just completed the Superman Workout in under an hour and it ended up being a lot tougher than it looked on paper:

I will definitely recommend the website to my friends and I will also introduce some of these as a complement to my usual routine.

Keep up the good work!

Nuno Guerreiro
26 August 2014

Good day to everyone reading this. I am writing to thank Ms. Rey for this extra ordinary website and I applaud the fact that nothing here is for profit. My physique last summer was quite not good. I wasn't very fat but because of little muscles I didn't look good.
After an year of on and off(more on than off) exercising I now have a good amount of muscles especially on biceps and triceps.My abs are also definitive now ,which are my pride now in contrary to my embarrassment an year before

Bilal Akmal
23 August 2014

I think I'm in love with you. No, really.

Every inch of this website is amazing and EXACTLY what I've been looking for. I lack structure. I go to my gym and just wander around, not sure what to do how to do it and for how long. I try to eat healthy and smart, but truly do not know what that means.

Not only have you taken the guess work out of my routine, you've made it fun with clever names and characters that make me WANT to do them. Your infographs are to die for.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. My success is mine, but you gave me the tools.

23 August 2014

You have a fantastic site here.
I'm from the Netherlands and i am doing the 30days of HIIT program. Im stuck now for about 2-3 months at the 100kg mark and i desperetly want to drop another 5-10kg (already lost 30kg this year!!!).

And then i found this site. I bought myself a better scale wich also measures my bodyfat and muscles (as i read on this site). I got that now for 3 weeks and i noticed that my BF is lowering while i gain more muscle power! But my weight stays the same. So i now know that i am improving and that the HIIT is working. I even suggested it to a few co-workers and told them to check this site out for even more workouts.

Thank you so much for this awesome site and all the time and effort you put into this. You know how to motivate people to help them change the way they live.


A small disclaimer: I use the HIIT training after my regular training which consist of running or cycling.

18 August 2014

Good day, I wanted to thank you for the work you do. I've been struggling with depression for a while now and couldn't find the motivation to do anything, I was trapped in the routine of wake up, go to work, get home, play games maybe read a chapter or two from the books I love but also struggle to read due to my life's rut. But then I came across your website and it quite literally changed my life. the titles and artwork of your workout sheets are the things I like, so looking at them is a lot easier than looking at the standard workout plan. I've never worked out a day in my life but your plans make it easy. I also made a game for myself, every 10 reps earns you one points. also, when having a craving for a cigarette, and then not smoking one earns you 10 points, I find eating a fruit usually helps with the cravings. then spending points: every hour of playing games is 20 points. a new book is 300 points. and for every cigarette you do smoke, deduct 10 points. this helps me stop smoking and live healthier. hope this helps someone. Thank you once again.

16 August 2014

Truly many thanks to your idea and efforts to establish the project.

Serving in the ROK Navy, I have found your workout manuals and programs very useful and even further, it has changed several aspects of my life (of course to the + direction).

First, while sailors here aren't quite accessible to decent workout environment in terms of equipment and gym settings, NR workout which does not require "stuffs" has been a easy-to-do that can be done anytime, anywhere, even onboard the ship.

Next good thing is that as I proceed with your programs (I have finished 30DPU, 30DOC, HIIT, in a row so far and that's TODAY lol) I get to learn how my body constructed and muscles work in a specific movement. Could be sound little silly, but keeping analyzing and thinking in an attempt to position better and maximize muscle stimulation every second, I could "feel" my body from micro to macroscopic level. Knowing that, now I'm very confident that it could be applied to integration of physical ability to many different sports and activities.

I've followed your dietary suggestions strict as well, mass effect diet and abs diet. Kept my body hydrated all the time, well regulated sleep (excluding night watch day), and high quality food intake. what is funny that I've experienced is that those goodies and greasies that I craved for are now not that taste attractive somehow.

Plus, making my body work has led to no fatigue and a high energy gauge and most importantly, an optimistic attitude. I am simply happy when I do your workouts.

Compared to my prior workout program experiences (mostly bodybuilding heavyweight type), NR workout is something that is truly sustainable in a fit and healthy way and balanced well. Again, thank you for your kindly purpose to let everybody informed of wellness.

Fair winds and following seas

Yujae Kim
15 August 2014

I am so skinny and I'm tired of it, so I am doing the 30 Day Power Up workout program. I'm on my 21st day now and I already gain almost 9lbs! can't wait to see myself better and healthier. Thank you so much!

12 August 2014

These are amazing! Movies/videogames/comic books have pretty much always been my conceptual motivation for everything. I've always liked exercising and I am usually imagining some sci-fi/fantasy type something-or-other while I exercise anyway.

The website is everything I could hope for from a real-life workout AND a healthy jaunt through my imagination. It is surprising to me just how much more excited I am to exercise when there is a fun and light-hearted media-reference attached.

I love the Bruce Lee Abs workout, Spider-man, Batman, and Wolverine.

If I could make any requests it would be for Ninja Turtles or Metroid themed work outs!

12 August 2014

I found this website while searching for ways to get motivated, lose belly fat and feel better. I am struggling with depression and honestly...laziness. I know the solution to my problems with weight and depression is to eat better and workout, everyday. But I just can't get off my butt!
As of right now, there are no more excuses! I just did the first workout of the HIIT 30 days and I am going to follow the 30 Day of Change meal plan... right now!

I love how simple this website is to follow, no gimmicks, just pure motivation and real workouts normal people like me can follow with small windows of time. Working full time and being a mom is wonderful, but leaves little time to exercise.

Thank you for this wonderful resource!

11 August 2014

I work 12 hour rotating shifts ( nights & days) and Neila's workout sets are great for staying in shape and staying awake.
Me and a couple of my co-workers are hitting " 2 minutes ABS workout " several times per shift and it's awesomely painful!
Planning to expand and include "Spartacus" workout set.
Keep up a great work!

Sergei Polishchuk
11 August 2014