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I found this site trying to get in shape after several stops ad starts over the years / the 30 day five minute plank challenge caught my eye and despite barely being able to plank for 30 seconds I gave it a try.

I only made it to day 15 but in just two weeks I could finally hold a minute plank easily.

I'm almost finished with the Bruce Lee challenge now and I've gone from barely doing two full push-up's to doing ten in a row, no knees.

I love the results I get, the simple and easy workout plans/cards, and the emphasis on geek culture. It inspires me to workout.

For my New Year's resolution I want to go print a set of the workout cards and get through all 100 over next year. I'm also looking at the challenge to see which one looks tempting next - maybe Batman. Because it's Batman.

Support these guys and their awesome work - this is a labor of love


06 December 2014

Hi and greetings from Buenos Aires, Argentina.
I found this site at the beggining of this year while browsing 9gag and since then I've doing its exercises almost all days. I finished the "30 days of HIIT" and the "90 days of action" programs and I highly reccommend them. I've been also doing the Abs workout as a complement.

Something I must praise is that the site has been continuosly being updated with new programs and adding details to the preexisting.

Thank you NeilaRey for all your contribution to the fitness world.

05 December 2014

I found this site 6 months ago and I found it very helpful for us who use their own place as a gym.Having bored my kettlebell workouts ,wanting something new I liked sub zero ,banshee and other heroes workouts.Also I use the 30 days programs wanting something structural,now the 30 days of gravity.
I will ask also something,to find more yoga workouts,we who like also qigong and yoga.

04 December 2014

Thank you so much for producing such an excellent website. I'm 40 and pretty heavy(260lbs)with bad knees from skateboarding. I've had better results in the two months using this site than I ever had in over a year at the gym. If I had better eating discipline, I would probably be nearly a new man by now but as it is I've gained stamina, flexibility, strength, and I've even lost a couple of inches. Even my knees are feeling better allowing me to skate more.

You don't have to sacrifice all your time to working out. I used to get up early, get dressed, grab my ipod, get some water, drive to the gym, workout for an hour, drive home, and then shower. Now I just get up, spend 20 - 30 mins of working out and then I can hit the shower right after. Plus, I love pretending I'm Daredevil or an Ithilien Ranger or some other fictional character while I'm getting fit.

Thank you again for making fitness fun and efficient. I urge everyone to support and spread the word.

04 December 2014

Hello from Queensland Australia,

I am a 25 year workout junkie, am 43 now. What I struggle with now is boredom and pushing myself out of my comfort zone. I make up a lot of my own routines but still even they eventually bore me. I check in on this site and just saw the day 1 day 2 etc and was rapped with that did 5 days straight up. Then I started looking around the site… OMG so much choice, so many workouts…. I am so excited to have discovered this site and can’t stop… I have recommended it to about 20 people already. I printed out the bodyweight exercises chart and challenged a couple of people to complete all the exercises on that with 1 minute on, 1 minute rest. it was a perfect for an overall workout even though its wasn't meant for that. Then the next day I did day 10,6,9,7,8…. I am addicted, I love this site! thanks heaps for setting it up!

03 December 2014

You wouldn't believe how helpful this website is for someone who doesn't have access or time for a regular gym. The workouts are constantly being updated to motivate you to exercise like your favorite character, which I really appreciate. Also, this site is very motivating for me. If you are new here, this is your fitness best friend. Thank you so much!

03 December 2014

Hello from Greece !
Exceptional Project. I cannot find the words to express my thoughts about it...
As a personal trainer, the only thing i can say is CONGRATULATIONS !
Keep offering to the people !

Thank you !

Kostas Plousios
02 December 2014

Absolutely excellent. This site is efficient, creative and the sum of an obviously experienced team. The way everything is set out, the workouts based on everyone's favourite fictional characters, just how accessible the knowledge is: it's fantastic.

30 November 2014

As a person who lives and works in Extreme Remote Locations I have found the workouts absolutely brilliant, and just what I have been looking for.

Having no access to conventional or outdoor training I have been using these as my strength and conditioning daily workouts, whilst using spin bikes, treadmills and elipticals to compete in Ironman South Africa and the North Pole Marathon.

I am currently doing six of these workouts a week, using a base of ten sets with two minutes rest, I can already feel the benefits over last years training for the same event. The visuals are fantastic and easy to understand and I have already distributed the website link to many of my friends who find themselves in the same situation as myself.

Utterly Brilliant!

Mark Mills
23 November 2014

Vraiment je suis sous le charme , cette manière de procéder est géniale ! Avec des noms très motivant , des routines adaptés a chaque niveau , et une totale gratuité comme ça change des sites ou il faut d'abord payer pour peut être rien du tout ...C'est tellement bien fait que la personne honnête se DOIT de vous rétribuer !! Un grand merci a toute l'équipe , et que Dieu vous Bénisse !

PS : Et ce sens de l'humour dont vous faites preuve ....XD

23 November 2014

I am completely in love with the website as I strongly believe in educating people about good food as most of them lack the basic knowledge. And the way you structured the content It is easier for people to follow it. Long story short your site is a gem because of really good information in there in an easily accessible manner.

16 November 2014

This is a really enjoyable plan and everytime I feel demotivated or get lazy, I give myself a maximum of 2 days break and get back to the challenges again!

I love it, and neila rey! you're extremely motivating, I would often give having my period as an excuse and my brother would say, Neila Rey is also woman and she don't stop!

Thank you!

15 November 2014

Great initiative you started! I'm a Health Coach in the Netherlands (Amsterdam) with a mission to help others achieve a healthy lifestyle, easy! I had ideas of developing a platform as NR so you guys inspire me a lot. Thx for that! Let me know if I can do something to support you(r initiative). Keep up the good work.

Mohammed Jaouna
IM Personal Coach | van Klacht naar Kracht!
Eigenaar & Personal Coach
15 November 2014

I'm 25 years old and a karate student for more than a year now, but recently had to quit going the dojo regularly due to change of place often. I used to do random karate excercises at home but needed a guide to do excercise in a meaningful manner and a friend recommended this site to me. I've done the flex, core and abs challenges all together first, then started the 30 days of strenght program.

I'm very grateful for the job done here and will support all the way I can when I get the chance. Looking forward to see this project get bigger and better, though it's already my favourite :)

12 November 2014

I really like your site. I started with your 90 days program at the beginning of the year. The goal was to do every day some kind of sport and get used to it.

And it worked. The question of doing sport or not has never been asked again. Just what kind of sport shall I do today. I started to boulder, doing lots of pull ups, went running and cycling... lots of different things. Then a friend told me about calisthenics and that got me at the first second.

I recommend this site to everyone who wants to start and asks about training guides. Currently I try to accomplish a proper handstand and handstand push ups. You could consider putting it into your workouts. Again this site is awesome and I really like the idea behind of it. so long!

06 November 2014

This project is awesome! It's exactly what I've been looking for - home workout programs without any equipment.

I like everything about the website: the design, easy-to-understand language, great exercises. Just perfect. I am a complete novice to workout. I've chosen '30 Days of Strength', hope to see how effective it is and report my results in a month.

P. S. Sorry for my bad English :)

05 November 2014

excellent product is a huge support for training and more because I practice taekwondo continue well and congratulations.

excelente pagina es un apoyo enorme para los entrenamientos y mas porque practico taekwondo sigan asi y muchas felicidades.

04 November 2014

This is a great website, and the HIIT work outs are exceptional. I have been using the website for the last three weeks, and have been doing the day by day work outs. I found the timed interface, where the counter would alert you after each timed sequence to be the most useful part of the work out.


04 November 2014

30 Days of HIIT, the best and most intense exercising I've ever done in my life and I am an active person.

Sticking to facts: Muscle definition is greatly seen from day 5 onward. Fat loss is actually almost immediate, but fat loss starts with your arms and legs before progressing to your abdomen so look carefully.

These workouts improve posture, walking, flexibility and movement. You become more graceful and sexy. Aerobic and anaerobic heart function is improved.

Practicing your breathing methods while doing this enables you to cut down on your rest time and lets you do more sets. Proper diet melts the fat off and it doesn't come back. Your metabolism will go through the roof. Try going 7 days between glances at your body in the mirror and take picture evidence. You will be shocked. By day 30, get ready to hit the beach with your sexy new body.

03 November 2014

At first: Thanks for all this great work!
I'm a student, so i'm quite short on money and time, but your workouts and nutrition tips helped me to stay fit.
I also really enjoy your superhero-themed workouts, because it's a special motivation for me to train in the style of my favourite movie/comic characters.
Please keep up this great project.

PS: i would really love a new strength-typed uncharted workout, which supports climbing, running and fighting, this would be awesome

01 November 2014

Thank you very much for your project! It is very helpful, I like it much. I'm really looking forward to your new programs.

01 November 2014

I very fascinated with your workouts! My personal favorite and very easy for me - the FIVE MINUTE PLANK! Thank you for this. I even created a review for your abs workout. You can find it here:

Keep inspiring others! God bless you!

28 October 2014

I would like to thank you very very much for all the workouts and programs. It is a real lifesaver since I gave birth to my son. I don't always have the time to go training and your training replace them whenever I'm short on time. At least I can move at home. Their really fun and motivating. Your recipes also helped me to put some good food on the table for the family that is quick to make.

I also used many of your snacks recipes. This summer while I was breasfeeding and training 4-5 times a week, I wouldn't get enough calories intake. With all your snacks ideas, I was able to continue on training and breastfeeding without being tired all the time.

Thanks a lot for this wonderful website,

27 October 2014

My name is Millie, I'm from Argentina. I would like to congratulate you for your website and your workouts, they are amazing!!! I cannot believe how this valuable information and original workouts are published for free, I needed something new to try at the gym, and I've been doing a new one every day, and making great progress :)

I'll be supporting your project and recomending your site to all of my friends. Thanks a lot!

Millie Campaña,
26 October 2014