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This site is full of great information and great workouts. I have recommended it to friends and family!

14 January 2015

I was a D1 Athlete and am currently a Nutritional Sciences Senior in college. This site is tremendous, exactly what I was looking for. The creators are fantastic! If they were to help out any more they would practically be doing the exercises for you. I can say that I really have seen a lot of workout methods, I do everything from weightlifting to running, swimming, bikram yoga, and this site is currently my favorite because it sets out the 30 day plans, even provides a timer! Thank you guys!

14 January 2015

This site has changed my life! Doing 30 days of strength for the 2nd time now and the results are really starting to show! Thanks so much for making this site and keep up the good work!

14 January 2015

Best available site for getting into shape. Really appreciate how the makers have labored to keep it free for those of us without unwieldy amounts of credit card money. Thank you so much.

Daniel Kim
12 January 2015

Just stumbled across this site. AWESOME. Love the vast amount of workouts. I do a workout session with teachers and this site has allowed me to gather different fun workouts to put together.

12 January 2015

Amazing!! I saw a heroe routine on the net, Lucky of me I got the name Neila so I googled it and here I am! I'm doing progress with 3 different charts, pretty satisfying results!!
I'm from Argentina, sorry for my english, but I had to say THANKS for all this, 4sure I'm supporting this ppl and all this Incredible work for anyone Who dares go for more!
Best wishes for this 2015!

09 January 2015

Simply amazing!!! I've seen great results and love the challenge. Please support this site and leave a donation to show your appreciation for all the hard work these dedicated passionate trainers deserve for volunteering their time and knowledge.

07 January 2015

Googled "exercises," and just stumbled across this site. Incredible. Currently doing the "From walking to running in 30 days" and the "90 days of action." This site is truly a godsend for me. Thank you. P.S. Please donate some money if this site has truly blessed you as it has me, I did.

Michael Wall
07 January 2015

This was my reaction when I first saw this website.I mean the work that these guys have done and compiled in this website is of the hook.This has completely changed me.Now I can workout whenever I want wherever I want without having to worry about anything.I mean this website has everything required for someone who wants to be fit.I think you are guys are doing a great job.You have all the blessings from me and I think from whoever had this opportunity to visit your site.
Go NR and Team..!!

Gulshan Gupta
07 January 2015

This is an awesome site with great levels of circuits and exercises to avoid boredom. Been in fitness for nearly 2 decades and have seen many workouts come and go. These workouts give great insights and thinking outside the box utilizing simple exercises and imaginative workouts for someone's favorite superhero/movie/video game. Great site and great challenges. Definitely will be looking into this more for my research in using great ways to train.

Ben Bergman
06 January 2015

Just like many others I just discovered this site. I feel blessed just looking through. Weight loss seems so obtainable because you can do all these exercises at home. Plus they provide meal plans and recipes. All this free of charge, can you believe it. I just want to say thank you for giving me hope and motivation. As soon as I get a debit card I'm definitely donating. The world need to see this site!!

Lucy B.
06 January 2015

This is truly incredible. I haven't done a single workout yet as just found the website 15 minutes ago. What I have seen is so incredible and fun. I'm a gamer and a lover of superheroes. I feel like this site was made for me!

I can't wait to get started tomorrow. Just not sure where to start as there is so many options. Weight loss is the goal and this site is my weapon!!!

Thank so much for this site and for making it so accessible.

Matt Campbell
04 January 2015

This is the best site i found so far for body fitness. I like this site because you use image and it's not a complicated site (other sometimes use slideshow or only text which doesn't help at all). it's really helpful too because the site contain every thing i need (workout video, fitness tips, diet plan, etc). keep up this great project.

04 January 2015

For the past few years I have been attempting to complete DVD exercise programs but haven't been able to make it to through. It wasn't primarily because of a lack of discipline (although I will be the first to admit it was a factor). I just got tired of the same music and the same voices yelling at me. Who wants to hear Shaun T, Tony Horton, etc. every day?! What Neila has put together is perfect for me. Bodyweight workouts that I can do anytime and to any music. I am so glad that I found this website.

31 December 2014

You are a god send! I've been looking for a good site that offers exercise plans and Hiit routine and I came across your website. I'm in awe of all the information you have provided absolutely FREE! Your workout print outs, meals, recipes actually EVERYTHING on here is amazing and well and truly given me hope and finally have made me excited to start the 30 days of change on 1/1/15. There are so many frauds around selling crappy meal and exercise plans for top $$$ yet you are providing the best of them all for free, plus the testimonies I've read and seen all speak for themselves! Thank you Neila Rey, I'm about to donate to your site. God bless :)

29 December 2014

I have to say, I love your workouts. I really appreciate, that you update, add, create workouts, programmes whatever just for free. Evertime I look up the website there's something new and even more interesting. It's great to read and of cours to get the things done as well ;)
I simply want to say thank you. (And I know that doesn't help you much. If I were a year older I would be able to have an paypal account or a visa and could donate something, but now I can't.)

Lovely greetings from Austria!
(not Australia)

28 December 2014

This is such a great site,so helpful and brilliant workouts

27 December 2014

Thank you so much for this - I was trying to find something I can take with me on vacation that doesn't require machines, with illustrations and easy to print -

Emmanuelle L
23 December 2014

It is so great to find a site like this... very altruistic and very inspiring.

I'm a final year student physiotherapist (UK) and I will be recommending this wherever possible/appropriate to patients who are able to take part as a lot of problems in a musculoskeletal setting have a root in obesity and lack of physical strength/athletic ability.

This is a great entry point (and continuance point) for anybody wanting to get/stay in shape as it is very relaxed and open, not "cultish" like many other fitness modalities, and it requires no equipment so no excuses!! If only the government could put things like this together or get behind and support causes like this I could see it making a huge positive change to many lives (even though I am sure you are already making huge changes already!)

P.S. I love the Jedi and Lannister workout... " A Lannister always does his reps"

21 December 2014

I have always been very athletically eclectic, doing a bit of everything ever since high school. I eventually settled into doing mostly calisthenics, but lacked direction. I have always consistently done some form of activity daily, but it became more sporadic as time wore on. I've never been a fan of workout videos, because I like to go at my own pace. A lot of the books in the bodyweight training community are either dogmatic in training modalities, not very information dense, or TOO dense in the form of fluff. This website and compendium were exactly what I was looking for in terms of foundational daily workouts. Thank you Neila, for all you do! The food ideas here are delicious.

19 December 2014

Thank you thank you thank you! I'm a certified personal trainer and have been exercising and training for years but sometimes I find my personal workouts in a rut! I appreciate the inspiration and the fact that I can do these workouts pretty much anywhere! You're awesome and I will be donating!!!

16 December 2014

I just donated my $20 because I completed my 20th day of 30 days of change. Wonderful, elegant site, great workouts, great simple videos to demonstrate the exercises. 10 days to go, then I get to pick another 30 day program! Thanks NR!

Tim - Chicago, Illinois USA

11 December 2014

After buying and selling/ giving away at least 50 fitness DVDs over the years I can not express the gratitude I have for Neila Rey and this awesome site. A friend told me about the "Batman" workout a while back. Since trying that, my husband and I have completed the 90 day fitness program, The Bruce Lee Challenge, 7 days of HIIT and the 30 Day Cardio Challenge. It was always difficult to get my husband to work out with me but with these workouts he has no problem crawling out of bed 20 minutes earlier. I add a bit of yoga to my daily routine and have never felt better. The workouts are efficient and effective. No dread factor!

08 December 2014

Finally, a FREE, beautifully designed, no-equipment, FREE workout regimens that have no catch nor guilt nor ads, and is FREE. ;)

A workout that is easy to follow and intuitive is DIFFICULT to make. Consistently updating and broadening the high quality offerings is ALSO VERY DIFFICULT. Asking for just a $1 donation, it's practically a crime! (don't tell!)

Started with 30-day of Change, then 90-day of Action, then 30-day of Strength, and now Fighter's Codex. Each time I come back for another workout I think "oh please please please let it still be free". Not only free (is this called... altruism!?!?), but more expansive each time.

Anytime a friend considers joining a gym, or asks me how I keep active, I refer them to HERE. I say "It's pretty! no buying! download it! recipes! your pace! variety! fun themed workouts! batman! and others!". I think "you don't know how good this thing I'm telling you about is."

I dunno how you do it, Neila Rey et al.! I dunno how you do it.


Thomas T
08 December 2014