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Thank you Darebee team for all or your efforts! We appreciate it so much! This is the best gym. It's so fun and creative.

I found your site while Googling HIIT workouts. The day I found your site, I cancelled my membership to the gym.

I support you guys monthly, and hope others will too. Fitness for everyone. No more excuses.

13 July 2016

I can't say enough about darebee!! My husband, two boys (10 and 11) and myself are doing the Age of Pandora workout right now. At first the boys and hubby moaned and groaned about having to have family workout time. (I was watching an expanding waist line on the hubby and sons who were learning how to be lazy and overeat). However after the first two weeks everyone is excited to do it and can't wait to see what is next.
I believe you all are amazing and I am so thrilled to have discovered your site. You play to the nerd in me by the names of your workouts and we love the interactive game we are "playing". Thank you so much for doing what you do and bringing exercise into my house of lazy gamers! You have become a staple in my life and I hope you stay around for a VERY long time! I share your site with anyone who will listen because it is a great way to involve every member of the family and is FUN. I hope I can share great weight loss with you in the future but right now I am just thrilled I am getting stronger and building my endurance. (I have been very sick for the past five years and had to stop running and working out because of it). Welcome to our family! Live long and prosper!

13 July 2016

Darebee is the single most valuable resource for fitness I have ever used. I started a few months ago, drawn in by a handful of workouts, but wound up so impressed by the wealth of information and resources available here that I gave up my daily visits to other sites.

I print and laminate the workouts that match my training goals, so I always have them on hand, and I just go through them when I am writing my 2 week plans. There are so many that it's easy to go months without repeating the exact same workout, so things never get boring! The frequent appearance of new challenges, workouts, and of course the Daily Dares keep visits exciting and fitness motivating. The forums at The Hive are supportive and friendly, so unlike other fitness sites I've used.

I am proud to report that since starting with Darebee on April 2, I have lost 26 pounds -- NONE of which was muscle (BF was loss, LM retained)! I started at Level I, just like most people probably will, but now I'm doing most of the workouts at Levels II & III. Between the fat loss, streamlining of my appearance (muscles that pop!), and the increase it fitness, I feel like Darebee has helped me more successfully than any paid program or professional coaching I've ever used.

I am eternally grateful for this resource and Darebee's contribution to my self improvement. The commitment this team has to making fitness accessible, motivating, and functional is incredible -- THANK YOU!

26 June 2016

Hey! This is a really awesome project, and I want you to know that its totally appreciated. I've been looking, mostly unsuccessfully, for a resource like this for a very long time. You guys rock.

22 June 2016

I was formerly using when I had fallen out of touch for a month or so, and when I returned? Darebee! I've been an unofficial spokesperson for two months now - detailing all the videos on youtube, the forum, the overall feeling of understanding I finally have about exercise and my workouts. I'm 20 days into the Hero's Journey and I'm so incredibly happy with the changes I can already see. Everything you need is here - the information, the support, the visual aids - you just need to stop complaining and take control

21 June 2016

I found this site while looking for themed, RPG style workouts on Pinterest. I knew there had to be some. I have to have LOTS of motivation and had already lost about 30 pounds, but had stopped working out and was starting to eat bad again. I found this site and the Age of Pandora workout and it has changed my life! I also bought the .99 version of their FitTap app and love it as well!

19 June 2016

This site is great! I came across by accident yesterday when I was trying to find a suitable workout plan. There is so much information on here that is easy to understand and very useful, also with the daily dares and stuff it makes it more interesting. The Hive community is brilliant and everyone is very helpful and welcoming.

I have a couple suggestions for improvements that I feel would be useful, firstly the option to add our own meals that we've made ourselves and secondly, I feel it would be very useful if there was some kind of a food diary to keep track of what we have eaten during the day.

Keep up the great work!!

07 June 2016

I came across a PDF of 30 workouts about 6 months ago, ranging from the "Batman Workout" to "Bruce Lee Abs". I rotated these workouts for 4 months, and had no idea where they came from until now. Finally I came across this website and it all makes sense. I've lost 30 pounds using these workouts and greatly appreciate what this website does for people.

07 June 2016

I am a newcomer to this site. I have done light workouts for years with little results besides toned arms and slightly broad shoulders. I thought it was time to get serious, so I came across darebee via Google.
It's been a few weeks, yet I can see every muscle I train pop out faster and bigger than they have in years. Love you guys.

27 May 2016

An amazing site with amazing resources and workouts. Everyone should know this website. Just awesome!

Shani Rosen
09 April 2016

Love this site and workouts!!!!
I just finished the 30 days of gravity AND 30-day ab challenge in addition to my regular workout routine. I can't believe the improvements I experienced and how much more strength I have. I used to struggle to do a single push-up due to chronic back and neck problems. I can push out 60 in a row now!

I'm hooked.
Thank you!

08 April 2016

Amazing resource. More people should know about this website.

07 April 2016

I had been bored with the same old workout that I had been I needed a change. I stumbled upon this site and so far am loving it. Each day, each week, it's something new. Plus there are reasons to continue - I'm currently doing the Pandora challenge which is a fun and exciting way to try something new. Thank you!

06 April 2016

I found this site thanks to a post on 9gag and the last few months I started to do something with it because I know this site is the most helpful one Iv'e ever seen. It motivates me to do a workout and to keep holding on for a longer time than just two days.

04 April 2016

I really like and respect darebee for her efforts in this, her efforts in making everything so cautiously fit to everyone ,everything is so organized and considered, and I can feel her passion in doing what she has been doing. I'm a Christian, and I would like to invite you to this church that I belong, it is called PMCC 4th watch (Pentecostal missionary church of Christ)

27 March 2016

I love Darebee and have been drawing inspiration from the site since the project was Neila Rey. I would love to see this project take the form of a fitness app for use on cell phones as well. Being able to take workouts with me or have jogging programs and inspiration on the go would be awesome.

18 March 2016

Where I live, gym is so costly and impractical. I have to spend a minimum of 2 hours on the road to go and return from the gym. When someone told me about this site, I was just overjoyed. This is a great site for someone who wants to lose weight, be in a great shape and still keep it under budget. Oh, you also have recipes too, timer, and etc.

Thank you darebee. All that I could say is 'you can never go wrong with darebee'.

Please continue the great work!



17 March 2016

I really like this page.:D
I hope you'll add some flexibility 30 days programs too.

15 March 2016

This project is one of the best things I stumbled upon. Workout info is concise and straight to the point, no fooling around. My favourite part is the nutrition section, the recipes look amazing and so simple you want to go and cook right away. I'm in love with the meals, there is no way of going back out of trying most of them.

10 March 2016

I am so excited about this site! I am...over 40, a woman, and a brown belt in Tae Kwon Do. Part of our black belt test is 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, and splits. Your site is going to help me get there with your challenges! I have not even checked out the other pages, I had to come write this first. LOVE LOVE LOVE this resource. Thank You!

10 March 2016

I am so happy that I came across this site few days back. It has variety of workouts and awesome n easy meak plans to follow. The guide has helped me a lot. Apart from that the timer and calorie burned facilities is a great. This is like having all under one roof.Awesome site.

Sheryl David
10 March 2016

I just discovered this website, and I am completely blown away! I wish I had found this sooner, I have "dabbled" in different workouts, barely ever completing any, always to find myself wanting more. More variety, more spontaneous workouts, less "do this for 90 days..." I love the option to do daily, weekly, or monthly workouts. I honestly cannot say enough good things about this project, or should we call it a movement? Keep the good work up, and anything you guys need from us, just let us know.

09 March 2016

You are really the best.
I hope that you translate your enormous efforts in apps.

Abdulrahman Alzein
05 March 2016

I discovered this site like a year ago and just loved the concept of the programs and workouts, always been sort of a nerd when it comes to movie themes so the whole idea made working out so much more fun! I used to be one of those lazy-heads that loved watching tv all day and hated all types of training. When I at last decided to change my ways for the better, Darebee was there for me! Since last year there been some ups and downs, one week I could do hardcore workouts and and the next I only went for yoga - which, infact is something really awesome about this site, because there's something for everyone and you can combine however you like. Right now, I'm in pretty good shape with a changed lifestyle and I'm just getting stronger, flexible and faster each day!

Thank you Darebee!

04 March 2016