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best site i ever seen easy and stright frwd exercise,,,

13 February 2015

I became a fan of your workouts after a 9gag post! Great articles, I love that beside the workouts and the programs one can find valuable information about nutrition, meal plans and recipes...

And all these for everyone, for free!

Keep up the good work guys!

12 February 2015

More than just the workouts themselves, I've found that the additional information on your site so incredibly helpful in understanding my own difficulties in getting in shape. In the past, I've pushed myself too hard, too fast and lost motivation after being unable to complete the more difficult regimes; discouraged by my lack of progress.

I'm still new to the site, but halfway through the 30-Day "Batman Challenge" and I can't say I've ever been more excited to actually exercise. I'm already planning ways to incorporate some of the other plans and challenges you have on the site into my daily routine. The variety of workouts you have posted makes me confident that I can continue to vary my own regime without running into monotonous or uninspired slumps. I can't speak for more advanced fitness buffs, but this site is a blessing for beginners such as myself, especially for ones that have too much apprehension to go out and hit the gym and too many excuses not to invest in exercise equipment.

Thank you for all of the work this team has invested in this site and its programs. At the end of this challenge I fully intend to donate and give back all the encouragement this site has given me.

Alex Tee
10 February 2015

I've known this site for more than a year now, have been using it occasionally. Until now. I completed two 30-day-challenges w/ proper diet, it made wonders!
This site is one of the best initiatives I've seen on the Internet, I would mention it on the same page with Wikipedia (!), it is free and updated regularely.
So many thanks for the outstanding content!

06 February 2015

I am loving this right now and forever probably they have an awesome selection of workouts and someone showed this too me and it had some anime related workouts and I needed to do these there also really good workouts in the end but this is Really Really good and the you to the creators for making this.

05 February 2015

Neila Rey and her team have made a glimmering chariot of victory that only asks for you to take the reins in order to begin your journey to become the viking/King/champion you dream to be. With excellent routines, tips, motivational quotes, proper nutritional meals...this simple and uberly helpful vision, truly aids you on your quest to being badass. Thank you Neila Rey!

04 February 2015

Too good to be true. I love the fact that it is made accessible to everyone. Very interesting workout plans. I love the clarity with which this is made. Love the fact that everything is available for download in High Res. Makes it more accessible. The whole project has this humble feel to it. And it comes across with a generosity.

Swapnil Sharma
03 February 2015

Ok I discovered this site about halfway through my last year at school and I must say..I think I might fail my A-levels if I workout anymore! This site is a godsend. I'm a boxer and do judo but all the sites I've ever seen are for bodybuilders or too technical. This is effective, simple, relatable and awesome overall! I've been doing the fighters codex and the energiser every day! I feel wonderful
May I suggest a workout based on the new Kingsmen: the Secret Service movie? There's a lot to play with.

02 February 2015

Awesome, This is amazing... I'm so glad we have a free site like this!!!

Andrew Sheron
01 February 2015

This has got to be the best fitness site in the world. It's very user friendly, well organised and visually appealing. There are challenges and workouts for everyone, from beginners to proffesionals, and in addition a lot of helpful features, including an exercise library, recipes and even motivational quotes. I love Neila Rey and her team, they are the best!

30 January 2015

Simply the best.
Speechless, thank you!

29 January 2015

Hi there,

I stumbled onto this website via Pinterest and I have to say I am so impressed with it. The information, meal plans and exercises are so easy to use and I actually can't wait to start living a healthier lifestyle!

Two thumbs up, keep up the good work!


27 January 2015

Absolutely fantastic site! The themes are super fun!

26 January 2015

I found this website while browsing the "HUFF" and it is awesome!! I have contributed and will do so monthly. Thank you for this.

25 January 2015

I am new to the site. My son just Skyped from AIT to tell me about it. He walked through the site with me and pointed out some of the features I have been looking for. While going through the site with him I found so much more than I could imagine. I have 200 lbs to lose and struggle with keeping focused. This is a dream come true! I will never run out of fun workout ideas. Love this. Thank you for making it available. I plan on sharing with everyone. Amazing site.

24 January 2015

I stumbled onto this website by accident. I liked how the visual exercises were labeled in references to characters from books, anime and games. I have tried to get my son exercising more but didn't nothing worked until I found this website. It was a lot easier for him to imagine training as an Assasin or be side by side with Spartan 117. Not only is my son working out with me but I got my girlfriend involved as well.
This site is super easy to use and laid out very well. It has everything from the exercises to nutrition all done in a clear and understandable format.

24 January 2015

This is the best website I've seen for free workout downloads for anyone wanting to get fit, and so many to choose from!! Also the mealplans are delicious and easy to prepare. Thank you to Neila!!

Miss Srpski
19 January 2015

I'm a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and as part of our normal everyday schedule we are supposed to workout everyday for 30 minutes right after we wake up. Most missionaries around the world put on a lot of weight in the two years they serve but as of right now i have gotten into some of the best shape of my life using the Super Saiyan Challenge and some of the recipies like the green smoothie and no-bake protein bars. I've introduced this website to a whole bunch of other missionaries and we all love its ease of use and how we can all start where we are. thank you all so much for putting in the time and effort to make this project :)

Elder smith
19 January 2015

Your workout cards have been a tremendous blessing to our family. My kids now have a mom who works out! And my kid's activity level has increased as well. My husband loves that I am finally working out with him consistently. We all loved the zombie survival workout. We did it as a family and had a blast fighting off zombies and trying to make it through ten rounds so we wouldn't get eaten. Thankfully we all survived! Thanks so much for bringing fitness to our family like never before.

18 January 2015

This is the best fitness website ever. It's organized, visually appealing, focused, extremely informational, soooo well-rounded. I love that every question, every bit of information is completely covered for free on this site, from isolated workouts, to monthly/weekly programs, monthly/weekly challenges, nutrition, and even recipes! Everything is so organized and detailed. Literally the only thing left for the viewer to do is put in the work and follow it. It really helps to follow it and eventually it'll develop as part of your routine, and become part of your repertoire of knowledge. This is great for people who like to learn on their own or with a few friends, and do it themselves. Really fun workouts. Very accessible. Very easy to read, for just about anyone, including gym-noobs. :D I love it! Thank you so much. Your help is greatly appreciated.

17 January 2015

This site may actually be my favorite thing on the interwebs! I absolutely LOVE doing the workouts. Just the idea of doing the Batman or Jedi workout makes it all quite fun and exciting for me. Thank you all so very much for all of your hard work and dedication. This ssiteis singlehandedly responsible for motivating me to work out and stay fit. Now I'll be prepared for anything, from fighting Daleks to retrieving the Tri-Force to surviving the Zombie Apocalypse
Also, do you guys think you could make a Superhoodie workout for the character from the British superpower show Misfits? That would be SOOOOO COOL!! Thanks again guys, you rock harder than Ben Grimm when the big hand says it's time to clobber something.

17 January 2015

I discovered this website by accident, and I don't have the words to express my happiness. I already did some challenges and workouts and I love the variety and diversity about this website. Best way to start 2015. Keep up the good work and I'll do the same

16 January 2015


Tommy Pavia
Creator & Founder
The 360 Strength Trainer
"The Greatest Core Strength Trainer on the Planet"

15 January 2015

Best website out there! Such fun and user friendly work outs and great recipes and even challenges!
Thank you so much team, you're the best!!!

14 January 2015