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This website is fantastic. I love it..thenk you so much.

11 March 2015

Oh my goodness, how and where do I start from. First of all,I want to start by thanking those who came up and created this site. I cannot begin to express how clean, useful and interesting this site is. Most people want you to buy their recipes and workout but everything is free here. I am going to continue to donate and spread the word that people come and check this site out.
This is blessing to have something like this.

Thank you Neil Arey

TK Harbidge
11 March 2015

I absolutely love this site, particularly the 30-day HIIT workout plan. I don't need to go out nor spend too much time exercising. The changing routine daily is exciting too and won't bore anyone who does this on an every day basis. The weight loss effect is faster and better compared with simple routines or even treadmill and jogging.

07 March 2015

I love you. Thank you.

06 March 2015

Wow, bravo! I have nothing to say other than the fact how perfect and thought out this site is. I have been struggling and wasting my time all these days in searching/browsing the carious sites and wasting all the money to get minuscule of what this site offers and it is all free. It has everything you need in the theme and approach anyone can imagine. The best part is you don’t have to be an expert to understand anything presented in this site. Each workout is explained well with picture (some with even videos!), meal plan to augment which is super critical to be successful and top it off, play list! Keep up the good work.

05 March 2015

I love this website. I absolutely love it. I like how it starts with a low number and you work your way up, the theme for each exercise, the meal plans, the whole nine yard. I recommend this site usage to my friends, families, and co-workers. I recommend everyone who are new to working out to try Neila Rey's workouts.

erica lindsey
05 March 2015

If I could, I would workout 6 days a week, weights, mma, running etc.

a 50 hour a week work week plus daytime dad duties means I am lucky if I can go twice a week.

These workouts have been awesome. I even include the baby...she adds 17lbs to the workout :)

I do these 3-4 times a week to offset my missed gym sessions and they are highly effective. the 2 days I do hit the weights, I realize not only am I maintaining my lifts..., my core has actually gotten stronger. I highly recommend them and thank the trainers who developed them!

04 March 2015

This website is amazing! I was looking for something to make my workout a little but less mundane and I found awesome themed workouts to my favorite tv shows! The recipes on here are exceptional and defiantly should be tried out!

04 March 2015

This website is fantastic. I've never had the motivation to work out, and I've been trying to get into shape recently. I've switched between HIIT and 30 day challenges and none of it has stuck. My goal was to exercise at least 6 days a week and there was only one week I accomplished that in the last month. This website made me want to work out though. I'm am the biggest nerd and I roleplay a lot, so when I saw exercises for my favorite characters and the Hero's Journey I actually wanted to do them. I've recently started the 60 Day Hero Journey and while it's definitely hard, I'm enjoying myself a lot more. I wish I could donate to help out the wonderful creators. Thank you for all the work you've put in!

03 March 2015

I think that this website is extremely helpful. It also keeps your workouts fun with great themes. Please, please, please make a Harley Quinn work out. I will sell my soul for it. Lol

28 February 2015

I would like to say thank you, everything is clear and nicely designed. Close to perfection, it is great! I thank every single person that is behind this awesome project.

27 February 2015

These are well thought out, easy to understand workouts and programs. This is one of my favorite sites for fitness motivation. Trying the different workouts keeps things interesting for my mind and body. Thank you all so much for what you have done here!

27 February 2015

This website really has everything you need, and I personally use almost everything from it (workouts, mealplans, recipes, etc..). It is really handy so go ahead and give it a try.
A big thanks to all of you, you're doing an amazing job here!

27 February 2015

I find these workouts to be fun and challenging. As a former ice skater who now suffers horrible back pain and is now in my Mid 40s, it's hard not to be strong and athletic. But these exercises keep me motivated. I do more on days I can, I modify exercises if needed, but they keep my muscles strong.

26 February 2015

This site is just perfection. Found everything i was looking for in here. God bless

25 February 2015

This site is great. Everything I need to know regarding health and fitness is right here. If this was an app I would buy it in a second.This is exactly what I been looking for. I quit working out a few months ago, but now im definitely gonna start; using this.

Alex C.
24 February 2015

This is the best site I've ever seen on fitness; it has everything you need. From how to eat--and the recipes, to how to workout + the whole details down to the last bit.

This site is plain awesome *thumbs up*

21 February 2015

Hola, quiero decirles que es un buen sitio web desde hace rato vengo haciendo rutinas de esta pagina me ha servido muy bien es mejor que muchas la verdad me encanta esta sitio web.

Roisel Eguis
20 February 2015

Great workouts. Love the variety and the guides and advice you give are ideal for those with no background experience with any type of exercise regiment. I am a former gym rat that is now in my 40s and less worried about bench pressing 300 lbs and more concerned with staying tone and lean. These workouts and nutrition guides are spot on and the shear variety means I'll never get bored and my muscles will never know what's coming! Love to start the day with an ab routine and do another workout routine after work. Even my 4 and 6 year Olds like to time me on rests btw sets and try out some of the exercises during my rests. Thanks for the site!

Scott A
19 February 2015

Found a bunch of your workouts on Tumblr and I was hooked immediately. The gamer related workouts are definitely a great motivator for me. What's better than being in the same shape as Ezio? If he can climb up the Vatican, then maybe I will be able to as well someday. I can't wait to get started. this is just what I needed!

19 February 2015

Thank you for this website. I am so very appreciative for all of the hard work and dedication you and your volunteers have put forth on this project. I have been ill for a couple of years and working hard on a lifestyle change to make myself better, nutrition, exercise, spiritually etc. When I became ill, I had to quit my job, so no income coming in for a very long time. This is so very helpful for those like myself who wants to be better, but doesn't have a lot of money.

I am sharing this website to every one I know

Jenny, Toronto, Canada
19 February 2015

In love with pretty much every aspect of this site. I am just thankful that I ran across it. It really is a one-stop-shop for my fitness needs... So much to still explore. I thank the team that put this together.

18 February 2015

I happened upon your website after Googling "30 Day workout programs." After looking through the site, I assumed there was a catch. I couldn't believe that such a great resource existed without a monthly fee or something. I think, for me, the appeal of the 30 Day Cardio Blast is the dynamic variety of exercises. I hate going to the gym for 2 reasons: I don't like working out with 100 strangers and cardio equipment bores me. I'm not the kind of person that can go for a run everyday because my mind already knows when my knees will start hurting or my boredom will set in. And that makes it really difficult to commit to a regiment. I think the exercises in the program are versatile enough that I don't form the same negative association as when I think "I'm about to go on the elliptical for half an hour." The programs are accessible and practical with just the right amount of structure to keep me motivated. I'm a little ways in to the program, but I can see myself actually sticking with it. Great job! I'm so glad I found!

17 February 2015

A friend just directed me to this website and after looking at it once, I was impelled to make a donation!
Great site, I am going to start it today and really appreciate the work you've done for us, who can't quite afford to go to a gym!
Thank you!

16 February 2015