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Thank you for this site!!! I am blown away by this project and all of the resources you provide here. Amazing. I can't wait to explore more and try out these workouts/ diet plans/ recipes!

20 April 2015

I have never visited a site like this! (Or read a book or seen a tv show). Everything you need to workout while loving it. Squat challenge kiks ass!

Gabriela Ćirković
14 April 2015

This is just amazing! This site answers every single question a beginner has, it helped me a lot. I started working out because of you guys, you did a great job, the site and the design is very professional, especially the workout programs, they are extremly efficient! And all this information and hard-work is given for free.. it was quite a surprise for me.. I am super excited about your site ^_^

Keep up the good work guys! You rock!

11 April 2015

My wife showed me your site tonight. I ended up printing the 30 days challenge and the 90 days of action plan.

Thanks for the motivation! I find challenges to be a great way to work through things and I was getting bored with my little "routine".

I had her leave another "tip" for the downloads. Thanks again.

11 April 2015

I am just getting started on a fitness routine (am in my 40s and way out of shape) as I want to lose weight and feel great! I ran across your website tonight and was blown away by the 30 day challenge sheets!

I printed the "homerun" "10,000 half jacks" "3K Squates/1K Push Ups" "1400 Burpees" and "Bruce Lee"" to get me through the next 5 months.

Also printed the workout cards for my husband.

Hoping these, along with my mini trampoline and your "Ultimate Fighter" routine on YouTube (, will help keep me motivated and moving in the right direction.

Thank you for these!

Left you a little donation, too. :)

Mrs. Edrich
11 April 2015

Thank you

10 April 2015

Dudes, this is the real thing. You can get pretty much everything here. Forget going to the gym if you are low with time or cash. Just motivate and go for it, don't stop. Again, this is the real thing! Peace

08 April 2015

Big Thanks for You
It is an AMAZING site ♥
i just want some exercise to be taller & an gain some Centimeters :D

08 April 2015

Sendo entusiasta do cinema e comics eu adorei a ideia de ter planos de treino baseados em personagens dos mesmo! Motiva-me muito e posso variar nos exercícios e na ordem dos mesmos.
Adoro o website de Neila, acho que ela e a sua equipa fizeram um trabalho fantástico. Posso encontrar informação sobre nutrição, uma biblioteca com vídeos de todos os exercícios, planos alimentares... E acima de tudo é tudo informação sobre procurar sentirmos-nos bem connosco e em forma.
Parabéns a Neila e à sua equipa, obrigado!

PS: O meu favorito é Shepard Workout... Simplesmente o melhor personagem de livros de acção! :D

Marco Marques
05 April 2015

I am a Personal Trainer/ Life Coach and I stumbled across this site looking for bodyweight exercises that came along with pictures for my clients. Im really hard on gimmick workout plans and nutrition plans but I must admit this site is one of the best sites I have seen in the last 10 years. It provides so much information for FREE that everyone should take advantage of the information AND donate as well. I really don't believe you can get the amount of information in one place that you get here and I wish I came up with this idea lol.

04 April 2015

I absolutely love this site and all the innovative ideas for workouts. One suggestion I'd like to give is to possibly include the approximate amount of calories burned per workout If that's even possible. I know everyone works out at a different rate and burns calories differently.

03 April 2015

This website is absolutely awesome! The work you all are doing is outstanding and very much appreciated. To find so much information in one place that has great variety, quality, motivation and that hits all the areas of health related fitness is such a treat. I love this site! I am a physical fitness educator and implement project based learning in my classes. When I introduced this website to my classes they thought it was Christmas! They love it, too, especially with all of the great names for the workouts! Thank you for such great work! I have definitely donated to your project!


Jana Davis
New Tech Odessa High School
Odessa, Texas

Jana Davis
02 April 2015

I've been using this site for little over a year now. Granted not as much as I would of liked. Though with a new job and more free time and a budget as I'm saving up, this site is perfect for me.
I'm sick of paying gym memberships and not having the time due to jobs or commitments and when I do get the time it's usually packed and I can't do the things I want. So what better way to do it at home for free!
I like how you can choose the workouts you want and that they have all kinds of categories it makes it fun! Not to mention all of the options on the top bar: programs, challenges ect.
I can tailor the workout to what I want with minimal equipment which is great because I'm not wanting to bulk up but lose some weight and tone up and the body weight exercises are fantastic and I've enjoyed every one I've tried for all various reasons.
I think the next step is to try and get some programs or challenges done and get that body I want.

Also I've told a handful of people about the site ranging from friends, strangers and personal trainers who have said they'll look at the site with interest so the word is out there and growing!

Thank you very much for making this site and making it such an opportunity for people like myself and many other out there.

Namaste. Peace and love.

Ross Lacey
01 April 2015

This website is great! thanks for all the hard work you guys (and girls) are doing! much appreciated!! This has helped me so much more than any other website I know of. Could you please do a workout for the anime Hunter X Hunter, I'd love to see (and try) it
Thanks again!! Loving it all!!

30 March 2015

This site has helped me change my life. I am not just slimmer, but stronger, happier, and more energized. Everything I need to know to not only get fit but to stay fit AND motivated is right here. Thank you all for the time you put into the website and for making it free and available to everyone.

29 March 2015

This is one of the best workout resources I've ever used. As of right now, I'm halfway through the Hero's Journey program, and I just completed my first Ab Challenge. I just wanted to drop a line to say that this website is awesome and greatly appreciated. Good job guys, and thanks.

Sabrina Jones
29 March 2015

Hey guys, Hailz from Egypt. I just want to tell you guys that this website helped me to change my life. I always hated the gym and I just didn't want to work out anymore until I found this website and hell yeah :D For the last 3 years I haven't missed a day of working out, so yeah workout is fun and you guys proved that. I wish to donate something to make this project keep going so that other people could see this awesome website, I don't know how to donate from Egypt but I'll try to do something. Cheers guys and good luck...

Sam Ramzy
26 March 2015

I just wanted to reach out to your team and tell you how impressed I am with your site. I found it yesterday and jumped right into the workouts. Your site is one stop for anything I need fitness related. I am confident that this site will help me reach my goals.

This site will save me a lot of time from searching YouTube video's. You are providing a valuable contribution in the fitness world.

I will definitely spread the word....


Orlando Matta
25 March 2015

I have been using these workouts for about 2 months now. They have greatly increased my knowledge about exercise and gave me fun new challenges to reach my goals. I love showing people this website because as a physical education teacher I want everyone to have a reference like this to stay/get into shape. Thank you so much. Everything is planned out perfectly. I loved to video exercise library and the ability to download the cards and have them with me in the gym. The homemade no bake protein bars have been a hit for my family and co-workers.

25 March 2015

I am thankful to all who have worked on this site. I used to try to do videos, but after some time of having to set up and move furniture I would stop. With this site I do not have to do a lot of prep or moving anything to accomodate the exercise space needed. It is straightforward and I feel like I worked 5 times as hard as if I had done one of my videos!

I love the sore feeling I can get after a ahort HIIT routine. Not painful but definitely reminds me that my short workout was doing some work!

Thank you to the team who does this I will be proud to donate to this project!

24 March 2015

This site has made a huge difference in my life. I am able to do effective workouts at home that I feel are far better than what I was doing at the gym. My whole body feels stronger. It has also saved me so much time driving, time which I get to spend with my partner and pets. I can't begin to say grateful I am to the team at DareBee. Thank you so much!!

22 March 2015

I have try some 30 programs and they are extremely good so I totally recomend it ! I little bad they have change the name is the page I belive that neilarey did have much more style and branding than darebee.

19 March 2015

The perfect fitness resource for anyone. I recommend it to everyone I know who has any interest in fitness.

19 March 2015

I think i might fail my A-levels as i have been working out so much thanks to the motivation and programs of this site!

18 March 2015