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Darebee is amazing! This is exactly what I need - options for when I workout! Thanks to Darebee, I'm working out 6 days a week. The challenges are my favorite. I struggled to do even 10 push ups when I started 2 months ago. Now I'm doing the Batman challenge. Up to 150 push ups and feeling/looking amazing.

09 June 2015

Although I've been visiting this site for like a year, the Daily Dare series has kicked my fitness into overdrive, and now I'm getting through the updated Hero's Journey program. I've put on a fair bit of muscle after only a few days of several exercises at once.

Thankyou Neila and the Darebee team!


John Scott (Sci-fi Author)
06 June 2015

Have been folowing you for a while now so I thought I would give you my 2 cents worth.

In a word "Fanatastic" or perhaps "Great" or maybe "Amazing" but more than not all three combined.

I am a 55yr old, retired 33 year veteran cop. For years I had access to by Departments world class gyms & due to the nature of the work used them every day, sometimes a couple of times a day.

Heavy weights, moderate weights, crossfit style workouts for days on end, years on get the picture.

All of that relentless pounding started taking a toll. Nagging injuries, aches, pains. Working out in the twilight of my career was turning into a dreaded daily chore. What was the next injury, pain or ache.

About 3 yrs ago I came across your website when I started exploring for alternatives.

Well fast forward 3 yrs & I have since retired & still doing your workout daily. Sometimes if I'm feeling chipper I will mix a couple of them together just for an added challenge.

So what have been the benefits over a world class gym;

1). I can do your workouts anywhere/anytime, basement, garage, patio, hotel room.
2). No fancy equipment required. (See above)
3). Aches, pains have diminished & I haven't injured myself once.
4). Variety. No boredom. Mix & match.
5). Can't do a can easily modify or add something that you can do.
7). No need for a spotter!
8). It's simple. No weird or wacky pretzel like moves that you need a trainer for.

There are probably a few more but these are the main ones. Keep up the amazing work & thank you!

06 June 2015

I love this site :) it's really helpful - the meal plans and the character-based fitness programs are awesome - thank you!!! Do you take requests for characters? I love Disney's Brave - if a fitness program could be based around that, that would be epic :)

05 June 2015

I find the workouts helpful,effective and fun. The hardest part is choosing what workout to do because all of them are great!

05 June 2015

Dear Darebee Team,

I absolutely love your site/project. I've been struggeling to follow workout plans for a while but I started the 30 Days of Gravity Programm and I am loving it! I am motivated to move each day and give it all.

I think the project is great work and very helpful for beginners, as well as pros.
What I am missing would be a flexibility Programm. That would really be interesting to do.

Lots of love, Jana

Jana H
03 June 2015

I really love the exercises on this site. You can work out really hard and get exhausted at home, without much equipment. I also really like the sites "fitness advice", "fitness motivation" and the nutrition tips. Keep up the good work.

dr. calves
30 May 2015

I am in love with your work! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Thanks for making it readily available and not cluttered with sponsorships, or ads and all that mess that comes with other sites. I no longer have to put up with messy and convoluted sites, it's easy to find my next workout! I totally support you and made my donation today!

Eric B

Eric B
26 May 2015

I found this website and it is pretty dang awesome :) I hope everyone finds this!!!

25 May 2015

I am a big advocate for Darebee. It is a reservoir abundant in rich and refreshing information and guidance on fitness. Fromm the well explained and incredibly detailed workout programs and challenges that are equipment free and have awesome names (This is coming from a hardcore Dragonball Z fan), to the insightful look into running culture and how to navigate that, to the cool meal plans and recipes while on a budget in a practical context. Not to mention, very well designed and organized website. Simple and sweet.

I started dieting and controlling my portions back in January. It wasn't until May that I began to do an exercise program with Darebee. Since January, I've gone from 260+lbs to 235lbs. I'm only on day 12 of 30, but I feel a lot better exercising and am seeing, and hearing my results from various people and sources. Is it dramatic? Is it magical? No, it takes work and time because their programs are designed in that way. It is only natural that it is in my opinion. Just losing 30lbs in 5 months was insane for me, but that was hard work and time.

I can go on about Darebee, but let me keep it simple and sweet. They're awesome. Very insightful and honest, practical, and for the people who are just like them. Can't wait to further explore what Darebee has to offer and keep sharing them to my networks through my professional and personal networks. Thanks Darebee.

Allen Fernandez
24 May 2015

Since i discover this site for almost 7 months ago i loved more more and more thanks a lot!!!!

Carlos Daniel
23 May 2015

Best I've felt in sometime... 4 weeks into Hero's: I'm down 20lbs, leaner with more energy, and a new host of recipes in my back pocket. I'm glad to have stumbled upon this site and I never want to let it go.

19 May 2015


THIS is just so awesome!
It's nice, that u care about peoples well being. Many say they do, and still charge a huge amount of money. The fact that you keep this available for everyone is just so cool! AND the site has everything you need to succeed!


Erika from Finland

18 May 2015

This website is simply amazing I have found everything I've ever needed here. I congratulate the DAREBEE team for this amazing and extraordinary efforts. I really appreciate your hard work put in preparing these workout programs and meal plans and that too absolutely FREE for people.

Bunch of Thanks and Best wishes!!

Babar Lone

Babar Lone
13 May 2015

This site is GREAT. Everywhere I travel and do seminars I refer students to your site for training references, exercises and technique. I liked the 30 day split challenge and can't wait to see what fitness challenge will be next.
Thank you!

Master David Karstadt Unified - ITF Taekwon-Do
11 May 2015

Only one thing to say best site i have visited. Keep up the good work. Workouts are really great.

04 May 2015

I love this site, its amazing.
Since i started college i had little to no time to go a gym, but with this site i still can be healthy.

I started again from a while doin nothing and i feel amazing, its not easy but here i have everything i could need.

If you want a site with amazing programs and workouts you cand o in home, this is you site, you will not be dissapointed.

03 May 2015

This is one of the best websites I have seen in a very long time! Thank you :)

As a PE teacher always looking for new and exciting things for my students this website has been a tremendous resource and makes learning fun.

I was shared your fantastic website through the ECIS PE group and am so grateful that they did. Thank you so much.

Laura Parkes
01 May 2015

I Love Darebee!

This is the perfect site to find everything you need in one place. Thank you to all the people who have spent the time and energy into putting this all together. I have yet to dive into the meals but the workouts have been great so far.

It would be great if we could get a ballpark range of how many calories we burn on each workout.

27 April 2015

What you have here is incredible. Thanks for pouring your heart, souls and free time into building such an amazing system! The workouts are fun, there is tonnes of variety and it's all so easy to access and find on the site. Thank you thank you thank you!!! This is just what the doctor ordered.

27 April 2015

hey everyone involved in making darebee happen....i actually was using pinterest and i found an image of a workout and at the sides was written
so in my free time i decided to open that site...and after that rest is history to me....everyday i open the website...and it has everything i was looking for since ages....and i cant believe its all perfectly designed...all u guys r so wonderful and my best wishes r always with u guys...and am sure u guys will succeed more and things will get better than they are right is my fav website...and everything on the site is the best...don't give up on the work u guys do....u r doing really excellent stuff...!!!
i needed something that i cud do...and darebee came to my u a lot darebee and more than that i love Neila Rey for bringing this up...and thanks to all for getting together and making our lives healthier and happier...

Meet Patel
26 April 2015

You website is amazing and an absolutely awesome step in making information about how to loose weight and eat healthier accessible to everyone. There are so many weght-loss programs out there that make it really complicated and furthermore make you think you have to buy into their program and then their "supplements" and books and "shakes". (And have bought into a lot of them...unsuccessfully.) But some people can't do that, and logically how to loose weight does not need to be a proprietary item to be sold and packaged...someone has to be the bigger person and get the right information out there. It's a public health crisis. As a nurse, I've treated so many people who have suffered from the effects of strokes, heart disease, diabetes, and obesity...but the patients who really stick out in my mind are the ones who took hold of their health and turned their lives around. I remember one patient who came back to visit me and I did not even recognize him when he did. I had taken care of him after a traumatic injury and after a lot of encouragement, he decided to really take control of health and his diet. He is so much happier and healthier now. Education and prevention is the answer and getting the information out there and into people's hands and minds is key to that. Thank you!!!! And I need to practice what I preach too. I will use your website to help me get there. We'll keep in touch. ;)

24 April 2015

I love this website! I have a preference for all the short workouts and isometric exercises, I like that I can fit them in my morning routine when I wake up or before going to my swimming training!

The website works really well on mobile, but I think an app would be even better and easier to access!

23 April 2015

OMG Guys!

This website is a godsend!!! I've been looking for something like this for months!! Everything in one place!! I'm so excited about this that I can't even type... I'm overwhelmed!!! You're amazing and please don't stop doing what you're doing"


Getting married in 93 days (not that I'm counting LOL) so in need of a perfect body!!!!!! And I'm positive this website will help me!!


Anna Foxy
23 April 2015