Roasted Pollock

Alaska Pollock is a great source of lean protein, vitamin B12, phosphorus and selenium. And it’s fairly inexpensive - that’s what goes into fish fingers and imitation crab meat. Combine it with mayo and dill (or other spices) to compensate for the bland taste.

Tip: you can chop and freeze dill and it’ll always be on hand when you need it - it can be used right out of the freezer.

Roasted Pollock Recipe by DAREBEE step 1 ingredients
1lb (~450g) Alaska pollock, defrosted
1 tbsp mayo
2 tsp fresh dill (optional)
Makes 2 portions
Calories 136 Total Fat 2.9g Total Carbohydrate 2.3g Dietary Fiber 0.1g Protein 24.3g Calcium 49mg Iron 1mg Potassium 34mg

1Arrange defrosted pollock on a foil bed (or in a foil tin) in one layer.

2Add a thin layer of mayo on top and sprinkle with dill.

3Roast the pollock in the middle of the oven at 200°C (392°F) for 25 minutes - or until the top becomes golden brown. Serve right away.

Roasted Pollock Recipe by DAREBEE step 2 process
Roasted Pollock Recipe by DAREBEE
Roasted Pollock Recipe by DAREBEE step 3 recipe