Green Smoothie

Cheap. Green. Superb storability. You don’t need a ton of smoothie recipes, you just need one that works. This one is easy to make and only requires three ingredients: a handful of frozen spinach, one red apple and one ripe banana. Add a cup or two of water depending on how thick you want it and blend. It’s ready to drink in the next 5 minutes. 

Use frozen spinach because it’s easier, a lot easier to store. Look for packs with portioned spinach so you can just grab as much as you need. It often comes in small cubes and being frozen, it also makes the smoothie instantly chilled right after blending – you don’t need to add any extra ice-cubes.

Red Apples work best because they are sweet. You won’t taste spinach in the smoothie at all if you use sweet apples and ripe bananas. 

You can use a basic cheap blender, it doesn’t have to be the expensive kind. Add the banana in the blender first to create a softer cushioning for the frozen spinach to make it easier on your blender. You don’t want the ice from the spinach to halt the blades and make your blender overheat. 

Add as much water as you want. Ideal ratio is to cover the ingredients half way once you add them to the blender. The recipe makes two glasses. 

Nutrition Facts

2 glasses / 400ml each
110 Calories
per glass
2g protein
0g fat
27g carbohydrates
+ Very low in saturated fat
+ No cholesterol
+ Low in sodium
+ High in dietary fiber
+ Very high in manganese
+ High in magnesium
+ High in potassium
+ Very high in vitamin A
+ Very high in vitamin B6
+ Very high in vitamin C


3oz ( 90g ) frozen spinach
1 medium Red Delicious apple
1 medium ripe banana
2 cups of water


1 Wash and slice the apple, slice the banana and add to the jug with spinach and water.

2 Blend everything together until smooth – it shouldn’t take longer than 3 minutes. Drink right away.

Easy Green Smoothie Recipe

Easy Green Smoothie Recipe

Easy Green Smoothie Recipe

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