DAREBEE now has 1500 workouts in the database. It’s a major milestone for us!

We’ve been creating workouts, revising, improving and updating our routines, since 2012. It took us 8 years to get here. Some workouts have been retired for one reason or another, some were modified to be more accessible or give you better results for your effort and time. A lot of things have changed for us over the years. We’ve become more experienced, added a wider variety of exercises to our routines, expanded testing groups and redefined what a good workout should look and feel like. One thing remains the same - we focus on what you need, at any given moment in time, always.

Just in the past couple of months we updated and improved over 100 workouts. It’s an ongoing process. When we see that something can be made better, that’s what we do. It’s never been about quantity for us (we would have hit this milestone a LOT sooner if it was) but about quality and giving you the best tools possible to succeed on your journey. And, hopefully, today you are able to find routines at DAREBEE that suit your needs, fit your fitness level and allow you to advance.

In the past year we’ve been focusing more on accessibility than ever before. It came to our attention that a lot of our routines were too hard for the majority of people which can be extremely disheartening. We made it our goal in 2020 to create easier, more beginner-friendly workouts so you see a lot more of those when you look through our database today. We are not making everything easy of course. There are still a lot of challenging workouts at DAREBEE but we are also mindful of the fact that we need to help everyone and not just people who are already fairly fit. We all started from zero at some point, some of us have done it several times over - as there is no such thing as “done” in fitness. It’s something we do, often and repeatedly, because we need to. It changes who we are and eventually becomes the norm just like any other aspect of our life. It’s the only way to approach it for lasting permanent results.

Something else we must mention in regards to the DAREBEE workouts. Whenever you see a routine elsewhere on the web with the same name but with different reps, sets or exercises - it’s not wrong or ineffective, it’s just not the latest version of this particular workout. We always have the latest version of the workouts here at darebee.com.

1500 is a big number. Today we celebrate that we’ve done this much despite all the challenges we face today. Of course, none of it would be possible without your support. We would like to thank everyone who has responded to our call for help as we hit critical funding status 10 days ago. Words cannot express just how much it means to us and to everyone else who cannot contribute anything to this project but relie on it daily. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We will take a quick break today to celebrate the milestone and then get back to work as there is a lot we still need to do today, tomorrow, by the end of September and until the end of the year. It never stops for us and hopefully, it never will. More workouts, challenges and a whole selection of new programs is coming to DAREBEE in the fourth and final quarter of the year. Stay tuned and go DAREBEES!

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