It’s super easy to make a green salad for breakfast within minutes if you prep your greens (e.g., kale or lettuce) beforehand.

It may be convenient to buy pre-cut lettuce or kale for your salads but it’s safer and cheaper if you make convenient packages of ready and washed leaves yourself plus it will also add shelf life to your leafy greens. Simply separate the leaves, wash and dry them with a paper towel or a salad spinner and place them into a plastic bag. Store the greens in the crisper drawer in the fridge until use.

When you are ready to make a salad, take a handful of leaves from the bag and shred them using your hands over a bowl. Add vegetables and grains e.g., cucumbers, avocado, tomato, black beans, chickpeas and/or nuts. Drizzle your salad with balsamic vinegar and season for taste. It makes a perfectly nutritious breakfast.