1 & 1 mealplan - eating pattern for weight loss, streamline and weight maintenance. This mealplan is an alternative to maintaining a strict diet that deprives you of your favorite foods and helps you manage your energy intake - long term. Portion control, high protein day followed by eating whatever you want the next day helps you balance things out the rest of the time making sure no (or very little) energy is reserved. 

The high protein content of food on those days will help with cravings as well as muscle building. Your physical performance on those days will also improve, you will feel more energized and clearheaded. This mealplan is designed for long term use. 

It's recommend that on your FREE PASS days you still avoid anything with sugar in it and any type of soft drinks if you want to see better and faster results. Limit your sugar intake to once a week - it will also give you something to look forward to and not feel deprived. Not feeling like you are being limited all the time is the key element for this mealplan. Even when you crave something you can always tell yourself "I will eat it tomorrow". You constantly pay it forward with CONTROL days so you can enjoy yourself and not feel guilty about food the following day. And even if you do overeat on your FREE PASS days in the beginning your eating patterns eventually normalize and how much you want to eat stops being an issue. You get used to smaller portions and better food choices - in the long run. 

Most diets fail because they are too strict - as diets should be in order to give you results. Unfortunately that's why most of them fail, you feel deprived all the time and once you stop you go back to eating the wrong things in uncontrolled amounts erasing any effects of the diet which you will now be reluctant to come back to. Limiting yourself 100% of the time in order to maintain your weight or lower your body fat % is also not for everyone. Which is where 1&1 eating pattern comes in.

1&1 mealplan approach is based on the results shown by the 2003 laboratory research carried out at the National Institute on Ageing in America which showed evidence of improved insulin response to food intake, a reduction in overall bodyfat content, improved weight management and a better immune response.  Instead of counting calories you cut out fast energy sources forcing your body to work harder on the alternating days.