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DAREBEE Tree 2015

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    ‚Äč*Cronos* Damer did some calculating based on the average energy produced during each move to decorate the tree, you can find the results here:

    But I like your thought so I did some more calculating and even included all the punches during the Weekly Quest in order to put the star up:

    1 punch: approx. 0.3 KJ
    All combos together (2 punches x 111,666): 66,999.6 KJ

    Added to the rest of the moves: 636,755.8 KJ

    Kinetic energy is 1/2 x mass x velocity^2. That means that velocity is the squareroot of (kinetic energy x 2 / mass).

    If you put in our energy and assume the mass of a big truck (60,000 kg) you would get approximately 145,7 m/s which is about 525 km/h or 326 mph.

    So if you put all that energy into a single punch that punch would equal being hit by a 60 ton truck at 525 km/h. Now that is what I would call One Punch Man


      TheRaven I literaly fell down from seat! Like for real With that kind of numbers..we could get 10kg object up to 40625km/h which is enough for that object to leave atmosphere and never fall would travel faster than the gravity of the Earth can pull it back The Hive is Awesome!

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        hehe you guys already planned it