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    SNOWFIGHT 2019

    Get your snowballs ready! Your first post is a freebie. Tag two people to throw two snowballs at them. But be warned, they can throw one back! Dodge it as soon as you see the tag and don't forget to throw yours! Each snowball dodged = 2 snowballs to throw.

    1 squat = 1 dodge!

    Dodge as many snowballs as you can!
    You can tag (throw a snowball at) anyone - not everyone will respond, and that's ok.
    You can rejoin this event (or leave) at any time. Simply ignore the mentions or go into hiding (edit your profile and set yourself to Invisible Mode).
    Spread the "joy"! You can only throw 10 snowballs MAXIMUM at the same person in 24 hours.

    Event Ends: Tuesday, December 17

    To tag someone add @ in front of their nickname.
    Don't know whom to tag? See who is online (at the bottom of the homepage)
    If emoticons don't come up on your device - use : snowball: (no spaces between : : tag) for the snowball icon

    This is a free-for-all game
    If you don't want to participate, simply don't respond - it's perfectly alright with everyone too.