Snowfight 2018

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    2 each for all the above... Have a great day Bees


      So even if the fight is over, I dodged all my targeting snowballs
      It was very difficult for me to go online the last few days so I couldn't throw them back. But yeah now I will melt them and use the water for drinking after my next workout I will do now

      Thanks for the fight and even for my late joining, it was fun


        Thank you everyone for all the snowballs! I haven't gone through and counted my total, but I had a couple days over 30, so that was great. I had so much fun!


          Dodged. With my last 3 I'm going for Cabriel and elocin and finally Maly That's all I have.


            I can't tag all the fantastic Snowfighters, so I'm just tagging the Team neilarey Damer TheRaven Ryuji Klara Alexa Athos

            Shame on me!
            I had to sit out the last two days of the fight and let 180 balls melt.
            But it was an absolute blast! I dodged well over 300 balls and turned into Doctor Strangedodge (or: How I learned to stop worrying and love the burpee).
            Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

            And another thing. I happened to dodge a few before a couple of friends (gym guys), so I explained to them what was going on: they couldn't believe that we Bees trust each other to actually stick to the rules of the snowfight. I felt a little sorry for them.

            Thank you again! I can't wait for the next Snowfight!


              Bovone or should I say Dr Strangedodge, I think we have a snowball gap in our arsenal Your post cracked me up. Thank you so much for taking part and yes, I know exactly what you mean about the culture we have here. It makes hard to explain it to people who haven't experienced it some times. We clearly need to bring more people in. The world needs more Bees right now! Here's to an awesome year ahead.


                Whoa, Damer himself replied! It's like Stan Lee and Sal Buscema read my letter and replied on the Defenders' mail page

                Thank you all for always being there! Have a beautiful 2019! Stealing daejamurrachan's motto, "make 2018 jealous, friends!"