That point where you don't see results anymore...

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  • That point where you don't see results anymore...

    Hello everyone!

    This is my first time writing on the Hive, I hope that you guys can help me. I've lost 30lbs, I am in shape and I eat clean, but I can't seem to see any more changes in my body. You know, stubborn fat? I am very active, I have muscles and, as I said, I eat clean. I haven't lost a pound on the balance for two weeks now and I don't know what to do anymore to finally get to that « perfect » body. Feel free to share your own evolution, eating habits, sources of information and more while answering this! Also, sorry for any mistake, english isn't my first langage.

    Thank you


    First welcome. Then you should know that we all have issues with our own image, even people that might look "perfect" to you might have their own insecurities. So you might be in a better shape than you think.
    That being said progress is not measured only on a scale, you might still be progressing but as muscles are more dense than fat, it might not translate on your scale. And lastly maybe your training is not challenging enough, but we can't know with the limited informations we have

    So I would say try not to worry about it. 2 weeks is really not long in the grand scheme of things.
    I hope it's helpful

    (D'après ton nom j'imagine que tu es québécoise, donc si tu préfères on a aussi une section en français )


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      Oui, je suis québécoise, merci!
      Je recommence dans la section en français, avec plus de détails...


        EloiseCoteGelinas I read your French post as well, but my French is probably not good enough to post a decent reply, so I will do it in English.

        Ryuji is right. Last year I had a goal of losing 90 pounds, and I did it in about 9 months. A couple of times through those nine months I hit a definite plateau of weight loss. I just kept on going though as I knew that I was still making gains. The gains were only maybe not so visible in the numbers on the scale.

        Another way to look at it is what are you trying to get out of fitness? Are you trying to just lose weight? It is a good goal, but for me fitness is just about how well that I can live my life and what I get out of life. Maybe as a "reward" consider trying to tackle some kind of physical accomplishment that you always wanted to? I like to do this from time to time as it helps to put my own physical abilities into perspective.


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          CaptainCanuck, thank you for your answer and congratulations on your weight loss!

          My goal isn't only to lose weight, I actually don't care if I end up at 175 lbs again on the scale, as long as it is muscle, not fat. My struggle right now is that I don't see any fat leaving... Do you know what I mean? If I were to only focus on my fitness achievements without looking at my body, I'd say my goal would be to be a very strong women, who can easily do chin-ups, push ups, lift heavy and run a 5K once in a while, I'd say I want to be that fit girl that inspire others...

          When I think about it, focusing on this instead of my looks is a great idea, since I won't lose motivation.

          Thanks again!


            What can I say. We all hit a plateau Now and then. How I have overcome them is a complete change to the Exercise routine.


              I agree with @RockNTennessee that it sounds like you have hit the upper limit of your current routine, fitness level, or exertion. In order to level up and experience new changes both physically and mentally, I would look for a new training routine and crank up the intensive by a notch or two. My experience shows me that the most effective way to burn fat to reveal muscle fibers in a short amount of time is getting on a marathon training program. Run often and long-distance, if you don't have any physical limitation that prevents such a challenge, could be an awesome way to reach your goal. I saw rapid results after a week of running 5 days/week with one long run (a gradual increase from 3-18 miles eventually) on the weekends. Mind you, I have dreaded running before that and still do. But I can't deny the effectiveness of running for cardio endurance, fat burn, and perseverance.

              Let me know if you want to view my training schedule for the first marathon as an example. Happy to share.