"I thought you were doing something else....."

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    "I thought you were doing something else....."

    Yeah, so this has been the summer of travelling and old relative visiting....

    I haven't seen these people since about 2014....At that time I was working as a Supply/Substitute Teacher....Well, sort of.....You see...the district where I was trying to work was over-saturated with applicants, so they only opened up the application boards about every two years or so....and the competition was FIERCE: 800+ applications for 47 interviews for 27 spots on average. So I made the cut for an interview on my second try, after graduating in 2012. Got 29 out of 30 on the interview...2 out of three of my references were from Principals.....Didn't make the cut ( Every Teacher I talked to said essentially that they doubted that THEY could pass the interview if they were just starting over)...….So, I was working as an EMERGENCY Supply TEACHER...When thje regular supply teacher didn't show up, I got the last minute call....like LITERALLY last minute....like "Mike, school starts in 20 minutes...can you be here?" AND FOR A YEAR OR SO, IT WAS FINE.....I often worked 3-4 days a week...Building up my contacts and really sort of getting ready for the next time the application interviews opened...Then the regulations changed...You HAD to be a registered Teacher with the board to teach (Some legal/ LIABILITY thing I guess) The upshot was that I couldn't JUST be called in anymore; It had to be much more extreme circumstances.

    And so, I went from going in 3-4 days a week to eventully sometimes going 2 week without a call.

    I went back to working an old job part-time to cover the difference at first.....asking to be scheduled after 4pm so I could still go in to Schools.
    Then as my Teaching calls dried up, I took more and more hours and started taking shifts during the days.
    Then soon I was working full-time at my old job again.

    And before I knew it......All my School contacts and letters of reference were out-dated and useless. So, I am essentially now an EX-Teacher.

    Fast forward to this summer....When I 've been getting asked either "How's the Teaching going?" or a variation...

    Just really kind of re-kicked me in the n*ts, just when I'd sort of made my peace with it.

    People say those things to mean well. And the way things happened, none of it was your fault. You actually did very good, and then regulations changed, which was completely out of your control.