Rough time not thinking about food

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    Rough time not thinking about food

    I realize this might be off-topic, but I'm not having the easiest time with this.

    Up to now, low-level workouts here (FL and part of Foundation) have been part of my recovery process from what has been a difficult eating disorder. My hope was that it would stop my urge to restrict as often as I do, which tends to be multiple times a week.

    It's not working out that way. The prospect of putting weight back on has felt so scary that the restriction pattern is only breaking up...once in a while, and I still haven't been able to go through a week without at least one episode and usually two.

    I don't have to be told that I will need to eat more, but that too feels scary, and I'm not going to lie: Some of my episodes have come from feeling fat after having a close-to-normal day the day before.

    I know this asking a bit much, but any thoughts on how to tone down (if not silence) food-related thoughts?

    Whilst I'd highly recommend doing actual therapy, if that's not an option you could try using CCI's Self Help Resources. I completed the Panic workbook with a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist and did some of the Depression one on my own. The Panic one has made a huge difference to how I think and I still use the methods it and my therapist taught me if I need to. I've linked to the main resources page because you should read the disclaimer first but also because there's a list of various workbooks and you may find others useful too. I have not personally tried the Disordered Eating one but if it's anywhere near as well made as the two I have used then it should be helpful to you. Again, you would get more from it with professional support to guide you but would be a good place to start with self-help.

    I hope that it's of some help to you and that you're able to make some progress with those thoughts