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  • daejamurrachan

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  • MissSmilla
    Hi! I'm not going to hit "like" because your post is kind of too sad for that, but I wanted to drop a line. This sounds like a very hard thing to do and also like a very honest one. I firmly believe that getting rid of stuff literally and figuratively opens up breathing space and maybe in between the sadness you can also (come to?) feel the relief (if not, so be it. Some things are just sad and there isn't always a silver lining readily apparent). I know nothing about you and your reasons for having to chuck all that stuff, but I hope that some time from now you will be able to do things beyond what you now consider possible. At least use those roller blades.
    Congratulations on your mental strength and good luck with your recovery!

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  • Nelliel
    started a topic Good byes are tough

    Good byes are tough

    For the last ten plus years ive been carrying around all my sport equipment in hopes that some day, maybe, i might be able to do sport again. Today i finally came to and realised having all this around is just a very sad reminder that that day will likely never come and if it does my gear will probably have died of old age or i am just really not willing to risk my recovery if i recover well enough to use these things anymore.

    This isnt is first purge but it is my largest. it was hard there were tears. Its not so much the couple thousand dollars i just threw in the trash so much as saying goodbye to a lifestyle that just cant be mine anymore and all the memories and adventures that can only exist in the past.

    I whittled down all my downhill mtb, rock climbing gear, field sports equipment, dive gear, sports luggage and bike cases to just a few pieces. I kept my 2 bikes still i guess for sentimental reasons and that i just trash $10k even if they are slowly rusting to death over the last 14yrs or so and i still am no where near able to use them. I kept a body armour vest cuz it looks pimp as hell (despite serving no other function to me) some of my dive gear is actually still in awesome shape even though its been in storage over a decade and a pair of roller blades. I'm hoping one day at least i can use those again. i feel like i need a little funeral for all the things i said goodbye to today i've been holding on for so long it really was like throwing out a part of myself.

    I think i was able to finally do it because i have been working hard these past couple years to try and come up with new hobbies and life styles for my crippled ass where i can hopefully eventually not be in pain and at risk of breaking all the time. As luck would have it while purging the sports equipment of things that would break me if i even thought about them i totally managed to break myself and tore my calf muscle and pulled my hamstring and subsequently dropped my dhmtb bike frame and forks on myself while rehoming my bikes to shared accomodation. Those bloody things are soo much heavier than i remembered. Pardon my ramble i may have been icing my calf with a tall boy or two.

    Good bye old stuff and old life i will miss you

    The keepsakes
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    The pruge (some excluded)
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