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    thanks Azercord daejamurrachan .
    We have thought about setting a recycling corner so that A. things would get recycled instead of just get thrown to the trash and B. she won't need to go near the beans. But I need to get one of the other girls in the office to do it, someone who's been there longer - and this is mainly because of- and I'm sorry to say this but it seems to be the case - female control and domination needs.
    The girl who went to talk with that supervisor is kind of a control lover (not freak though) because the cleaner is apparently scared of her so she probably doesn't want to change that, as much as she hates them smoking. - I think she likes having someone around who is actually scared of her. And, she probably wants to sort everything herself because it makes her the person to "go to" - so even though she's not a manager or anything, it gives her dominance (up to a point) over the office.
    As for the cleaner, I have successfully avoided her in the past week. I need to get the other two girls (as for the two guys in the office- one is really young and is planning to move to another city for his second degree by the end of summer and the other one came just before I did and is pretty docile) to run things - the way it was before, when they were complaining about her and suggesting that we should get her replacement to replace her on our floor permanently.
    This feels like it's getting way out of proportions.