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    Hey fellow Pathfinders. The way is hard but we are up to the challenge. Never give up, never surrender!


      Super cool. Amazing touch to this program. Thank you Darebee. Enjoy bees. Good luck out there.


        Fellow pathfinders, my message here on chapter 14 is, be happy it's not raining


          Found on the pillar:
          🤞( ͡°( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°( ͡❛ ͜ʖ ͡❛) ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ͡°)👉



          Another epilogue (spoiler alert)
          A few months later.
          ​​ I don't see the others much anymore. We who spent those desperate days together, struggling to make it here, ...

          Jamal is building huts for survivors. He keeps building them. More and more. Row after row of empty huts. "They're coming," he says. "I want somewhere safe to be waiting for them." Sanctuary is a ghost town, there are already too many empty dwellings.

          I don't think the future will be too easy for the youngest ones. Ted says he wants to go back home and see if anyone else is alive. Even as young as he is, how can he not know that they're all dead? But grasping at straws keeps young kids going. He tells me secretly that he thinks he knows scientifically what caused the tremors, and when he grows up, he'll fix it so it never happens again. I hope so. I don't tell him it isn't 'when' he grows up, but 'if.'

          Jenna doesn't chatter any more. She says everything is fine. But then she changes the subject to her plans for the future. School, friends, afterwards.... Her past, everyone's past, the normal life is gone... Why plan for anything?

          Bob gets agitated and starts shouting every evening. I don't know him well, but his memory seems to be going. Luca has taken him, Marjorie, Ted and Mia into her home with her. She smiles tightly and plants a vegetable garden out back. I help her pull weeds whenever I can.

          Other than that, there's not much of a purpose for me any longer here. Before all this started, I was a mechanic. I fixed cars according to directions on a computer program. Being a Pathfinder is a part-time gig -- none are needed when the way forward is clear. Now I don't know the way forward. There are no cars or computers here. There are no tools. I have nothing left to fix.

          Jamal tells me that when we were traveling, at one of the resting places, he thought he saw something on the ground like a sew-on patch or maybe a badge or something... He thought it might have been something pretty to give to Mia to keep her mind off losing her parents and baby brother. But it was nothing, and we had to move on.

          I said that I hope the next chance he gets, he will make a badge for Mia, to let her know how proud we all are of her, that she made it through everything. Maybe she can hold onto it when the nightmares come and she wakes up far from home.

          ​​​​​​Art somehow found a revolver here in sanctuary. He made a holster and wears it while walking around. There's nothing to fear here, but maybe he's holding onto it in case he needs to pull some kind of stunt again, this time with a real weapon.

          I haven't seen much of Lee or Jade. Bob laughed and pointed at me one evening and says that they don't want to be around me, because I have the smell of death on me.

          That's funny. I carried Mia with one arm, and held onto Ted with the other while fleeing the last quake. Then, I went back for Marjorie and Bob's sorry self, because they were running too slowly. I will never say it, but I think about it, and it's eating at me.

          By helping them all survive, I guess they feel like they owe something they can't repay, or they realize they've lost everything and they wonder whether it was worth it, or they just want to forget.

          Luca will have to look after them all. I'm leaving sanctuary tomorrow. If my feeling comes back, I'll be all right. Maybe Ted's hopes will bear out, and I can find others alive out there. Maybe there's another sanctuary that I can make it to, where no one will know me as anyone other than a lone wanderer, just another orphan, from the wreckage of the world.


            This large stone has may writings carved into it, some using incomprehensible symbols, others with obscure meaning. One of the latter simply reads:
            "The path ahead will bifurcate. Choose left, choose right. Whatever you choose, do not delay."


              As hard as it is, keep moving.


                "And everyday,
                However hard it can be,
                I will repeat
                From tomorrow on I will be sad.
                From tomorrow on. Not today."


                  Fellow pathfinders, don't lose your way - you've come so far, don't throw it away. If we hold on together, we'll get to a better tomorrow.