Just Started Darebee - Hoping to find support in the community

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    Just Started Darebee - Hoping to find support in the community

    TL;DR Just ranting on my history with working out and what brought me to Darebee. If anyone is here in need of or to offer support, feel free to message me.

    I have a love-hate relationship with working out. I love the satisfaction I get from seeing results over time as well as the high I get after completing a strenuous workout. However, I hate having to constantly research workouts in order to keep a balanced routine, and finding the will to start a workout is always rough.

    I've constantly gone up and down in weight for the past 7 or 8 years. Right now I'm up almost 30lbs over my goal weight, even though a year ago I was there. After several months of eating healthy, drinking less alcohol, not smoking, and working out in the gym while also doing daily Yoga, I was in the best shape of my life. But after vacation, I got into a depression (arriving at Ohio after a month of paradise will do that to you) and fell off the wagon, completely undoing all the work I did. Working a desk job and staying in for quarantine hasn't helped either.

    I've mostly kept up with social distancing (mask on, wash hands, don't be in groups of 10, etc) but I managed to get COVID-19. It was my fault, of course, but the minimum standards for social distancing are a joke. Because I may have been hanging out with the same 3 or 4 people, but if they each hang out with 3 or 4 others and so on, the contact between people becomes exponentially larger than anticipated. In my time during quarantine, I vowed to lower my alcohol intake, quit smoking, eat healthier, and start working out.

    After a month of self-isolation, I barely did any of those things. But since moving, I got the motivation to start fresh and really take my health seriously. I don't know anyone in my new city, and since we're still doing social distancing, I figured now's the perfect time to drop my bad habits and pick up some good ones before things go back to "normal" (although I have a feeling things will never be quite the same, I'm guessing the social contact will be more prevalent like in other countries that have handled this pandemic better).

    I started the Foundation program as well as 30 Days of Yoga. Ends up being around 20-25 minutes a day. I do my workouts in the morning, because I know my motivation is a lot lower after a full day of work. Today's only the second day, and even though the workouts are easier than what I was doing before I got in shape last year, they already got me in a sweat (I'm very sedentary so it doesn't take much to get me huffing these days). I've also added a daily goal of 10k steps. I started with that last year and was doing 25k by the end of that healthy timespan, so the pounds shed, but I'm working on keeping a sustainable daily workout this time around.

    I like that Darebee has varying levels of difficulty. I've read that people who have stuck with daily programs also add in a few daily challenges, so I'm sure I won't plateau as long as I apply myself, maintain consistency, and adjust depending on how my progress.

    I signed up to the Hive for two reasons; getting information from others' experiences as well as being able to give and take support from others. If anyone is like me and enjoys accountability through sharing or just likes shooting the breeze, feel free to message me.

    Welcome to the Hive, keep on working, you will get there


      Thanks! It's early yet, but I'm looking forward to write in a checkin post after a month.


        I hope you will reach your goals, fitness, health and otherwise. Welcome to the Hive