Darebee: Taking Control of My Life

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    Darebee: Taking Control of My Life

    In the summer of 2017, I had fallen deep into a pit of depression. I was plagued with feelings of mild agoraphobia, constant lethargy, and the kind of self-pity that makes you feel pathetic for even finding yourself pitiable in the first place. I started questioning how I could possibly feel tired after sleeping an entire night and most of the day. That summer, I had a surge of desperation to climb out of my depression. Tired of pointless tears, tired of a nihilistic mindset, I so badly wanted to take control of my life, and it started with the motivation to workout and eat healthy.

    Darebee was a powerful resource of information in my time of need when I thought I would never be able to help myself. Knowing that I could organize a plan to get into good physical condition and maintain healthy eating habits made me feel much better about giving it a try (I find difficulty in starting projects that aren't very well-planned), and that helped me maintain a steady regime of intense exercise and a low calorie diet. That alone helped boost my confidence and finally start grasping at the reins of my life. Not only did I shed over 25 lbs in three months, but I also felt more energetic, became more serious about my education, slept soundly, and my work ethic had improved enough for me to land steadier jobs. Admittedly, there came a time when I underestimated my how litte I was actually eating, and I ended up feeling faint; I almost fell over while chatting with a patient in the hospital ward I was voluteering at. That effectively ended my reign of consistent workouts and dieting. And I may or may not have gained back most of the weight in the last couple of years (whoops).

    Obviously, that is not the happy ending I could have had, and I've come to accept that life just does that sometimes. However, it is now the Spring of 2019, and I feel myself slipping back into that pit. I've once again found myself thinking of the things I wish I could accomplish but I can't even roll out of bed long enough to actually put any work into. I'm having that craving to have my life in my own hands, and to once again further my career and education, and... Maybe cause some envy along the way (as long as it's not my main goal, I think it's okay to want a little envy in my life).

    That said, I'm here once again, hoping to take another stab at that enticing feeling of control and confidence. I feel ready for it. Darebee isn't the only helpful resource, but it is by far my favorite. Darebee helped put into motion a chain reaction of positive life events and indirectly gave me what I needed to be an adult with responsibilities and aspirations. The thing about depression is that it really never does go away, but Darebee gave me several months of freedom from those feelings of hopelessness, and that is invaluable. Ideally, I would be able to keep up the healthy lifestyle for years, however, even if I have an entire repeat of going up before falling back down, it's still worth it the effort.

    Additionally, for anyone who is in a similar position to my own, feeling something along of the lines of, "Why bother getting healthier, for who should I be getting better for?"
    It's for you. As lame and cliché as that sounds, there's nothing like that feeling of self-respect, and you deserve it. The hard work is never for nothing when it comes to your own health.

    TL;DR - tank u darebee, u r my lord n savior <3


    Welcome to the Hive and good luck with your challenges.

    It's true that Darebee helps with many things but if you're constantly feeling tired with a full night's sleep and eating well, have you seen a doctor to rule out anything else that may be an issue?

    It's true that working out is a great boost to mental health as well as physical health. Have you also considered doing headspace or similar as well to help you? Make sure you celebrate your successes along the way, it really helps with the sense of achievement and just remember, not all victories are on the scales. More vitality/energy, looser clothes and better body shape are all great non scale victories.

    If you need to track what you're eating so you are eating enough and not under or over eating then the best suggestion I could offer is My Fitness Pal. I would also add that you only need the free version and don't log your exercise on it, just your food so you are not tempted to eat any calories you've burnt.

    Good luck and keep us all updated as there are lots of us here to encourage you along the way.



      In my case, most of the lethargy was a direct result of depression and a lack of physical activity in general. Being on a good exercise routine dramatically stablized how I felt during the days and nights. Also, thank for you the advice on tracking my intake of calories, and thank you for leaving your comment. It definitely helps having someone having a look out for your progress.



        Hi, there, and welcome to the Hive!
        I hear you loud and clear... And even though I know how much depression can get you down and leave you feeling tired no matter how many hours you have slept, I'll agree with Scott on getting a doctor's opinion to rule out any underlying health issues.
        You may find lots of support here but I bet you know that already. When things get tough, remind yourself what you have already conquered. I know very well from experience that one of the greatest battles in the history of battles and in the course of a human's life, is the battle that a person fights against themselves and their mind. You have won that battle again and again. It doesn't matter if you have fallen down. What counts is that you keep getting back up. And that is no small thing.
        As a nutritionist, I also suggest that you add some feel-good foods to your daily meals that boost serotonin production and could possibly help. Eggs, seeds, nuts, and fish like salmon and cod are just a few ideas.
        Also, try to get as much sunlight as you can!

        I hope you find all the support and positive energy on Darebee that will help you once again. Keep us posted on your progress.