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    Cardio Trim Run

    This one is a tough program - there's no getting around it. It makes demands of you as a runner and you may not be able to meet them - I wasn't able to make the speed achievements at all.


    If you're looking for a challenge, something that will help pull the flab off and don't mind sweating (a lot), then Cardio Trim Run is your program.
    It is emphatically not for beginners. You will need to be in decent shape for this - I came off of Foundation and Cardio Trim and the 50 Burpees in One Day Challenge and Burpees Challenge before launching into this so I thought I knew what I was getting into. And there still were days I felt like I was done in when I finished.

    What did it do for me? Continued to uncover my jawline. I got leaner still - skinny pants are wearable and more comfortable than they were - no longer looking like I'm about to pop a seam. I haven't lost that much weight, but it's better distributed. I've got a lot better aerobic fitness as a result - flights of stairs are no longer the challenge they once were.
    And I rediscovered running - it's not exactly fun, but it's really pleasant when I'm pushing myself along and not running on the last bits of energy.

    But I highly recommend this program for those that are interested in a challenging program that worked well for me. Hopefully I'll have a review of Ironborn and Runner Prime by the beginning of February.