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Pull-ups are not a crime! (Progress 2021)

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    Pull-ups are not a crime! (Progress 2021)

    ​​​ The Pull-up Progress Thread 2021 ​​​

    What is it good for?
    --- log your personal goals and progress
    --- support each other
    --- share information about pull-ups
    --- .... and have fun!

    The Team Challenge will look a bit different this year:
    We will still be counting down levels as a team, ​​​​​​similar to the years before. To make it easier for everyone to start a new Level, progress will be made in steps of 1000.
    LEVEL 1 = 1000 points, LEVEL 2 = 2000 points… you get it, right?

    Basic rule:
    It doesn't matter what kind of pull-ups you do (grip, position, etc. ) it is one point.

    Under 5 Rule:
    If your pull-ups in one go are under 5 reps,
    you can count easier versions, too…
    (negatives, assisted, etc…) also for one point.

    Bonus Exercises:
    To make 2021 a bit more spicy, there will be a monthly bonus exercise, you can subtract from the count by special rules. Once they are posted, you can count the exercises throughout the rest of the year.

    Bonus Exercise 1 (starting month: January)
    more than 50 seconds in total: 5 points
    more than 90 seconds in total: 10 points
    more than 160 seconds in total: 20 points

    Bonus Exercise 2 (starting month: February)
    [ROWS] and [REVERSE FLYS] (trx/ring/chair...)
    [BENT OVER ROWS] and [BENT OVER FLYS] (weights)
    1 rep = 1 point (a max of 20 points per day)
    Make the 20 reps count by choosing a reasonable angle or weight.

    Bonus Exercise 3 (starting month: March)
    [SKIN THE CAT] – 3 points per rep

    Skin the cat is not an easy exercise!
    It has to be done with good form...​

    Do at your own risk and be careful.
    Use an easier version if needed!

    Bonus Exercise 4 (starting month: April)
    [DELAY] your pull-ups
    - by doing a hold in different angles
    - by slowing down on the way up
    - by slowing down on the way down
    1 points per 5 second delay

    Bonus Exercise 5 (starting month: May)
    Unilateral pull-up-variations count for 2pts per rep.

    Bonus Exercise 6 (starting month: June)
    more than 20 seconds in total: 5 points
    more than 35 seconds in total: 10 points
    more than 60 seconds in total: 20 points ("in one go" doubles your points)

    Old threads:
    Full Pull 2018
    Pull-up progress 2019
    Pull-up Progress 2020

    Would you like to join us?




      HellYeah I think I will join, because pull-ups are something I would like to work on nonetheless. So, yeah, perhaps this is exactly this kind of thing I need to keep me on track.
      I hope I get the rules right so far. That would be 1 sec hang = 10 points, right? joke aside.
      Looking forward to the new year, and thanks for the tag.


        Great TheLibrarian I am looking forward to your first log not only to get the 5points. ​​​​​​


          Let's start with my personal goal for pull-ups in 2021:

          >>> OneArmPullUp
          >>> pull 20210kg as additional in total

          ​​​​​​​I honestly have no idea, how reachable that is, but I will try my best to go for it as hard and as responsible as necessary...


            Hi all,
            like last year count me in.

            My goals are having fun with you all in this, consolidating my progress going further in the max reps in one go (safely and with brains...), and maybe trying some variations at some point (different grips and so on).

            As for the thread title, why not something like "Pulling through 2021"?


              I'm in! In 2021, I will do 2021 pullups throughout the year (as well as playing the team challenge).


                Giving this another go.


                  I kept meaning to join this last year. Subscribed for this year, will try to keep up


                    I’m in. My 2021 goal is 1,500 in total.


                      HellYeah - Thanks for the invite

                      My 2021 goal is 1200 pull-ups in total.


                        START 01.01.2021

                        (Level 1) >>> 1000 <<< reps to go


                          HellYeah, are the scapular pull-ups OK ? I can't do more.


                            Louve rose They are perfectly fine for the "under5" rule!


                              Welcome, to all of you!