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    Galactic Dwarf Fitness

    You may or may not know the beauty of Deep Rock Galactic, it's about space mining dwarves.
    Since I coming back to the hive and having a look at the workouts here I missed some uniqueness and nerdiness. I quickly threw some exercises together to yell "We are unbreakable!" to after completition.

    Mind trying it out alongside me? And if need be, improve?

    2nd Version:
    3-4-5 sets:

    "Rock and Stone"
    20 2-handed swings
    10 deadlift to overhead press
    20 1 handed swings

    "I'll turn you to thin, green paste!"
    20 squat hold + punches
    10 side crunch pushups + double side kick
    20 jumping lunges

    -After being done with all the sets, yell the "We are unbreakable!" line. During each set you also have to say the lines or similar as you pass that point.
    -The swings are X-cuts, main hand is switched halfway.
    -Best equipment are dumbbells, very light for the swings and rather heavy for the deads2overheads. A filled duffel bag or a short weighted stick may do the job just fine.

    3-4-5 sets, difficulty 4
    "Rock and Stone"
    20 pickaxe power attack (2 handed swings)
    10 WERICH! (duffel bag deadlift to overhead press, may use barbell or dumbbell or a thick chunk of gold)
    20 repairing mini mule (1 handed swings)

    "I'll turn you to thin, green paste!"
    20 Grunts, lots of them! (squat hold + punches)
    10 clear the chasm (jumping lunges)
    20 Swarmers incoming! Get your stomping boots on! (side crunch pushups + double side kick)

    for those who don't know:

    Now I tried it and it is crazy fun! Works the shoulders in unexpected ways, eeeespecially if you have nothing to fill the bag and use a heavy folding table instead
    I have slightly edited the original post to incorporate the improvement I made.

    Works the whole body in general, but specifically gives strength for triceps and the back, is also aerobically challenging.


      I have to try it out after I'll pull myself together.
      Welcome to the craziness GnocciLeFast


        Amirsh thx! tell me abou it! do you think it's any good?