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    RMC style challenge

    So I seen a video on YouTube by browney that is an apparent world record. You do as many push ups as possible in 30 seconds (with good form).

    Now I thought about this and decided to create a full body workout from this format using the Royal Marines Commando fitness test and challenge my friends at my gym to it (30 seconds work / 90 seconds rest of military push ups, chin ups and sit ups).

    I'll be attempting this challenge tomorrow with my dad and brother. I'll let you know how it goes.

    Aether, hurry up, can't wait to do a military-style challenge!


      My scores:
      push up = 21 in 30 seconds.
      sit up = 13 in 30 seconds.
      chin up = 4 in 30 seconds.

      Also got a pretty good wee video out of it.

      I didn't rest longer than 80 seconds between exercises