3 essential bodyweight exercises to get the day started

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    3 essential bodyweight exercises to get the day started

    Good morning bees,

    the title says it all: if there were three exercises to pick in the morning to get the day started - which ones would you recommend? Yes, recommend, not do by yourselves, as we know we could do much more in one go - but if someone asked you who did never do any real sports before, what would you tell him how to start? So this is not looking for a complete workout, it is more like seeking some sun salutations for the lazy newbie to sports.

    My first idea is:
    20 clean squats
    60 sec plank
    30 jumping jacks

    That would target:
    biggest muscles to activate circulation
    core stabilization
    jump and rise into the day.

    Better ideas?

    Looking forward,
    thank you!


    Hi Mouse,

    My first idea is:
    30 mountain climbers
    60 sec forearm plank
    30 jumping jacks

    Have a nice day!



      Mouse MD A 60-second plank would be quite a challenge for a complete newbie. I'd suggest 30 seconds instead. If the person were quite a complete newbie, gentler exercises might be the way to start. Step jacks rather than jumping jacks; half wall squats rather than clean squats; perhaps crunches rather than a plank; maybe also something to open the chest like chest expansions. It really depends on the person's fitness level and physical capabilities.


        I would keep it simple, and go for the standbys - pushups, situps and squats. That way there would be a full body workout.


          Home Workout

          If the exercises are for someone really new to physical training you have to choose easy exercises, otherwise I would recommend the same basic bodyweight training exercises did CaptainCanuck (push-ups, sit-ups and squats)


            Thank you all for the ideas! I did not know about Home Workout, but it really sounds like a great sequence, gracie mille Fremen . I would like it to be not too sweaty (and just to be clear - it is not for my own training...). 60 sec plank is too hard,
            TopNotch is very right about that. And chest expansions would do great!

            I do not aim at progression with the sequence, it is meant more like a cup of coffee..

            Thanks a lot,

            well, still open for suggestions,

            kindest regards,


              Originally posted by Mouse MD View Post
              I do not aim at progression with the sequence, it is meant more like a cup of coffee..
              How about the Coffee Break Workout, then? To be honest, at the beginning of my working out 'career' 10 squats would have been probably too much, but your post just reminded me of this workout.


                Nihopaloa thank you, didn't know that one as well! I want it to be quick and not dirty, so I guess I will have to mix things and then cut length.
                This morning when doing some yoga I wondered also wether there might be an appropriate variation of the moves according to the Ayurvedic doshas. Well, that thought has to settle a bit, don't know yet what the importance will be.