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    No it actually says the page has no content, but I’m on mobile so that might be it.


      Hi sunpetal today I tried this scheme with close squats just to throw some fun in. It sums up to 100 reps.

      Line up ten cards facedown in a straight line on the ground with a step between each card.

      Begin by standing over the first card and squatting down to pick it up.

      Holding the first card, take a step forward to the second card. Squat down and place the card you just picked up on top of the second card. At this point, you’ll have no cards in your hand, and 2 cards will be one on top of the other on the ground below you.
      Squat once and pick up the first card.
      Squat once and pick up the second card.

      Take a step forward to the third card, squat down, and place one of the two cards in your hand on top of the card on the ground. Now squat down and place the other card on top of the cards on the ground.

      Squat one time each to pick up the three cards one by one.

      Take a step forward to the fourth card, and repeat this process until you’ve made it through all ten cards.


        sg135 That sounds like a fun way to make it to 100 squats! The most creative I've gotten outside of different types of squats is petting the dog (or cat) on each squat. I like that your method engages the brain too. I'll have to give it a try. Thanks for sharing it!