Rhythmic Gymnastics Training

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    Rhythmic Gymnastics Training

    I don't know what it is about rhythmic gymnastics, but it looks like some of the basic movements (specifically with the ball) would make pretty good functional fitness moves.

    Not that I would be able to do 99% of what a rhythmic gymnast could do (I am a not-so-flexible 230 pounds man in his 40s, not a super flexible 100 pound girl in her mid teens). It makes me wonder though, as CrossFit loves the idea of artistic gymnastics as it incorporates every one of their 10 core principles. I wonder how good rhythmic is in comparison.

    I might buy a ball (they are about $30) and try some of it out.

    I couple of videos:


    I just randomly clicked through it, and for some reason I laughed along with some of the moves, no offence. It's really wonderful, and during the last move I was like no human could do that. But then I watched again the entire video, and I didn't laugh. 7:53 looks like you really need a lot of flexibility at your wrist joint. Or even elbow and shoulder?

    I guess a soccer ball will do just as well?


      kandy Though she makes it look kind of easy, I think if a person could do that, then they would be doing a lot of work. It looks almost like a complicated pilates move.

      I didn't look at any other options, but a soccer ball would work too. A rhythmic gymnastics ball is supposed to weigh 400 grams, but an average soccer ball weighs 450 grams. I think there is something about the bouciness, but probably not so important.

      Anyway I already ordered a ball yesterday.


        I'm gonna follow along.
        sounds intriguing