Habit Change Challenge: seat belt first!

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    Habit Change Challenge: seat belt first!

    Simple challenge, mostly for fun and for loosing a bad habit.
    To improve your own safety and the ones that boards with you.

    Choose your penalty level:
    Easy: SQUATS
    Medium: PUSH-UPS
    Hard: BURPEES

    Rules of the challenge:
    1) You, and all the passengers inside the vehicle you are driving, must wear the seat belt BEFORE the car is turned on.
    2) If the car is already on and a passenger boards the car after, the passenger must wear the seat belt BEFORE the car starts to move.
    3) The seat belt warning chime must NOT ring at any moment.

    If any of the rules stated above is broken, a penalty of 10 reps of the selected penalty level must be paid.
    Recurring infraction adds 1 rep per recurrence.
    (First penalty 10 rep, second penalty 11 rep, third penalty 12 rep...)
    Penalty can be paid, in order of preference:
    - Immediately at the moment the rule is broken (if it is safe to do so; yes, you would do burpees on the street, why not?)
    - Right after you reach your destination (wearing your magnificent T-rex costume just before the Halloween party you are about to enter)
    - During your workout section of the day, if applicable
    - At any given opportunity that you would feel you should fulfill your obligations

    If this challenge is not applicable to you, CONGRATULATIONS!
    Either you are a responsible driver that puts safety first or you don't have a car! LOL.
    You can also adapt this challenge to loose any kind of bad habit you have, as long as you have the discipline to follow the rules and pay the penalties.
    I stopped burping out-loud after paying 34 penalties. It was painful to realize how disgusting I was, but it worth every payment.

    Have fun! Be safe!