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  • Gandhalfit

    Back on Farm 2, everything seems like a long forgotten nightmare.

    Just, is pouring his famous tea into glasses on the porch, Adanech is there with you, Beard and the others are there, playing music and talking about the latest events. Tomorrow you all will be relocating to new houses near the beach, by the old station near Old View. You could do whatever you want for as long as you want. The only condition is to keep a lookout on the shores, grow some crops and keep Keturah and Kalev posted with any insights you might have on The Organization's next moves.

    Miro is back in Selunerini and most of everyone else are back in their cities, towns and villages. Farm 2 would be home to some former In-Betweeners and there are a lot of new interurban committees who are supposed to build trustful and productive relationships with the independent villages (as "In-Betweeners" is now considered offensive and inappropriate). For the time being, things seems to be peaceful.

    Adanech! Sorry, Dan! Can you tell me what's up with Miro? You turn to Adanech.

    I think he has too much on his mind right now. He doesn't hate you, you know. He did what he had to do in the best way he saw fit.

    You can say that about The Organization, you answer.

    Yes, but, when the situation is as it is, you can only hope to side with the people who are least wrong. Just try to carry on, this can't be worse than your previous life, can it?

    No, it isn't. I guess.

    What did the Commander say to you anyway, before he gave up the poison and the plan to kill everyone?

    You know, what's right, what's wrong… the usual crap about humanity and its purpose.

    Dan looks at you and then turn her head to the sky. The sun is going down and stars start to appear on the bluish- pink sky. You look up and rest your head on her shoulder. In the background, Just plays something old and sad on his violin.

    No matter what happens next, you will choose how to deal with it.

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  • Gandhalfit
    Week 10 day 6
    A well-deserved rest

    You jump onto the boat and the guy looks at you with a calm face and deranged eyes.

    Give me the gas, you try to command him but he just smiles.
    "So, Scarecrow, we meet at last"


    Miro, he says, code-named you "The Scarecrow" or at least John Slarick did, in any case, you are The Scarecrow.

    You come around and decide to just go after the threat without giving any notice to the person behind it. "Give me the poison" you try again.

    No, I don’t think I will, he answers. Instead, I will get you to safety and in return for my freedom, I will leave the gas cylinder at a safe distance. Until then, since we have some time, we can talk.

    You consider his offer for a while, remind yourself that you probably look stupid and obviously out of the loop and decide that you don't really have anything to lose. Okay, what do you got?

    Head Back

    You have wondered the wilderness for half a day when suddenly you hear one of those flying machines Miro calls "helicopters" somewhere in the distance. You look up to make sure they are the "Urbanists Armed Forces" and then head up the mountain for a clear patch. They notice you but can't touch-down. About twenty minutes later you can hear Miro calling you from a mountain vehicle.

    What happened? Is the first thing he has to say. You consider this somewhat insulting but answer anyway "I couldn't get him and the gas both so I let him go". You show Miro the cylinder.

    Okay, as long as you're alright, and you saved everyone in the compound, it seems. Good job. I knew you had it in you.

    Did you?

    What? yes, that's why I recruited you in the first place.

    I thought you were helping me stay safe.

    Miro looks at you with a brief puzzled stare but quickly gathers himself. "And that convinced me that you are made from the right material". What… what did he say to you?

    On the way back to Dardin – Quer you tell Miro of your conversation with one of The Organization's top generals.

    "Look, we had a few options but once you were in that hospital I knew you could be an asset. Unfortunately, they chose you, sort of speak, as a better option… for us anyway".

    So you thought it would be okay to just rip me away from my life and use me?

    Miro suddenly shifted his apologetic look to something more sanctimonious. Now look here, I watched kids getting torn to pieces, tribes being broken apart and my best friend "The Puppet Master" John Slarick, die in order to give more people a chance at a better life, I'm sorry your complacent, pampered ass got dragged into this, I really do, but – so many innocent people have died that by the time you came up on my radar I thought using you for the greater good could be of great benefit. Besides, they would have finished you off if I haven't found use for you. So you can take that lame, victim like expression off your face.

    With that Miro stood up and went to the front of the cart to speak to the driver. He stayed there for the rest of the journey.


    You have become stronger, Adanech said, you met friends, Slavik added.

    I guess you're right, you told them…

    Look, so you got "used" but so what, Adanech piled on. You're a hero. If those thugs haven't found you after the train crash and that doctor wasn't desperate to get rid of those documents, you would be in Selunerini right now, trying to decide whether you should give in and serve the Organization from a position of absolute submission or to try and fight for your city – with no qualifications to achieve anything significant.

    Slavik nodded in agreement.

    I don't know what to think you guys.

    Yeah, that's kind of the thing with you, Slavik went on. You get dragged along but at least this time, something great came out of it…

    And we got to know you, Adanech added.

    I guess you're right. You searched your memory from before all of this happened, stuck in your office every day, getting home exhausted every night but with no ability to fall asleep. No purpose in life, no point.

    I guess this was a blessing in disguise after all, you tell them.

    Well that's the spirit, Slavik says in a somewhat exasperated tone.

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  • Gandhalfit
    Week 10 Day 5
    The Finale Countdown

    Cheers of joy are erupting around you as many think that the fight is over. Miro appears behind you.

    "Everybody shut the hell up".

    The room goes quiet, confused faces turn to Miro.

    We gave The Organization a massive blow today, that's for sure. But don't think that this is it. The war is not yet over, not out there and not down here either. Miro took a long look around the room and said "I need volunteers". We suspected there were more hidden, underground rooms in this place and we found a partial blue sketch of them. Basically, we don't know what we're getting into but backup is here and there's no point leaving this place unpurged of the enemy. So, next mission is to go explore the tunnels and make sure they are safe, give medical assistance to anyone we might find there who needs it and fight whomever we might find there and is still in the mood to fight. Who's coming with me?

    Troops looked around at each other and after a very long minute three of them raised their hands and walked over to Miro.

    Good, that's a start but I need at least two more people. He looked at your general direction as he said it.

    Oh might as well you think to yourself. You raise your hand and join the group. One other person does the same.

    As for the rest of you, see commander Kira for further instructions. You will need to set up guard and camp. We can't abandon this place. Those without anything to do right now, rest up and get ready to take over the next shift.

    Then Miro turned to the newly formed crew of volunteers. We can't use firearms down there. From what the engineers gather the lower levels are coated with metals and there's always the chance of traps and natural gas. We will carry a gun each, just in case but make sure it's secured in the back of your vest. I don't want anyone to draw it at first sign of trouble. I'll lead two and Matt here will lead the other two – do not split up and leave markings for each tunnel and room you enter, we'll use standard IR glasses to see each other and gas masks, just in case so put your gear on, quickly.
    Is everyone clear on what the mission is and what they need to do?

    Everyone nodded in silent agreement.

    Okay, let's move out.

    You are with Miro's unit and the third in line. You go through quite some time and distance without encountering anyone. This isn't great news or it is awesome news. If there's no one else down here, no problem but if there is, this long peaceful journey will put you at too much ease
    Miro suddenly stops, you and the other follow suit and crouch down. After several more minutes the narrow tunnel lights up with flash lights and you hear hushed voices.

    I can't believe they took over the carts and choppers too". What are we supposed to do now?

    There's no way I'm going to surrender. Those city fucks killed my entire family before I joined the organization.

    This is exactly why we're here" a third and ominous voice said. We will keep up the fight but right now we need to get out to the lake. From there we will take the boat and then it's just a few more crawls and stairs and we'll be outside.

    When will we release the poisoned gas?" you hear the first voice asking.

    Not before we are on the other side of the underground lake.

    This thing is making me nervous, carrying it around.

    Then I strongly suggest you don't drop it.

    The three voices sound like they're coming right towards you but as they come closer you can see they are passing into a different tunnel, diagonal to the one you are in and to the one they came from. You also catch a glimpse of Miro holding a knife at the ready. The three walk away and after a few moments you see Miro signaling for you to follow. You walk for what seems like forever and suddenly the tunnel widens a bit and you can see lamp lights in the distance. Miro signals the two of you to stay put and heads towards the end of the tunnel. When he comes back he gives you signals for "only 3 of them" "use only cold weapons" "take them alive if possible" and finally the signal for "engage".

    You move slowly and silently in the tunnel and one by one, you rush out when you get to the end of it. They haven't boarded the boat yet but they were alert and ready to fight. The battle commences.

    After a long time of it you hear Miro screams from the ground "he's getting away with the gas, get him".

    You turn and see the smallest guy get to the boat with a metal cylinder and wires attached to it. He must have knocked Miro off and got away. That's saying a lot – it indicates he is a top level fighter. You take your handgun out and threaten the guy you were fighting to stay away.

    "Are you crazy? You'll get us all killed"

    Then don't give me a reason to shoot this thing, you reply and run after the guy in the boat…

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  • Gandhalfit
    Week 10 Day 4

    Heat of Battle

    You and your team have done what damage you could but you hear the unmistakable rumble of way too many shoes running your way. You brace yourselves and prepare for battle.

    The team that took out the ammunition and weapons storage did its job perfectly. You only had to deal your enemy's limbs. Some were knocked out pretty fast, some ran away, some simply couldn't get through the narrow passages and got stuck. One of the other teams who was free to help yours got them from behind.

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  • Gandhalfit
    Week 10 Day 3

    Moving in for the kill

    One of the runners finds your group and delivers a message from Miro:

    The other teams are in position. We will create a diversion for you. When you hear the blast, move in.

    Your team leader decides that he and one other would blast the door, the rest of you should wait for two minutes and then come in and try to advance to the control room and take out any enemy operatives that you come across. "If we fail, at least we can make it easier for the reinforcements".

    That's encouraging you think to yourself.

    You hear the blast and the first two run for the door. They place the explosives, move back and blast the heavy door open. They don't wait for the smoke to clear, they just run inside. After about a minute the rest of you decide to move in since waiting outside is nerve wrecking

    [Complete at least 5 sets in order to get to the door leading to the control room (3 sets would get you killed). Complete 7 sets to take out the communication system boards from outside the control room]

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  • Gandhalfit
    Week 10 Day 2

    Real Time Reconnaissance

    Farm 4 is located between the mountains to the East of Selunerini. It was initially a farm for growing barriers and mushrooms that thrive in cold heights and a sleep town for miners. The people assigned to inhabit it and work, couldn't stand the harsh conditions. They had to chop wood to keep warm, the mountains were too rough to break down, it snowed a lot and rained and there were mudslides from an area the mountain was mined and barren. Overtime, people died out and new arrivals were mostly criminals who were convicted of petty crimes and had no room in urban jails. The Organization picked up on it and sent suitable In-Betweeners to grow berries and animals so that the shipments to Selunerini would seem normal and no one would come looking. They also built a control center in the mountains. That's where you are heading today.

    We need to attack them on multiple fronts if we want this work people. Every team gets a mission and reinforcements would come to assist in taking the entire town and surrounding area if, we can take the control room out.

    Your team goes around the town and to the location most probable to be the emergency exit.

    You got close enough and set up an observation and wait for further instructions.

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  • Gandhalfit
    Week 10. Mission Ready - the raid against the Organization. Farm 4

    Day 1. Rest

    Training for the past week along with getting maps and possible routes ready was grueling but now it's time to catch some rest. As you are sitting on the helicopter Miro managed to get for the mission to Farm 4, you wonder at what is expecting you upon arrival.

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  • Gandhalfit
    Part 3

    Week 9. Finale training week.

    There's no time to waste. The window of opportunity is small and you have a lot of work guiding and mapping out the city state of Selunerini. Besides all that work you have to also train so that you will be well prepared for your own mission.
    The schedule is as follows: level 5 level 2 level 5 level 4 level 3 level 1 level 4

    Do a workout a day, notice the different levels and body focus (you can also replace the workouts with similar workouts that correspond the difficulty levels).

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  • Gandhalfit
    Week 8
    Day 7:

    Try to calm down and think. Yoga would probably help get your thoughts in order

    You have helped assemble and train the new members of the secret protection crew. No one would blame you if you would relax. You've done your part.



    Continue with mission

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  • Gandhalfit
    Week 8
    Day 6: rest.

    The journey back to The Town was pretty relaxed. When you got there you went straight for the Hall on the Ground as the town hall is also known:

    You finally got here.

    Miro, it's kind of a long ride and I had to take care of some things before I could go. The hall is full of commanders and soldiers. Miro points to an empty chair for you at the back.

    Anyway, we called you here because there's an opening for a big operation against the Organization. And now that you're here we can begin.

    A woman you haven't seen before walks up to the screen on the stage of the hall and starts talking.

    We have known for a while that the Organization had infiltrated different units and official offices in Selunerini. In the last few weeks the Organization is sending more people in, we think in an attempt to take over the Mayor's office. They need people in the streets to make a mess of things and keep the protection crews busy. That has made them more visible and easy to track.

    Miro took it from there. I know the city very well and I have my own network of people who knows what's going on. The idea is to quietly capture or kill their leaders around the city and take control over Farm 4, using a few small units. That would give us a chance to get more cities on our side and of course, make Selunerini safe again.

    The briefing went on for a while and you discovered they want your help with training the forces who don't know Selunerini in its various streets, buildings and underground tunnels. Other than that, you can participate in the raids but they need your answer soon.

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  • Gandhalfit
    Week 8
    Day 5

    Everyone is excited and energized and ready to get into their final stage of training. All company commanders take this opportunity to really increase the pressure and turn today's training into a competition between the different companies.

    Your people did pretty well but instead of celebrating the end of a long day with them, you are called to the main tent. Miro is there in a secure connection device.

    I need you back here for a day or two. You'll need to walk to the nearest tracks on your own, from there you'll have a small manual cart waiting. I suggest you'd do it tonight so that we can start straight away.

    Wait, I can't just leave everything. I have other things to do now.

    I don't have time for this, you know stuff that others don't and that's more than I should be saying so just get over here before I'll come over there and get you. And he hangs up.

    Great, you think to yourself. I'll need to find someone to take over though.

    You see the command staff on your way out.

    So what's going on?

    Called by Miro to a meeting… or something. I don't know. I have to leave tonight and I don't when I'll be back.

    What? Okay this is too much, how do they expect us to get them ready when they change things like this. Wait here I'll call them back…

    Look, we have to deal with uncertainty right? I'll just go say goodbye to my crew and explain this is an emergency and that they should expect a suitable replacement, right?

    Everyone looks at you a bit surprised.

    Yeah, sure, Johnathan says. Don't worry, I'll make sure everything will run smoothly.

    You say your goodbyes to everyone and head towards the middle of nowhere

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  • Gandhalfit
    Week 8
    Day 4

    The last few weeks have being very trying. Your company is made up of very keen individuals but their abilities and skills had to be built nearly from scratch. Besides that, some of the recruits are showing signs that they have had enough and it's slipping into your people too.

    After last week two people went AWOL, moral is down and arguments between recruits and commanders break out regularly. You get your company around to have an open discussion about why they are here, what they hope to achieve and then they can ask you the same.

    After the talk Johnathan comes along and asks why aren't you sticking to the program?

    I thought some introspection was called for. We can't rely on them if they're not sure why they came here and trusted us in the first place.

    Johnathan looks around at your company, all standing up straight, looking eager. Some of them look like they can carry a raid against the secret base right now. Okay, he says. Let's go around and make sure everyone gets it.

    You gather the whole base and have an open conversation with everyone. Only this time, you add a few balancing drills to do between each person that makes his mind known.

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  • Gandhalfit
    Week 8
    Day 3

    You wake up after not sleeping all that well. You know what to do with your new recruits but even after going through everything, things feel off. Who knows what could happen. You walk over to the main tent. Johnathan is there with the company of misfits.

    "And this is your new commander" you hear him say. I suggest you wouldn't waste time and get right to it.

    Johnathan leaves and you are left with about 15 people, all staring at you. You stand before them and go over the line quietly in your head one more time before saying it outloud.
    "I'm your new commander, my job is to make you fit enough to fight the Organization and defend everything you value. Line up outside in two rows facing each other and follow my lead".

    Okay that's enough. It's your turn to eat and we'll be back here in exactly ninety minutes from now for firearms. Any questions?

    No one is speaking. They just look tired and hungry.

    Okay, you go on. If anyone has any issues they want to discuss in private, come see me during your free time. Dismissed!
    They relax and start walking in groups towards the food tent. Not all too bad for day one as commander.

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  • Gandhalfit
    Week 8.
    Day 2: Rest.

    You have the morning off, no training the recruits, no guard duty. Just a nice quite morning with nothing to do. Wishing you did have something to do, you hear Johnathan, the platoon commander calling you.

    What's up?

    You did well yesterday he says. It's a bit weird hearing that from someone younger than you, not that young but still.

    Anyway, he goes on. I think we need to give you more to do around here, in training them I mean. We could use your experience in people relations that's for sure.

    I guess I could do that.

    Good. Then join other companies today to see how the commanders are doing and we'll give you some of the recruits we're not sure what do with.

    Oh, yeah, that makes sense.

    Don't look worried, they're alright just, less aggressive, older, younger, that sort of thing.

    That would be great, you reply.

    Okay come and see me tomorrow first thing, I'll have them ready for you.

    You turn away and begin to walk to the training zone outside the sleep area when you hear Johnathan again…

    "And remember, the better you are, the better they would become".

    Right. Okay, better get ready then.

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  • Gandhalfit
    Week 8
    Day 1
    The training is going on okay. There are some differences between the different villages and each new group has to be assessed and the trainees are being sorted according to their initial abilities. You are talking to one of your platoon members when you hear shouting from somewhere in the camp. You rush over and break up a circle of enthusiastic recruits who are cheering two of the younger member who are now scuffling on the ground. Some more instructors rush over and you all break up the commotion.

    What's this about then? Well one of you better answer. Your platoon commander asks the two who were fighting. There's silence for a few seconds and then one of them with a blue ribbon tied to his left wrist shouts that "this Ganu thinks he's better than us, he's always putting my friend down so I let him have it". The other guy doesn't stay quiet after this. "If you Asors were any good you wouldn't be feeling so worthless, it's not my fault you're weak". And at this trainees from all around start yelling at each other, almost starting a new fight. The Platoon commander tires to shout everybody down but no one is listening. He takes his rifle off his shoulder and fires a shot. Everybody is quiet now. Okay, he goes on. "Instructors take your troops and start training again. You two on the other hand are going to stay here until I decide what to do with you. Where I come from you could be executed for this". And he starts walking away. You quickly turn to your friend and ask him to keep an eye on the two and then you run after the platoon commander.



    I don't know what you plan to do with them but telling them you might kill them is not going to work.

    I know. He sighs. I don't know what to do with some them. They hate the organization but they also hate each other.

    Not all of them, you reply. And the Summer Hills and Taikunurs seemed to be liked by almost everyone.

    What do you suggest then?

    You hesitate for a bit but then tell him your plan.

    You gather everyone and let them know there's going to be a contest. Between the original platoon members and the strongest recruits from each village. If they can beat you you'll take them to the main base and inform HQ that are done and ready to fight. No more drills and no more standing in lines and no more cleaning.

    Sounds pretty good doesn't it?

    And what if you win. Someone from Summer Hill asks. They tend to be smarter than the rest.

    You will do exactly as you are told, we will train you to fight the Organization and anyone who won't toe the line will be arrested and sent to serve in Dardin- Quer.

    Everyone seems pretty excited and ready for a fight but that Summer Hill kid speaks again.

    But if you take one from each village, you're still outnumbered two to one.

    That's right, you say. What's the matter? Are you scared?

    That gets everyone going and you prepare to fight. It'll be a rough version of Catch the Flag. The first team to secure the other team's flag and get it to its own lines will win. But there's no strategy and no tactics. The field of play is small and it'll be fighting all the way.

    Your platoon was organized and the idea was to get the other side to try and beat you up. So when they were running around trying to throw as much punches as they can, you worked together, taking them out. Your win was obvious if not exactly easy and now it's time to get back to work.

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