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  • Gandhalfit
    Week 7
    Day 7

    You wake up before dawn and take the time to stretch for a bit. Soon you will be on your way with the special platoon that will gather and train new recruits to fight the organization from within the in-betweens. You watch the sun rise slowly through the foliage. When the light is bright enough you make your way down to the main hall of The Town. No movement is allowed between sun-down until morning. The watchers stay still in their positions surrounding the little base and make their way back in the morning. Nothing is left to chance.

    After breakfast Miro introduces you to your platoon. You're supposed to be heading out in a short while. He won't be coming with you, there is more work to do elsewhere. You set out on foot from The Town and head to your first destination. A small village with only five people in good enough shape to join but they are all willing. Two of them look no older than fifteen one of them looks like he must be in his late forties.
    You start them up with close combat skills. Two people sparring and muscles work during the spar when the head instructor gives the order:

    You will spend the next week gathering more people and train their physical and mental fitness. Weapons training will be handled by the other half of your platoon.

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  • Gandhalfit
    Week 7
    Day 6: rest.

    You wake up next morning and head down the tree. People, troops rather as they are all in uniform, line outside the Hall. You approach the back of the line and ask one of the soldiers if that's breakfast going on in there. He replies positively. You stand there while the line moves slowly but then you see Miro approaching.

    Come on you, we're going somewhere else. Don't worry, he adds, there will be breakfast on the cart.

    You walk for a while to get to the tracks and then you get to an old cart, well more like the engine itself. It is in fact an engine but it's really big and you don't need to do anything to get it to run. After about half the morning has past you arrive at a stop. An actual stop with people coming and going. When you ask, Miro explains that you arrived at a town which was built on the ruins of some big city and people here have taken pretty good care of themselves.

    So why are we here?

    I need some information and The Town needs supplies. That's why the others came.

    So… why am I here?

    Miro stops and turns to look at you, a somewhat annoyed expression on his face. "To keep me company. Let's go".

    After walking for a bit you go into a café, an actual café. You can't remember the last time you've been to a café. Miro looks around and apparently spots someone he knows and goes to his table at the back of the place. You sit down and the old man by the table gives a set of keys to Miro who quickly puts them in his pocket. They were a bit funny looking, the keys but you don't say anything.

    What will you have?

    Are we staying for coffee then?

    Yes, they have a really good crop of the stuff that they grow not far from here so why not. Besides, Miro leans in a bit closer and says, if we'll leave now it might draw attention, we just got in. You all sit around and drink and chat. The old man asks how things in Selunerini are. Miro says that the organization has taken over too many offices in the Glass Tower but they are still keeping low. They are waiting for something big.

    Why did you leave then? You can't hold yourself from barging in.

    They killed someone I was working close with, I couldn't take the risk. Besides someone has to make sure the underground against them is working properly. That's where you come in. He adds.

    Me? What do you need me for?

    This and that. You can't go back so why not help. I need people who can fight and think. I reckon you fit into that slot. Anyway, it's time to head back. Nice seeing you Glenn.

    The old man nods deeply and you get back to the station where the engine is waiting.

    The road back will be longer. This engine runs through several villages with grains and stuff. Ours is the last stop.

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  • Gandhalfit
    Week 7
    Day 5
    If you chose Power HIIT:

    A great part of the road is now cleared and most people would be able to walk over the rubbles without difficulty.

    Okay, let's move on The Town is not far.

    Why is it called The Town?

    They couldn't decide on a name.


    You walk for a bit and approach a line of trees. You can see lights hidden in the trees as you get closer.
    Two figures suddenly jump out of nowhere, pointing guns.

    Who are you and what do you want? One of them asks.

    Miro raises his hand up and say: "Mirrors that reflect the future".

    The guys put their guns down and the one who was shouting at you signal to someone behind in the trees line.
    Matt, show Miro and his friend here the way to the hall.

    Matt walks with you to a wooden structure that unlike the rest of the houses in "The Town" is built on the ground and is circular.
    Inside you see a woman who seems to recognize Miro. What took you so long?

    Unexpected delays. Miro answers.

    Isn't the unexpected the norm?

    Yes, but you still can't expect it. Anyway. I wanted to start right away but the road was blocked and we're tired from clearing it. And you should probably send some people to take care of the rest of it. It's really close to the end of the channel road.

    Okay, I'll tell Platoon 3 to take care of it. Your friend can join Platoon 1 in training. They have an easy day today. And in the meanwhile, you and I have some catching up to do.

    Miro sends you to the other end of the hall and through a door. On the outside you see a bunch of men and women standing around. It looks like they're about to start training.

    Hello friend of Miro, someone calls out to you. Find a place and let's get started. Everyone! Follow my lead.

    Great work everyone, now go and rest up.

    You walk back to the hall and see Miro.

    We have accommodations, I'll show you yours.

    You walk for a bit and then climb a ladder to a nice little two rooms tree house.

    If you chose Core Twister:
    You move along the channel, leaving Miro behind. After some walking you see lights ahead. You approach the line of trees and look around. Nothing seems suspicious other than the fact that the people here built their houses on the trees, at least it looks that way from where you're standing. You walk on when suddenly two armed figures approach.

    Stop right there. Who are you and what do you want?

    You raise your hands up and stay silent for a bit. If they're with the Organization I'm doomed.

    I asked, the young man with the gun go again, who are you and what do you want from us and you better answer or I'll shoot.

    Okay, I guess I'm doomed either way. I'm with Miro. The channel road is blocked and he sent me to get help.

    How will we know you're not lying?

    I have no idea, you answer. But you can check for yourselves, it's not far. I'll wait here in handcuffs if it'll make you feel better.

    The two look at each other, guns still pointing. The one who was shouting to you pulls a little black box from his pocket. "Kira, we have here an unknown person who says Miro is in the channel road and it needs clearing". The box, which doesn't look anything like a communication device makes some noises back. Okay, the guy, puts the box back. Loon, get over here. From the line of trees, some more young people approach. Kira said to get him to the town hall. You go with two others. Matt you stay here on guard with Julia and Iyar, platoon 3 will come to your back in a few minutes. The rest, with me. The road needs clearing.
    You are being escorted through "The Town" and into a circular wooden structure. Unlike the rest of the houses, it is built on the ground. Inside are some tables and an elevated platform in the center.

    Wait here, you are told.

    After a couple of hours, Miro walks in with the guy who stopped you at the entrance and his platoon.

    I hope you had a nice rest Miro jokes. The real work is just starting. You need to work with these people here, to see what is the level required so that we can pass the method of training to others.

    What others?

    Others who want to fight the Organization.

    Anyway, enough chit chat. You'll be starting with the rookies and then move to the operational platoons.

    What is Miro thinking? That I can train In-betweeners? …

    Your thoughts are interrupted by a "Hello mate!" I'm just about to put these guys here through some basic combat training. I got your details from Miro. Just join in.

    You walk to stand near the other six men and women, though that's a bit of a stretch, they all look in their very early twenties.

    Okay guys, the person who spoke to you shout, just follow me.

    Warm up:

    Main course:


    Okay, Class B. Back to the trees. You there... Go back to the hall. Can you find your way there or do you need escort?

    I'll be fine thanks.

    Okay, then. Everyone let's go.

    You walk back and see Miro.

    We have accommodations, I'll show you yours.

    You walk for a bit and then climb a ladder to a nice little two rooms tree house.

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  • Gandhalfit
    Week 7
    Day 4:

    You get to a part of the road that is blocked by boulders and smaller rocks. Miro takes a look around.

    Can't we just climb a bit and go ahead? You suggest.

    We could, but we need this path clear. There are others who need to use it. On the other hand I don't want to lose time… what do you think?

    We could shift some this ourselves. You answer.

    Or you could go ahead and get others to help clear this. The town is not far now.

    (Stay with Miro to help clear the rubbles) (lvl 4)


    (Go ahead and get help) (lvl 4 - shorter)

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  • Gandhalfit
    Week 7
    Day 3:

    Why does my back hurt so much? This is really uncomfortable. Maybe I should look. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!
    You get up to find a huge metallic worm bobbing its head from your back. You fall down to the floor and suddenly you're in the mountains, looking out to the faraway sea. There's a high pitch noise and you look around to see where it's coming from but it gets louder and then everything turns searingly bright and the trees are burning. You don't feel any pain but everything around is obliterated, even the mountains are gone and the sea has evaporated. You feel the pain in your back again and you turn around to look.

    There's a bright lamp light above you. You sit up and see Miro standing next to your bed.

    Hey man. How are you?

    Weak. You manage to say.

    Well it was a while before they could find the thing so I'm not surprised.

    Where is everyone?

    We found a lot of information on those chips and everyone was eager to get ahead of the Organization, so they are out there making themselves useful.

    Can I ask…

    No, not now. Get yourself recovered because we need to get going. I'll fill you in later on what you need to know.

    Whenever you're ready:

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  • Gandhalfit
    Week 7
    Day 2: Rest

    How long before he wakes up?

    We are giving him pretty strong sedatives but in a slow drip. That would take all day. I prefer he sleeps strongly and deeply now, it'll speed up his recovery.

    Of course, if you think that's best.

    Are you in a hurry to get him out of here Miro? Is there something we should know?

    Nothing you need to worry about, not more than usual. I just have a lot of work to do and I need him with me.

    If you say so. I was sorry to hear about your friend, I met him once after we've set up the town and he seemed nice…

    This is war. This is what happens in war.

    I'll leave you to it then.

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  • Gandhalfit
    Week 7
    Day 1

    You Dan and Slav made it to another safe house Miro set up a while ago. Well more like a safe shack and you spend the night in the underground bomb shelter, wrapped in an aluminum blanket.

    "In case those chips will be activated" Slav said.

    Won't the underground bit take care of it?

    We don't even know if they use radio waves and we only have a few hours here.


    Slav and Dan wake you up and say they have a location for a surgery. It'll be half way between where you are now and the hospital – "so they won't find out where it is".
    We need to go now.

    Hit the ground running – you need to get to a secret town where you will finally, maybe be able to sort everything out. There's some rough terrain to cross.

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  • Gandhalfit
    Day 7: rest

    John. It has been a while.

    Yes sir. I was trying to get a handle on all that subterranean activity. All the while John Slarick tried to remember, when did his commander referred to him by his first name.

    Not our subterranean activity I hope John.

    Haha, no of course not. That would be counterproductive wouldn't it sir?

    Wouldn't it just. Tell me John, how is your role here with Selunerini's protection crews? Does it satisfy you to know that all their daily nags are about to be a thing of the past? Do you relish in the thought that soon they will all beg for mercy?

    This was weird, John thought to himself and he took his time before answering. The city system is corrupt and I am glad I can take part in the destruction of it.

    A loyal answer. Tell me then, why does the Farm 4 center keep having technical difficulties?

    I wouldn't know sir. I don't deal with Farm 4.

    Then why a file that was forwarded to one of the commanders in the Sky-ers crew, about people at Farm 4, was found on your personal secured data storage?

    This was it, John knew it. I need to get a message to Miro, I have to buy time.

    No answer to that? A group of people from our organization were arrested a few days ago, in Selunerini. That much you know. What you don't know is that some of them were released due to lack of compelling evidence. See that's the problem when you conduct mess-arrests. You can't find all the players and some are let loose with the extras.

    The distress signaler was glued to the inside of John's shoe, so it would be easy to reach. But "how do I press it without raising suspicion?"

    And those people informed me of the questions they were asked. That led us to your hidden database… what are you doing?

    John looked resolute. It doesn't matter anymore. The button was pressed and all he could do was to hope that Miro would be able to get to the mayor on time.

    Get him.

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  • Gandhalfit
    Week 6
    Day 6

    I am heading back with Ket. Beard will go with you. You will meet Miro at the hospital and if the information on your chips is good, we might be able to sort you all out. Get you back to Selunerini, Slav and Adanech back to Dardin- Quer. Get rid of the organization.

    It's almost too good to be true.

    You're not there yet, so don't get comfortable.

    Keturah comes to wish you a good journey but Brigid is acting restless so your goodbyes are short.

    Beard introduces two optional routes

    The first one is above ground and goes through the mountains

    Or the other route. Through the tunnels

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  • Gandhalfit
    Week 6
    Day 5: Rest

    You learn that the villagers were tipped off as to your location and were told you would have tradable chips. Beard and Brigid take over the questioning and learn some details about the people who came to the village at the top of the mountain. You then release the captives back to their village since there's no more information you can get out of them. One of them, in thanks, tells you about a cave you can rest in.

    Why didn't you bring your guns? Brigid asks as soon as you get into the cave.

    We were on the run. Why didn't you?

    We are Farmers we're not supposed to carry them outside the farm sweetheart.

    But you're Protection Crew.

    It doesn't matter, Beard intervenes. Anyway, we have information to swap don't we.

    You tell them about Dave and they tell you about the hidden chips. "Keturah found out about them".

    Yeah, apparently you were in a hospital back in Selunerini…

    I know that.

    Do you mind?

    Sorry, go ahead.

    That doctor is with the organization and she thought it would be a good idea to hide them on you, someone totally not important and use the accident as an excuse. I'm guessing she was getting desperate and needed to hide them. That's why they're after you.

    Beard jumps in the conversation again. We thought it had something to do with your work and that threw our search off.

    What's on them? You continue.

    We don't know, Miro only found out a few days ago.

    How did he find out?

    Look sweetheart, we don't have all the details.

    Beard got up at that point to calm you down. "But with what you told us about that Dave person, a clearer picture can be put together".

    Miro just gave me a list of names he came across, Keturah continues, and me and Calev checked them. Her past wasn't put together properly so we relayed it back to Miro and he talked to her or arrested her or whatever and she told him about the chips, eventually.

    How was it not found out in all the extensive medical testings I had?

    Well they're not very active. They have all this information on them and other than that we think they signal out not very often but in regular intervals.

    And another thing, that was Brigid. We're gonna need to get them out.

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  • Gandhalfit
    Week 6
    Day 4

    You just wait around for a while when suddenly you see Ket, Keturah running at you, shouting: Help they are fighting them, it's only me and Brigid and Beard, help them.

    Okay, stay here and hide you tell her. And you rush with the others in the direction Ket came from.

    After a short run you see Brigid and Beard engaged in a fight with 6 other people. You're not sure what's going on but you rush in to help

    It was an easy enough fight. Two of whoever attacked ran away when they saw you and you were able to beat down and capture the other four.

    Well this a welcoming fit for a city dweller. Beard beams at you and even Brigid seems happy to see you.

    You go back to get Keturah while the others are starting to question the captives.

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  • Gandhalfit
    Week 6
    Day 3

    You wake up before the other two and check the computer terminal for messages. Calev sent a file with coordinates and a date and no explanations. You wait for Slav and Dan to wake up and boil some water for coffee out at the fire pit.

    Why didn’t you wake me straight away?

    I thought you could use the rest. Besides, if those coordinates are where I think they are, we can't use that thing (you point out to the weird 4 wheeled vehicle parked outside) to get there. So we'll need all the rest we can get.

    Oh just drink your coffee while we can enjoy a bit of rest Slav Dan says while making her way to the fire with her tin mug.

    Fine, but next time just wake me up.

    You go over the maps with your morning coffee.

    There are two main routes we can take Slav says. One of them is shorter and relatively safer but, it's through the dense forest. It's not really a route but was made by animals so a lot of obstacles.
    The second option is through a road that was used in old times and it's longer and easier but, others know about it

    Option 1 (level 4 workout)


    Option 2 (level 3 workout) (Minimum of 5 sets)

    You make it to the rendezvous but no one else is there yet. So now what?

    I guess we set up camp and wait. If they're not here within half a day we should head out to another safe spot.

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  • Gandhalfit
    Week 6
    Day 2: rest

    You travelled through the city and out through the secret tunnels where the automatic carts are kept. You kept going throughout the night. Now that the sun is coming up you ask where are you all heading to?
    Further north is all Slav says. The air is getting colder and your surrounding greener.
    You get out near a little stone house in the mountains. This looks like the mountains near Selunarini, you tell Dan and Slav.

    Maybe but we're further away from Selunarini now.

    Let's get inside and get settled.

    After you all set up comfortable places to sleep in, Slav pulls out some rations and started a fire outside in the yard. You all gather around the fire and wait for the meal to get cooked.

    Okay, it's time to catch up on information Slav says. I found out, when I got back from a mission that someone, I don't know who, wants to turn you into the hands of the "Organization". I guess they think it'll give them some rest from all the cross "in-between" raids we've been having lately. I just had to get you out and Dan as well since you worked together as a team. Your turn.

    The woman who helped me at the "in-between" after our escape said that Dave was born there and left when he was fourteen. Only he wasn't called Dave back then. I think she said he's name was Toribus or Troy or something… I managed to forget. She said one day he disappeared but she recognized him in one of the raids the city was doing, a few years later. She was younger then and didn't want the raids to continue so she contacted one of the farms and got to be a source of intel and a safe house. In return they made sure she and her family always had enough food. Along the years she found out more and more and she is certain that Dave is that Troy or whatever guy.

    Do you think it was Dave all along? Dan asked.

    All I know is that someone from an "in-between" found his way to the top of Darndin-Quer's intelligence command. That looks weird.

    Okay. Now that we may have a lead here. I'll contact Farm 2 with this information. They are the only ones we can trust right now.

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  • Gandhalfit
    Week 6
    Day 1

    (If you did 3 sets or less of War song – )

    As you sit in the dark and wonder yet again, how did you end up in this mess you hear two distant voices approaching:
    According to his signal it's another 2 kilometers straight ahead.

    What are we supposed to do with him when we'll find him?

    Just restrain him and get him back to headquarters for Dave to question.

    I knew they shouldn't have trusted an outsider…

    You decide not try and listen to rest of the conversation. Good thing Slav's choice of location threw them off. You start skulking away, keeping low.

    This place seems safe enough. You send Slav a message and wait for him to pick you up.


    (If you did 5 sets or more of war song )

    As you sit in the dark and wonder yet again, how did you end up in this mess you hear two distant voices approaching but you can't really make up what they're saying. You decide to move in closer to hear better:
    According to his signal it's another 2 kilometers straight ahead but this place is known as a cross signals junction so keep your eyes open, he could be anywhere within those 2 kilometers.

    What are we supposed to do with him when we'll find him?

    Just restrain him and get him back to headquarters for Dave to question.

    I knew they shouldn't have trusted an outsider.

    I don't know he seemed to be doing okay and to honest, things have been off lately. But orders are orders, anyway they made clear they want him alive and well so put that gun back.

    You text Slav from your hideout in the garden above them. Slav texts back that he is on his way. You keep low but the two guys are still searching around. You get another text from Slav saying he and Dan are at the lower level and can't get to you because there are too many eyes around. You'll have to come to them.

    You start skulking away, keeping low.

    (Do 1 set of: )

    Did you hear that?

    Yes he's over there…

    They already saw you acting suspicious, there's no point in playing dumb now. Time to get all in:

    Get in…

    You see Slav in a strange looking vehicle and you jump in.

    Time to hit the road. We're getting out of here.

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  • Gandhalfit
    Week 5
    Day 7: Rest

    You finally caught up with Slav. He found you and took you through a side door to one of the top gardens.

    I'm going to get Adanech so just wait here. They probably got your chip to work so they can track you so if you get a message from anyone, answer it and say you are out with friends. If they'll think you're with us maybe they'll think twice.

    Slav, what's going on?

    I'll explain later. I need to go.

    Why leave me here in this garden.

    It's at a tracking devices cross-road so it'll give us time. Whatever you do, don't act suspicious. If anyone comes along just pretend to enjoy the night's air. If you are getting taken, play along and act dumb.

    And he leaves. Play dumb. That wouldn't be so hard.

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