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The Scarecrow's Dance

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    The Scarecrow's Dance
    Week 3
    Day 1 (day 15)

    You wake up and for 3 long seconds you feel great. Then you remember. All you can think about is going back to the Control Room to find out more. The early dawn sky is a deep blue, both inspiring and intimidating. You step off the porch and see Brigid walking towards you.
    Good, you're awake, I thought I would have to knock.
    You make it sound as if I'm late for something.
    You might be Brigid answers. Your absence from wherever you're supposed to be in, has been noticed. We need to get you out of here. Go wake Beard up and tell him to meet me where the old track begins. We'll head out when you two are ready so hurry up. Also, tell him that the Dardin-Quer* group is supposed to meet with you in 2 days' time.

    The three of you are walking for a while now. Brigid turns to Beard and says "I need to go back before the next shift starts, you can't be away for more than three days or they'll come looking, you know that right?
    I know, I know. Stop worrying I'll be fine.
    You watch Brigid walking away on the old tracks back to the farm. You and Beard head further east to the valley. Okay, Beard says, from here we need to use the passage we've constructed. The area is full of drones and the odd patrol. From what we know there aren't any squads watching from ground level.
    What's ground level?
    Troops, on the ground, hiding in ambush for whoever may come.
    You could have said that…
    Just be quiet and follow me. It goes through vegetation, tree tops and bits of it are underground. Be prepared to punch and crawl your way through. (I know...)

    You come out from the last bit of the passage, according to Beard. You see him panting on the ground looking worse than you ever looked. Are you alright?
    Yeah, just getting on a bit, you know. Beard catches his breath and you continue to walk. As the sun rises to your right you can see that the mountains are far behind you and the terrain is a lush green plain. Hey, won't they see us?
    Shouldn't be able to. Not unless they have a drone or a patrol way out of the usual paths.
    That's a big 'unless' don’t you think?
    Naa, we have people in the outposts, they let us know when something unusual happens.
    You hear a thunder and see thick, dark clouds in the distance.
    Good, you hear Beard say. This should make things easier.
    Easier? Maybe. Pleasant? Not at all.

    *Dardin-Quer is another city state, smaller than Selunerini and the other major cities


      The Scarecrow's Dance
      Week 3
      Day 2 (Day 16) (the days are getting longer and longer...)

      You wake up after yesterday's journey all sore and miserable. I really don't mind walking for hours and hours and I really don't mind pouring rain, you tell Beard. But I do mind walking for hours in the pouring rain.
      Beard sighs. To make a true warrior, you must except that some things are out of your control and learn to deal with them with a peaceful mind.
      I'm not a warrior!
      Sadly, you are right about that. You are not a warrior… yet. But I'm afraid you're going to have to learn. Here have some tea and I'll fill you in on what I know.

      The cities started out as aggregates of random people who found refuge together after "The Last War", you know that much… they wanted to make sure that the "The Last War" would remain exactly that. So, they gathered anyone good enough, smart enough, malicious or kind enough, to rule over whoever was left. A lot people, or at least enough people didn't agree with them. To avoid fighting these people they have set up the "In-Betweens" where anyone who didn't want to join the cities or their Control Areas could live, as long as they didn't get too strong or too big for the cities' comfort. But humans, can't stay still no matter the circumstances, it's against our nature. Some in the Farms and In-Betweens and the Cities as well, have organized to take over the cities and all their wealth to themselves. They are not good people, trust me. They don't want justice or better living for everyone. No, they want to control everything and everyone.
      How would you know that?
      I was one of them Beard answers. You puzzle at that statement but let him continue uninterrupted…

      Now, your problem began when you were asked to map out Selunerini's own "not so under control" parts. That's because they, "the organization", use those parts to recruit more people, to hide someone when they need to, to organize illegal funds transfers… whatever. Better mapping was going to be the first step towards better control. They were going to follow your work and make sure it won't be taken to the next stage. Then the train crash happened and city officials took your work from the hospital to give to someone else. Somehow, you made it out with hardly any damage and it seemed that things were going back to "normal" but they had to get closer to you. They had to be sure the city didn't think to give you more staff or take your work away from you. They probably also wanted to know how much your superiors knew about them. I'm guessing that's where someone made a mistake since it drove you away and put things further away from their control. Miro, your friend, is high up on the Protection Crews Chain of food. He is one of few officials who knows what is going on beneath the surface. Luckily you know him. If it weren’t for him… well I imagine they would have recruited you, one way or another, or at least killed you, out of kindness.

      You look at Beard and wonder what to think. After a few minutes it starts to rain again. Good, Beard says, it's time to practice self-control and calmness – through physical exercises of course…

      You finish working out and start walking again. After an hour or so you hear some weird sounding birds and Beards stops. It's about time, I thought I was going to miss my window back. Two figures come down from the tree above you.
      Hey Beard, sorry but we were spotted at some point. Is that him?
      No, we left him at the farm and got someone else they don't want…
      Funny, the guy of the duo replies. Anyway, we're going to have to hide for a bit because they're probably watching the way back.
      Well isn't that encouraging, Beard tells them in an exasperated voice. Well, Beard turns to you, at least you can rest for a bit. It's been a pleasure knowing you man he says.
      Likewise, you answer.
      I hope we will meet again under happier circumstances.
      Hey Beard! Before you go, can I ask, why are all of you are going out of your way to help me?
      Beard exchange glances with the other two… well we're the good guys, right? Beard leaves his smile on for a bit and finally goes "and you could be holding helpful information, or at least, if you are important to them, you should be important to us… but essentially man, we're the good guys." Take care of yourself… and these two over here, I don't think they're totally focused. Beard laughs at his own joke and starts walking away, the man and woman who are now in charge of your safety are saluting to him as he gets farther away.

      And that's it. Beard heads back and you're left with a couple of strangers to spend the rest of the day and maybe night, up a tree, or a hole in the ground or something…
      Hi, I'm Adanech, says the woman. You can call me Dan and this is Slavik. You better get up and get some rest, we'll need it. She points to a rope tied to the upper level of a tree. You get up and look at the general direction Beard went to from inside your cover of leaves but you can't make him out. You fall asleep pretty quickly…


        The Scarecrow's Dance
        Week 3
        Day 3 (Day 17)

        'Dan' wakes you up in a startled voice, "quickly, we have to get away". You get down, followed by Slavik and the three of you crouch over a map Adanech has. It is pitch dark and her green flashlight only illuminates a small portion of the map.
        Don't you have computers at all?
        Not if we want to stay undetected, Slavik replies.
        Okay, Slavik! Like we planned, you head here to the traps and I'll take him with me to the tracks.
        Okay, good luck you two, and he runs off with his flashlight on.
        Adanech looks at you and says, just follow me, I hope you can run. You both start to head off further north…

        After a lot of running and some walking and ducking, you suddenly fall over something rough. Oh good, you hear Adanech saying, you found the tracks. Now we'll just follow it to the cart we've hidden.
        Glad I could help, you say with your face still in a bush of something. You get to the cart and you see that on the inside there are no seats, only a strange device, apparently it operates the wheels.
        We'll wait for Slav here and then take turns to get back to D.Q.
        D.Q? You mean Dardin-Quer? Nice, I've always wanted to see it.


          The Scarecrow's Dance
          Week 3
          Day 4 (Day 18)

          Slavik got back and said he definitely lost them. I think they were "Flames" he says, not Protection Crews.
          This complicates things.
          I agree… Slavik and Adanech look at your puzzled expression. Then Slavik says, "Flames" is our nickname for those who do all the dirty work for the organization that's chasing you. They are mostly from this In-Between.
          We're in the In-Between?
          Yeah. It's actually their tracks we're using, but there aren't any actual trains with engines. Just these manual carts.
          If you want, Adanech says, I'll take the first shift and you can look outside the window. Slavik would take the last one. Adanech sits on the weird looking chair and starts operating it. It takes the whole body to work and there are several ways to operate it, presumably to make sure one could keep going when one bit of him or her tires. As she suggested, you look outside and watch the landscape change from wild green to tiny towns and villages to yellowing earth and low shrubs. Okay, your turn…

          You are exhausted from that workout and Slavik takes your place. When you get out from the cart, all you can see is a desert.
          Don't worry, Slavik says, looks can be deceiving.


            The Scarecrow's Dance
            Week 3
            Day 5 (Day 19): Rest

            You quickly learn that Dardin-Quer is green and cool in stark contrast to its hot, yellow surroundings. It is built on a mountainy oasis, deep in the land, to the east of the ocean. Everything around is a desert but Dardin-Quer has underground water reservoirs, both artificial and natural. The entire city is constructed in a way that allows for optimal water preservation. As soon as you arrived, the Mayor's personal defense crew took you away. Adanech said not to worry but you haven't seen her or Slavik since. The security guards did give you a place to shower and rest in their H.Q. But no one said anything that might help put your mind at ease.

            You wait in the Mayor's office at the *Sunflower Palace when the mayor herself walks in.
            I understand you walked a long way to get here, we're happy to have you.
            Thank you Mayor, it wasn't exactly optional, it just sort of happ…
            As it is, you are here as a refugee, without a habitat permit, worse than that, you belong to a different city.
            Worse even further, the Mayor continues, is that Selunerinian officials suspect you might be here. As we have trade and security agreements with Selunerini, once you have in fact arrived, we are obligated to let them know that. The fact that you were employed at the Mayor's Office, makes this a very delicate situation… That could be solved, she goes on given your stunned silence, but it would be helpful to have… leverage.
            Her attack was surprising and rapid and all you can say is "what do you need to know?"

            Miro... You lost him haven't you?
            Naaa. I asked my friends to take him someplace I wouldn't be able to find him. Slarick was taken aback by this. Miro continued, if I don't know where he is, your commander can't make me tell him… that is, given that he would know to ask me that in the first place.
            Don't worry Miro, I am a double agent, not a triple one.
            Trust is all we have left isn't it?
            Indeed. I just hope your scarecrow won't decide to trust the wrong people Miro.

            *Sunflower Palace is Dardin-Quer's government (mayor's) building.


              The Scarecrow's Dance
              Week 3
              Day 6 (Day 20)

              You told the Mayor and whoever was in that room, pretty much your entire life story. I think I'm getting a bit tired of being pushed around like this you think to yourself. They gave you a bed in the body guards crew H.Q. where you were before. This morning a familiar face wakes you up. Adanech! What happened, why are you here?

              Please call me Dan. This is my H.Q., well, ours, but you know.

              I thought you were trying to evade the Protection Crews?

              Yes, because we're "Bodyguards". The Protection Crews don't know much about "The Organization" or the "Flames" or anything really. They keep the city safe from visible enemies. Departmentalization is key.

              In Selunerini the Body Guards are Protection Crews.

              Well, here we are counter terrorism and intelligence. Emphasis on intelligence and, separate from the Crews.

              Feeling really tired, you look at her a bit angrily. What do you need from me now? If she was taken aback she's not showing it.

              I thought, since you're not allowed out on your own yet, to join our shift. There's a workout, then shower, briefing and then we need to go to cafés and gardens and spy on people, see if they're plotting something.

              She says it with such a mundane tone and you're not sure if she is being serious or not.
              Amm.. okay, I guess.

              Do try not to look so miserable. From what I've heard your future is not at all certain here, you need to be more confident or at least look confident, if you don't want troubles.

              What do you mean?

              Look, we help the Farms and other cities to keep hostile factors at bay because we need to keep safe. That doesn't mean we're nice. We get a lot of intel out of it and not just security related. We can manipulate trade between different groups in the In-Betweens, other cities… There are a lot of implications. Unlike Selunerini who chooses not to meddle in other people's affairs in the hopes it will keep them safe, we don't have that option. What we know puts us at an advantage in our relationships with other cities. Otherwise we would have stayed a small, insignificant oasis and we probably would have been wiped out decades ago.

              What's that got to do with me?

              You are here now, you are a bit of a political mess as far as we're concerned and you may be important to someone who wants to harm us. You have to decide how you want to continue. Until they'll allow you to decide, I think you should stay in shape. Mentally and physically so that you could have more options. Also, the more people you'll befriend here the less likely they are to vote against you.

              Vote against me?

              There have been words about putting you on a cart to the middle of an In-Between and leaving you there. There have been other words too…

              Can't I just leave?

              Not until they'll decide what you are to us. And besides, where would you go? Back to Selunerini where the Glass Tower think you're a criminal and the organization would definitely try to kill you, back to Farm 2 and hope that no one would come looking, to a town in an In-Between to live as a hired whatever, probably not gun?

              Okay, I get it. Let's just do this.

              You get to the training hall and Dan says she'll be your partner for the warm up but "I want you to train with the others so when he says to switch just get to someone, shake hands and get to it. And cheer up!"

              Warm up and

              This wasn't so bad you think to yourself. I guess time on the farm helped.


                The Scarecrow's Dance
                Week 3
                Day 7

                You and Dan looked like a couple on a date. The rest of yesterday included wandering around gardens and restaurants. It didn't feel like spying on people but that's what you were doing. "We're trying to find infiltrators and anyone who might help them". That's what Dan said but, to you it felt like a nice day out. Then you went back to your "room". You tried to read and play video games but your stress levels were too much to handle. You called Dan and she said "try not to worry, I'll be back tomorrow".

                Dan returns the next day with Slavik.

                Slavik, great to see you. Dan said you were taken for questioning. What's that about?

                We both were but mine took longer. It's just standard procedure. Anyway I hear you're having troubles coping with your unknown future. I don't blame you, it's tough going through ridicules scenarios and trying to wonder what will happen when you have no clue.

                Yes. But I guess that's normal.

                Normal or not you need to learn to handle stress. Stress can be your friend if you can control it. Sit down, both of you, we'll do this together.

                You start with a few minutes of meditating: (or just speak positively to yourselves, practice mindfulness or anything else you may know).

                How was it?


                Don't worry, it takes practice just like using your muscles but after practicing for a while you can get better control over your mind and body. "And now, the warrior takes the next step" Slavik declared theatrically.


                After you finished Dan and Slav were called away but you are now allowed to walk around the residential area without supervision…


                  This one is a bit long

                  The Scarecrow's Dance

                  Week 4

                  Day 1

                  You feel better after yesterday but when you tried to get to an info station, suddenly the alarms went off and the bodyguard's compound went into a lockdown. You asked someone about it and she said not to worry "it's just a drill". Some timing. This morning you are determined to resume your research. You go to the recruit's study hall in the hopes that newbies would be too embarrassed to ask questions. You spot one of them getting up from a station and head towards it. He didn't log off properly – brilliant, you don’t even need to use your own account. If I am doing something wrong, you think to yourself, it would take them a while to find out.

                  The first connection you try is to Farm 2. Calev is on the other side.

                  Hey, we got the news you made it to Dardin-Quer okay. What took you so long? We've found something interesting.

                  Kalev, I need you to send me anything about the war from Selunerini military files.

                  Oh we're fine by the way. There was an attempted raid after you left, on Farm 5. That set off the Security Crews, we had to go into hiding, Ket and I that is. Brigid kept them away but Just was in a bit of a state, they took him in for questioning because he's originally from there, he's back now but not really talking to anyone. There's a lot of mess lately and we're getting a lot of com signals from all over so Ket and I started searching for more current information and found something that could be useful but if you want to brush up on your history, no problem…

                  Kalev! I'm a bit of a prisoner here actually... and I don't know how long I can use this post. I'm sorry that happened and tell Just to hang in there. But I was trying to stay alive… now, let's start again. I need to find out what is going on and how I am related to it. I thought finding out about how we got to this state in the first place would help me understand but if you have something better I would be grateful to hear it. How are you and Ket by the way? And Beard?

                  We're fine. It's what we found that concerns you…

                  Calev told you about something called "Satellite" and how The Organization wants to use it to undermine the city states. Miro's name came up in some of the communications Ket and Kalev intercepted but he said it wasn't clear what he has to do with it exactly. And anyway "you should take any Security Crew job Dardin - Quer will offer you. They need to trust you because right now The Organization" wants you but nobody is sure why. So don't try to access information that might be too sensitive. When they'll ask you, say you want a simple job that would allow you to make a significant contribution to the city's security."

                  After your conversation you got away from the info post and went straight to the open gym. "No time to waste, I have to look the part". You choose one of the intermediate combat programs and get started.



                    Week 4 Day 2

                    Your Scarecrow looks different Miro. I had our agents in Dardin-Quer follow him. They couldn't get too close, the Body Guards have taken him in but the images they did send are showing, well, a mild but obvious change.

                    As long as he's still an insecure, scattered minded geek we can go ahead as planned Slarick, don't worry.

                    But that's my point, there's something in his eyes that's changed. I'll send you the outdoors workout the Body Guards images I have. Look at his eyes and tell me if that's the person you were counting on to play as a bait.


                    Amm I see what you mean.

                    Yeah and that's just the warm up but he looks so focused. I think we should make the next step now before we would lose all control over him.

                    I think you may be right Slarick. Okay, go ahead then.


                      Day 3: Rest day so a bit of sidelines and background

                      Why Scarecrow Miro? I thought they were supposed to keep birds away from fields but you meant for him to attract everybody's attention so they can't see us.

                      It is true that traditionally scarecrows 'scare away' but people found that after a while the birds get used to the dummy and use it as a comfortable resting point. Where my family is originally from people hung long clothes on scarecrows to wave in the wind and make the scarecrow look like it's moving, they also attached pieces of meat or dead birds to keep them away. It didn't work. After a while the birds and other animals would catch on so instead, they put the scarecrows away and then the birds and animals followed. They thought the food will be where the scarecrow is.

                      I guess that makes sense.

                      Of course some people insist there's more to that story.

                      What's that then?

                      The scarecrows, driven away from humans and back in nature came alive. They searched for their makers.

                      Okay, and?

                      Turned on them for making them work against nature in the first place.

                      Great, thanks for that.

                      Miro and Slarick continued the rest of their journey to the outskirts of Farm 4 in silence.


                        Week 4 day 4

                        WAKE UP YOU LOWLIFES it's time for some crawling.

                        What's going on? You ask Tam in the bed above you.

                        Who knows, just get going. "Crawling", phwa! More like "time for some torturing".

                        You walk along with the other trainees across the courtyard, past the city's gardens and out to the wilderness. In the dim light of pre-morning you notice rows upon rows of low barb wires.
                        Are we supposed to crawl under all that?

                        SILENCE! You will use all you have to control yourselves, you will crawl under all those barb-wires and you will do it on your backs.

                        Oh for f… sakes, you think to yourself.

                        IN ORDER BY COMPANIES… GO, GO, GO


                        Your abs are on fire and your back has gone through hell. You start to think that maybe a life in the In-between might not be such a bad idea


                          Week 4 Day 5

                          You're camped out in the desert with the rest of your company. The morning is stifling hot and upsetting. The next drill is Couple's Navigation. Your partner, Tam, heard vicious rumors about this exercise and unfortunately, Tam's info usually turns out to be correct.

                          You gather for the briefing with the other teams.

                          Okay listen up. You and your partner need to get from here to a pick-up point, somewhere along the outer perimeter. There are 5 points with coordinates for 5 teams and you will raffle the coordinates from this hat. If you have studied the routes and terrain well, you should be fine. You are also given a map and a tracker inside a sealed envelope. If you get lost or more than 24 hours have past and you're still not at the pick-up point, you may open it and call for help. It also means you failed the exercise and I don't know what happens after that, it's none of my business but you will be out of here. You also have your usual equipment with you. Every gun and knife and bullet are counted for so don't lose them and don't use them unless you absolutely have to, or… you will fail. The drill sergeant looks at you and continues: some of you, really can't afford to fail. Okay, get here by your team number and pick a note.

                          You and Tam are team 3. You wait for the other two teams to get their gear and envelopes and go to the drill sergeant holding the hat with the remaining three notes.

                          The first few hours of walking are going pretty well. So far you recognize the mountains, hills and channels that supposed to lead you to your destination. Tam knows the terrain better than you and have corrected your part of the navigation at one point.

                          We should be getting there in the next ten hours or so if we keep this pace, Tam says. I think it's time for a food break. You get to a high point to make sure there won't be any surprises, go back down and start eating your ration. You get through half a can when out of nowhere four *Flames jump you out of a hiding place that looks just like a rock.

                          Tam shoots one of them but misses. He aims again and yells at you to shoot them.

                          You yell back "they're unarmed man". You point your rifle at one of the two who are running at you and yell "we have food you can take back with you, we won't report this".
                          The flame stops and laughs. It's you we want he says and the other one fires at you.

                          You are thrown backwards and lose hold of your rifle. You see Tam on the ground wrestling one of the flames and getting kicked by the other. They only have stunners you think to yourself. You roll backwards and get to your feet. You see your rifle and run for it. The other two are right behind you. There's no time or indeed space to load, aim and fire. You start fighting them while holding your weapon:


                          You knock one of them unconscious and grab his stunner. You shoot him with it and then shoot the other one twice. You go over to Tam who is still fighting one of them and looks pretty badly injured. You get closer and kick the flamer away then you shoot him twice with the stunner.

                          Tam has collapsed to the ground and is breathing heavily. He is bleeding from his eye and thigh. There's no time to waste. You open the envelope and call for help. In the time it gets the rescue to get to you, you take out some bandages for Tam and tie up your attackers. Maybe it will help at the questioning later.

                          *Flames is code name for In-Betweeners who are paid by The Organization to attack trains and cities.


                            Week 4 Day 6: Rest

                            You and Tam have been taken to a hospital. The staff there insisted on running all the medical tests on you so for now the security questioning has been delayed. Tam seems to be recovering all right. He lost some blood but he was conscious the whole time and now he's in the recovery room. Your prisoners were taken to a separate wing. You see your company commander at the far end of the hallway. She's walking towards you.
                            "They need to question you now".

                            What's going to happen?

                            I don't know but you've been taken out of service and I was told they needed you in the Sunflower Council Hall. I think they're going to vote on whether they'll allow you to stay.

                            You sit in the council hall listening to a discussion about the future of the city, the in-betweens, the Organization and you. They talk about you as if you weren't there, a line in a report. Some of them think you're an asset, some say you're a spy. Adanech talked on your behalf, the mayor gave some supportive statements. But in the end it's down to a vote by the council. They could decide to keep you in the security crew, send you on a train to an in-between, execute you… Finally, you are called to speak for yourself.

                            Tell us, why are you here.

                            I don't really know, you say. I stumbled upon something in a map, I got into a train crash, I was chased, I was helped… and that's how I got here. You know all the details.

                            Miro, the security agent who you claimed helped you, has denied knowing you. Selunerinian officials said you ran with classified material and are asking for your extradition. What do you say to that? The chief investigator asked. Murmurs of agreement and anger were suddenly heard across the hall.

                            I told you all I know. I don't know why Miro would say that and… I don't think I care anymore. I was dragged into this… thing and I have tried to do deal with it the best I could. I wanted to understand but I don't have enough information. I joined the training program to help secure Dardin – Quer and I met great people along the way. I captured in-betweeners who hurt my friend, one of your own… There's nothing more I can say or do now. You need to find who is trying to undermine your city and your way of life. You can do whatever you want with me. I just want this to end.

                            Angry voices were rising again. WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU DON'T CARE? Do you think this is a game? He is disrespecting our procedures… the hall soon became too loud to make anything out.
                            The mayor stepped on the podium and turned the speaker on: please follow the protocol. He gave his testimony. We will now disperse and reconvene to vote on the matter tomorrow.

                            "Well that went well". You see Slavik and Dan waiting in your old room in the body guard's quarters. Don't worry, Dan says, it's not over and we've done some serious backstage campaigning.
                            It would have been helpful if you were a bit more, amm… cooperative.

                            I'm sorry. I'm tired and I'm worried and…

                            Yeah, I know but you can't let that influence you like that.

                            Okay get off his back Slav. like I said, it's not over. Now we just need to wait.


                              End of part one

                              Week 4 Day 7

                              You went to see Tam in the hospital. He seemed okay but shaken.

                              I'm worried that they might do something to you.

                              Don't worry about me. My life have already been turned upside down and inside out. I feel like I can do anything right now. Here, out there, back in Selunerini. I learned so much and I changed.

                              They could execute you. They do that you know. Not often but, on occasions.

                              I already have a plan for that. Don't worry.

                              Tam still looked worried but the nurse came and said visiting hours were done, he needs rest.

                              Back at the Body Guards Headquarters you see Adanech.

                              Any news yet? You ask her.

                              I'm afraid not. They've summoned you again. Two hours from now so we need to get ready.

                              What do you mean?

                              I don't know what they still want from you but you need to be calm.

                              What do you suggest?

                              We'll do some exercises.


                              At the council hall you sit near the mayor. She didn't talk to you or even looked at you but somehow being invited to seat next to her makes you more at ease. The Council Speaker calls everyone to order and the hall falls silent.

                              I am sure some of you heard about recent developments at the border with In-Between DR-SE. Though the attack on the outpost failed it is a most concerning development. The Security Committee have also received intelligence that suggests we, as a society, have neglected to look after the more desired elements at the In-Between. Those matters have been discussed at the Security Committee… at that moment an uproar started at the hall. "It should be discussed with everyone…" "HOW DARE YOU KEEP SECRETS…" "there are good people at the security committee …" the speaker raised his hand and the shouting started to die down. You may refer your complaints to the Council before the next meeting, now be quiet. He waited for everyone to shut up and continued. Some of that intel regards our recent addition to the city. That addition fought off 'Flames' and saved a fellow Dardinian. So before you will voice your objection or approval, I should inform you that the security committee have also decided to let him stay and serve our city in a role more suitable for his skills.

                              The uproar began and the speaker looked at you and nodded. The mayor turned to you and said "congratulations. This way please."

                              The mayor's bodyguards led you to her office. There, three more people are waiting for you. You sit at the table where you first sat upon arrival to Dardin-Quer.

                              We received a message from your friend, Miro. It took a while to get here since it was heavily encrypted. We know what you did and we appreciate it. We want to make you an offer.

                              You were relieved until now but that last remark made you anxious. You look at them and wait for the proposal.

                              We want you to serve in our special ops unit. It won't be fighting or anything too physically difficult. One of them adds hurriedly. Yes, mostly intelligence gathering and analysis. But it will be very demanding, another one adds.

                              You were going to execute me yesterday.

                              No, no, it wouldn't have come to that. The in-between was a likely option, but we weren't going to kill you. Do you know how much paperwork that takes?

                              Funny… and if I say no? What if I want to go home?

                              The in-between is still there and Selunerini won't be safe for you, even if they did welcome you back. Which they won't.

                              So I don't really have a choice do I?

                              The mayor got up from her sit. You could stay here and work in a security crew or the mapping department… we won't really send you to the in-between. Though I bet you could look after yourself there if you don't mind me saying so.

                              How much time do I have to think about this?

                              Two days at the most. After that, it's our call.

                              You go back to your room to think it over. No one is waiting for you, this choice you'll need to make on your own.

                              Survivor level completed

                              Continue or Quit


                                Obviously Continue..